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153 .Hurt ,Trust etc

153 .Hurt ,Trust etc

Before I write this post,let me ask you few things.
1.Have you ever hurt some one who is close to you.?
2.Had someone humiliated or hurt you ?
3.In a relationship ,do you believe in a factor called 'trust'?

Let us see these 3 points one by one. Hurting someone is not a difficult task.In our life many times we have hurt many people knowingly or unknowingly.That's not something that we have to mention here.Well we are normal human beings and hurting others is a natural instinct.Whenever someone gets angry or mad at you,just try to maintain your cool.Misunderstanding is a catalyst which serves as a medium to destroy friendship as well as relationship.Mutual understanding is a must when you love someone.Try to soothe the person when he/she is hurt.We should try to simmer down the persons anger whenever he/she is feeling low.Quite often you must have seen this in relationship.Well I don't want to deviate from the topic. Lets get to the point. Have you ever hurt someone who is close to you.It may be your Mom,Dad,Sister,Brother,Best friend or your Lover.If you said anything that you didn't mean it a word then you are definitely missing something.Many people pine for true people in life and here we end up hurting people although we don't intend to.Well this is the right time.Go rush to the person immediately wherever he/she is and give him/her a sweet hug and say how much you love the person?.Just wait and watch the persons reaction.The anger and hatred will soon fly away .We call it "Jadoo ki Jappi" in India which means a sweet hug.Hmm,it doesn't means that you hug each and everyone and don't blame me for this post.

Whenever you say something to your closed ones,I guess we should think about the words that we are going to speak.A word or a sentence from you can create great disasters and eventually end up breaking relationship.I've seen many such people in my neighbourhood complaining that their partner always fights with them.This is true in case when there is a lack of mutual understanding between the two parties.I don't intend to drag and I always have to remind myself about this.

Coming to the 2nd point."Had some one humiliated or hurt you badly in your life?"If yes then please don't over react. This can play a spoilsport in your relation.Just try to keep your cool.No matter how badly the person must have said or behaved.Just try to keep yourself and stick to what you are.You know in life we are known by some principles and it is this thing by which we are known.It is very difficult to make an impression in front of people.But it is very easy to spoil your name and it will take ages for the wound to heal.You must have heard of a quote called "Hurt never,smile ever".Think of the statement.Keep a check on your temper.Why should we get hurt when the person is close to us.Do you have any doubt that god has send his best people to be our closed ones in life.If they are the best in our life,then there is no point in hurting them or getting hurt from them.Just go to them and casually ask the reason for that behaviour.I've come across many families where people don't talk to each other.Sibling rivalry,a state of tiff between parents exists in many Indian families and it won't do good for any one.To maintain a good relationship ,I believe that the "hurt" factor should be out of frame.

Lets highlight the 3rd point.Believe me this one is the most interesting one."In a relationship ,do you believe in a factor called trust?".I've been listening to Avril Lavigne songs since few days and I am a bit hooked to these topics. Excuse me.I love her lyrics and try listening to it.What do you mean by "trust"?.Explain me the concept of trust?.Trust can be said to be the trait of believing the honesty and reliability of the person.Do you trust a person at your first meet?.Hmm,I guess no.It takes lots of time to trust a person if you are genuine.I mean love is pure and in a relationship trust is important.The thread of trust less relationship is very weak.It would be fragile and would break at any instance.Our life is not like the birds who leave their closed ones at some point.We are human beings and human beings possess the ability to think and react. And I feel that this factor will obviously boost your relationship.Trust is like oxygen and we can't live without oxygen. When you love some one,you believe that this person would be with you forever.What if the person leave you at some point and betray you?It could be obvious at some point.Will focus on this on my next post on love and betrayal which is based on a real life incident.Just think on these points and talk to yourself.Hurt can ruin your relationship and trust can bond your relationship.Which one would you prefer?

