Wednesday, July 29, 2009

One Word Blog Meme !

Shamelessly stole this tag from Emila's blog ;-)

Where is your cell phone? Above my Modem
Relationship? Single
Your hair? Short
Work? Lol Waiting for Joining from my company ;) ,then work :P
Your sister?Just one little sis Anupriya
Your favorite thing?sleep
Your dream last night?I saw my old friends
Your favorite drink?water
Your dream car?Merc
The room youre in?bedroom
Your fears?Water
What do you want to be in 10 years?Riche Rich
Who did you hang out with this weekend?family
What are you not good at?fighting
One of your wish list items? Laptop
Where you grew up?Mumbai,India
Last thing you did?Ate my food
What are you wearing?clothes
What aren't you wearing? Shoes
Your pet?none
Your computer? Samsung
Your life?happy
Your mood?boring
Missing? my friend Sonam
What are you thinking about right now?how to complete this tag
Your kitchen?small
Your summer?hot
Your favorite color? Blue
Last time you laughed? today on Michael Jackson singing Tamil song
Last time you cried?for less Marks in exam
Love? No

I now tag Sahityika,Parul,Anurag,Sugandha,Arjun,Aarthi,Freelancer,Mehreen,Bella,Vedshree,More Orangee and any1 who read this tag is supposed to do this tag


  1. nice tag...
    Thank u... :)

    I am on it...

  2. Nicely done tag dude...

    Would take it up soon :)

  3. nice reading it makes for!!!

  4. nice tag.. i'll do this...


  5. I want to be Richie Rich in 5 years...or if I'm being hypothetical let it be this year...the sooner the better :D

    Awesome the pictures, the layout, the colours and everythin else..Keep bloggin :)

  6. Hey Ste,

    Nicely done! I took it up...its already there on my blog! :)

  7. kasabiangirl..

    m sure u will be richie rich next month :p

  8. thnks a lot ppl for dropping by nd commenting :)