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152 . The Scandal 2 ( end part)

**This is a work of fiction.All the pictures are taken from DEVIANTART.This is a fiction based on the writers creative mind and imagination.It has nothing to do with anyone living or dead. :P
To read earlier part ,Click Scandal 1

"I'm always there for you sweet," he kissed me on my cheek.
It was 1 am as I arranged the bed and tried to sleep.I remained awake for a while .For a moment I thought something disastrous was going to happen.I could hear thunders and the lighting struck very hard.And of sudden the lights were off. The curtains flew out of the room and the windows fluttered .For a moment I thought I was lounging in a room haunted by ghosts.I rushed to Ankur's room where he was lighting the candle. We both remained silent for a while and discussed about our families.Few minutes later the lights were back .He asked me to sleep on his bed while he was reading "THE ALCHEMIST" by Paulo Coelho.I gazed at him as he scanned through the novel.And of a sudden he smiled at me and I was still looking at him.
"Hey girl,what are you seeing baby?," He smiled.
"Nothing," I smiled back.
The night sky was twinkling with the bright sparkling stars.He came towards me as I stared at him.
"Hey Riha!,you're so beautiful princess," he whispered.
"Umm,Thank you," I said
I smelled the moist mud after the rain stopped.By the mean time, he came closer to me. I could feel a sudden rush of blood in my veins as he touched his lips over mine.With a slight hesitation at first, I kissed him back. I felt his breathe as I was panting heavily. I was feeling embarrassed as he unlaced my pink blouse.I hid my face in shame. He pulled me over his arms as he caressed my soft alluring skin.With a flit movement,we swirled our bodies.He undressed me completely and his fingers wildy ran through my hairs.He enfolded my slender body while he kissed me on my nape.My bare bosoms touched his chest as I humped over him. I could feel him and his presence in me as he brushed his front against mine.My eyelids fluttered as I felt him.The joy and the pain was replaced by my long moans .Our eyes which were imbued with emotions spoke .He nuzzled my nose and hugged me gently.
"I love you baby," he said said.
"I love you too," My fingers stroked his hairs.A sudden brisk of air touched me as I kissed him again.
We both collapsed on the bed and cuddled.
"You know what,Riha?," he smiled.
"What?," I stared at him
"We just made love," he said.
"Ahh! now I get what Cinder meant," I nictated my eyes.
He almost slept as he wrapped me around his arms. "I love you ,Riha," He whispered.
"Love you baby," his eyes gently closed.
"I love you Ankur," We laid on the bed.
It was my first and the best sex of my life.Ankur was everything to me.I completely surrendered to him.I loved him to the core.I got up at 8 am and Ankur was missing. He left a note for me.
"Hey baby, will be back by 10 .Don't go away!," the note said.

I took my bath and cleaned the room till the clock struck 10. As promised he was back at 10.15 am. He got few breakfast items for me.
"Awww! you're so sweet," He said to me.
"Hmm,really," he pinched my cheeks.
"Ouch! its paining naa," I screeched.

He dropped me to my house and I introduced him to my parents as Meenal's brother. He left my home within few hours after having the lunch.

Weeks passed by, I couldn't see him at my college. I tried calling him,but he wouldn't pick up the phone.I was getting scared and I was anxious to know about him. I left for his home and was shocked to see the "TO LET " board hanging aside the door. I was perplexed and never knew what was happening around me. It gave shivers to my body and I was deprived of things happening around me. I tried calling him several times from other numbers.
"The number you're calling is currently disconnected," the IVR system operator said. I was not knowing what to do.
Shreya, one of my classmates called me.
I was not in a mood to talk to her as I was worried for Ankur.
She came to meet me in personal.
"I urgently want to talk to you Riha," she grabbed my hands and took me to the terrace.
"Check this video and what the hell is this , Sweety?," She handed over her cell phone to me.
My heart paused beating for a while as I saw the video clip. It was showing me and Ankur.
"Omg! Damn!," My eyes shed tears.My moist eyes couldn't accept this.
"You know I got this from one of my friend who studies in Pune," she said.
I could feel a sudden shudder of my body as I heard this.
"What to do ,now ?" I was feeling scared and afraid.
"Can't help Riha, this clip has spread through the Internet in porn sites under "Mumbai Sexy girl MMS" title," Shreya pouted
I was feeling helpless as I believed that Ankur was mine. Why on Earth would he do it?

A popular news channel was showing a flash news about a sex scandal .It was the same video clip that Shreya showed me.

"Ankur Saxena, the mastermind behind various sex scandal is finally caught along with his 2 other friends," The TV news reader said.
My heart leaped out as I was afraid if people came to know that I was girl in that video .The TV news channel had scrambled my face.
I felt low for a while as I couldn't accept this face of Ankur. Only my closed friends knew about this thing.

I have learned a lesson . I am sad because of my flub. Excess of trust on a person can sometimes be proved to be wrong. He played with my innocence. He used me to generate money. I concealed everything from my family. Since then I hate people like him. I liked staying away from such monsters who played with innocent girls like me.It was the biggest nightmare of my life. I could just hope this doesn't happens to any one.

By The Solitary Writer

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

151.The Scandal 1

**This is a work of fiction.All the pictures are taken from DEVIANTART.This is a fiction based on the writers creative mind and imagination.It has nothing to do with anyone living or dead. :P

I am scared of life and everything happening around me.It was not the first time that Ankur had called me for a date.From my past relationship ,I've always noticed this sycophantic behavior of his.Why did I go with him? Why did I trust him?Why do I fail to understand his cruel intentions?I don't want to see him again in my life.I have had enough of everything.

I thought he'd loved me.It was a Saturday night.It was the same day he took me to a pub.Many of my classmates knew that we both were seeing each other.They liked peeking into others life.These girls had this ability to spread news like anything.The entire college came to know about us.We reached the pub at 10 pm.I had never been to a pub before.It was a great delight to see people hanging around.
"Hey Riha,lets dance girl," he took me to the dance floor.
"Umm!!Wait I can't dance at this time," I said.
"Hmm,just try girl," he insisted. I was a classical dancer and I knew a little bit of Khatak and Kuchipudi.I remained stunned for a while as I saw girls kissing their guys infront of others.This was totally new to me.
"Look at me and see my dance," He grabbed my soft hands as he took me to the dance floor.
"Babe,dance," he screamed.
The DJ was playing some peppy bollywood numbers.Everyone danced to the tunes of"Dard e disco" and "Temperature" song.I felt strange at first.I even urged Ankur to leave the pub.I have always had an aversion towards people who drink.I preferred staying away from them.
"Enough Ank ,lets go ," I screamed at the top of my voice as the loudspeaker was buzzing with electrofying songs.
"What??," he shouted.
"Forget it!," I said and turned towards a girl.
I thought of talking to her till Ankur got back to normalcy
"Hello,do you always come here?," I casually asked her.
"Yo!I do,you see this is the only place where I get to see my boyfriends," she winked.
"Boyfriends!,"I perplexed.
"Between I'm Riha,"we both shook our hands.
"Riha darling,what is life without guys?," she said.
"You are a modern girl,"I smiled.

Ankur popped in from no where as we both were conversing.I always knew Ankur had special liking for semi dressed girls exposing their bodies.
"Hey Cinder meet Ankur,my boyfriend,"I introduced them to each other.
"Heya Cinder babe," they both shooked hands.
"Would you mind getting drinks for us?," I said.
"Awww baby,you are so bad,"she said to me.
"Your guy looks handsome and cute,"she said to me.
"Is it? thank you so much!"I said.

After few minutes Ankur came with two big jugs of beer.
"Damn tumhe koi chotti glass nahi mili kya,"I pinched him
"Ah Huh! nah they have this thing," he smiled.

"Aww guys you two make a great couple," Cinder said.
"Thanks sweety,"we said in unison.
"You both carry on guys, its time for me to have some fun with my boyfriend," she said.
"He must be waiting in the car," she winked.
"Bye,"I said and she left.
"What does she mean by this?," I curiously asked Ankur
"Making out,"he replied.
"Making what?," I asked him.
"Damn you don't know or you're acting,"he screamed at me.
"Why would I ask you if I knew it?,"I controlled my anger.
"It means making love," he said.
"now don't ask me anything," he grimaced.
"Damn! you're so rude I'm leaving," I said.
"I won't come with you anywhere," I said and I left.

It was a graceful sight to see the twinkling stars on the night sky.The birds were sleeping on their nest gracefully and there was not even a single soul in sight for miles.I was walking alone on the street.
"Rihaa!!wait..I'm so sorry," I heard someone screaming loudly.I knew it was Ankur who was screeching at the top of his voice.
I never looked back and stayed away from him.He soon grabbed me firmly as I was trying to go away from him.
"Leave me!," I said.
"Am so sorry sweety!," he softly whispered on my ears.He tickled my hands and again apologised and handed over the red rose to me.
"You always know how to make me smile," I stared at him
I gazed at his eyes as he was trying to get closer to me. He caressed my hairs as he touched my nape.
"Ankurrrrr," I started gasping heavily.Eventually our lips locked at the night hours.
"Umm!," I whispered.

"Girl you're always mine," he said to me.
He took me to his car. It was late and I had promised mom that I would be staying back at Meenals place.
"Where are we going?" I asked him.
"my house," he smiled
"Aren't your parents home?," I curiously asked him.
"Umm! they left for Shimla yesterday," he said.
"Tai jii's health has worsened yar, isliye they went to see her," he added.
"Ohk !" I said with a straight face.
After few minutes we drove to his home.His house was like another bungalow.It had marble tiles all around and beautifully furnished furnitures. The floorings were amazing and the carpets were flamboyant.

"Wow! dude I feel like entering a paradise," I said.
"Oh hmm," he directed me towards his moms room and asked me to sleep there.
"What if I get scared? I don't want to be alone," I yelled.
"Arey don't worry.Just give me a call," he said.
"I'm always there for you sweet," he kissed me on my cheek.

(To be continued..)

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150.Awards & Celebrations

When I started this blog ,I had no idea how will I manage this space? In fact many times I have dared to delete this blog.I haven't really got time. But these days we are transforming into a world class Vela's .I would proudly like to include Ajay,Thoorika,More Orangee and Blogger Anurag in this category.Nevertheless we haven't been trying to do anything constructive these days.But hopefully would do something great in the coming days.I am going to introduce some one special today.It is a person who is new to blogworld.I can never imagine the amount of efforts she gives to her blog.I could relate her as a celebrity in blog world. She is amongst the luckiest blogger to have this magic figure of 100+ followers less than 2 months of blogging.
She is Creativity personified.It all started with a bloody comment as I was blog hopping in the blog world.(Sounds funny ).After talking to her,I realized that this person is interesting and different. She writes well (according to me).Well without much delay ,let me introduce this person.
Aye Aye Captain ..I can proudly boast that she is my captain..Meet miss Kasabiangirl. If you want to know her real name then ping me (hope she doesn't slaps me )

Lets start with the awards. Find your name.

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Goes to Princess Nush and Insiya my beloved sisters in blogworld

And lastly ,
Thank you to all my friends in this small virtual world and all those who follow my blog

PS:Due to some reason I have not updated my "When We Met" series.I promise you that I will update it asap. And I haven t posted the guest posts .Sorry Arjun and friends.Will do it soon.

149.Understanding Family & Love..

149.Understanding Family & Love..

Family and Love don't necessarily go vis-a-vis .I mean both are completely different.A Family is associated with you since the day you stepped on to this world.Likewise Love is something that you get during later stages of life,but I'm sure that it cannot be compared to your family. I've been highlighting the importance of your family many times when I write such posts.Because your family is the one who serves as your support structure.Here I want to distinguish family and Love.When you fall in love with someone,you don't tend to inform your family members.Trust me since I am from India my observation may not be the same.My Indian buddies have shared many such facts with me and I've my closed friends too.Thus there might be a case where your family might come to know about your secret.This might at times turn into a disaster.Well most of my Americans and European friends here may find this strange .This is because Indian culture is different and here importance is given to family and culture.Over the period of time this attitude has changed.Thanks to Western influence.

A family is a place where you find like minded people who support and encourage you.They motivate you and provide you with all that you need at an early age.Parents play a pivotal role in this so called "life" of yours.I have my mom whom I treat as my best friend.I confess all my secrets to her and share things happening around me.This is because she trusts me.Allparents trust their beloved kids.I've been highlighting this trust factor since few days.Trust is something in which the person believes your honesty and reliability.How would you tend to hurt your parents by breaking their trust on you.This disappointment would naturally cause side effects in form of health hazards. In this para we've been talking about family.If you love your family,then you won't hurt them.Similarly you can't hurt someone who loves you.Here I am not talking about your family.He/She believes you.For some reasons ,I feel that I've been inducing things which are meant for Indians.Excuse me.Let me relate this with a real life example.I had this friend called E(name changed).E was known for his genuine characteristics.He helped people and he was imbued with great qualities.His parents were proud of him for the same reason.My mom would always ask me to treat him as an idol.Even I used to be proud of him as I knew him since childhood.
His parents never cared for him.By this I mean that they just don't sit and talk to him.So he used to feel isolated sometimes.Recently he got a new person in his life.He was dating her for past 1 year.His parents came to know this and were sad.There is no point in getting sad at this point.Because it is late and you don't know what to do at this point of time.Right approach would be to sit and talk.Talking and Sharing views can bring some solutions.Parents should keep a track on their childrens activities.Not doing this would cause unlikely events.

You love your family as well as your special one.Butsometimes what will happen if your family knows about your Miss/Mr Special.Worst case scenario would be that they would dump her.Why would you wait for all such things to happen?Why don't you tell your parents before hand ? This can be advantageous for you and you will not have the fear of losing your special one.At sometime when you spill the bean at the last minutes ,then wait and watch for the effects. Thus I would prefer informing your family about this.In some families,siblings serve as a pillar in bonding such relationship when parents fail.This won't happens everytime.It is an exception.I sometimes find my observations funny.Family and your love life is like a see saw.There should be some balance between the two.On other hand some sort of Equillibrium must be maintained between family and love.Both are directly proportional to each other.This may be contradictory to what I wrote at the first line. If there is no equillibrium between the two, then at some stage you will arrive at a point where you have to sacrifice one.Both are important part of our life and we won't wish to dump any of these . Thus ,the perfect solution would be to talk to both of them. Make them understand everything.Arrive at a solution.It is like a WIN WIN case.Make sure that both the parties are happy. Many love stories have come to an end abruptly because of lack of support from family.Also many times love has bloomed because of support from family .Be happy and Live life at the fullest. This is the only way to remain happy and gay(I mean Merry ,not the other gay ) :P

PS:Wrote this for a blog community called bloggersbase

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Disadvantages of being a girl

To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.I studied it during my school days. In my last post I mentioned about the advantages of being a girl. Every coin has two faces. If I've to be honest then there are many reasons why I won't wish to be a girl.I love my country and I am proud of it. But for some reasons I am not happy. I am a firm believer and advocator of female rights and I have written many things about female sexual exploitation and abuse in my blog. Our country is rapidly progressing at a faster pace. It is quite obvious that by 2020 we may proudly call our country as a developed nation.The tag of Agricultural country is being replaced by Industrialization and Technology. This is a matter of pride for us. But tell me what do you mean by a developed nation? Our country is predominantly a male oriented society.

Coming back to the discussion of developed nation, I would ask you to look at France, Germany, Japan, England and the USA. They are developed nations since ages. Have you ever seen crimes taking place in such nation? I mean crime against women. No,You must not have heard. Even if you have heard I feel that the ratio of crimes there might be less. But if you consider India, then in every single minute females are being exploited, abused and harassed. I sometimes feel bad when I tune into the news channels to see Rapes, Incest, girl molestation, Harassment's related news etc. Was our nation like this before or are every nation like this? In developed countries all human beings are treated equally and given equal rights. Why such a discrimination in our nation? I agree the cast, creed, religion, race etc are few other factors that need to be taken care of. But at this juncture , I just wish to highlight this point. I remember writing a poem last year. The theme was child abuse. It was the story of a little girl called Amy who was abused by some fiend.This person came into her life one day and nipped her in the bud. A little girl of 8 who once who used to play with her friends and who had dreamt of being a successful person in society failed to accomplish her goals.You can read it here.

I really felt bad when I wrote that for the first time. I've read many articles related to the same subject. Do you believe when I say that ours is the only country where girls are asked to do household works and her brothers are send to school? In fact it happens in most North Indian states like Rajasthan and Haryana. Every hour Indian news channel shows such disturbing news about rapes, molestation's, abuses etc. These factors are not milestones to any developing nation in fact they are hindrances. We fail to understand this. Our capital city is turning out to be the rape capital of the country.Women security is the need of the hour.I remember taking part in a group discussion during my campus placements. We were asked to talk on Women safety. This was supposedly a piece of cake and we had many factors that could be discussed on this topic. Our country is growing, India is progressing. This should be reflected on everything. By everything I mean equal rights, respecting women etc.We have various Deity who are females,we have various goddesses. We have females occupying topmost position of our country. Our president and Speaker are females.Coming back to the school bit. What kind of mother would she be who distributes her love unequally towards her children, even she is a woman. What will she achieve by sending her son to school by keeping her daughter stay back at home and do household tasks. In certain villages in rural India, people kill the girl child as soon as they are born. They are killed before they see the first light of the day.It is only our country where mouthing bad words related to females are considered a great sign of masculinity. This is the dark side of our country and it can hamper a nation. We are in the ages where we have 33% rights for women in the parliament. Thus I believe that such exploitation's against women's should not take place in any  country. If there are 10 advantages of being a girl,then there are 1000 disadvantages of being the same.

We need to wake up!!

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Advantages of being a girl.

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Advantages are Disadvantages  are two roads, poles apart. When I say advantage, then there are select group that can come up with the disadvantages. Well that's the part of the game, my friend. Today,lets discuss few advantages of being a girl. 
Women, never hate me after reading this blog post. This is supposed to be fun , okay!

Right from the school days to the graduation and to office, girls have been treated with respect and honor has been bestowed upon them.  Well, Well ,there are few exceptions to this. Few barbarians feature on the News channel for wrong reasons mostly for crimes against women. Lets not talk about the dark side in this article. 

It's completely fine that girls have been treated with respect and isn't it a good thing?  But sometimes I feel I wish I were a girl.  It's not that you get to travel in a train exclusively dedicated for women known as Ladies special or so!

From my school days to my college days, I have seen many outstanding girls.  Of course, Outstanding doesn't means that they are top performers. They mostly stand outside the classrooms chitchatting with friends and strolling outside with their boys. Thus, Outstanding!  They do not attend lectures but some of them get their job done. Thanks to the boyfriends who can do anything to make them happy. Ah! Anything means anything. Even staying up whole night and writing assignments for them. I just walked down the memory lane to my Engineering days. 

But sometimes even the undeserving one's end up securing merit even after being an 'outstanding' student. Gods grace may be! And then the Sherlock Holmes and the Detective Byomkesh Bakshi in me discovered that it was not God's grace but the Professor's, the male one of course. Terms works comes handy when you mess up with your writing papers and it's these term works that the professors use as a tool to take revenge on the students. Yes, I messed up many times because of poor term works. These marks actually make a huge impact on your Engineering aggregate score.

Hence, some sagacious saint from India rightly said that one should not take unwanted 'panga' with their prof's. Who knows they might take revenge on you? So instead develop a good rapport with the  profs. But some girls take undue  advantages of this. I am not exaggerating or generalizing here. Professors especially male professors are partial towards most of the girls. It was a research conducted by Professor Dhoble of Marathwada University in Maharashtra. The results of the research were startling to many but not me. 
I wish Prof. Dhoble visited our college.

Most of the  male professors are pretty rude to the boys. During Viva's he expects the male student to answer more within less duration. On the other hand, he expects the female student to answer less so that he could discuss many trivial things with her. I once caught my professor red handed asking the girls about her likes and interest areas. I have a solid proof to support my theory! Read on!

Image taken from here 

Once I happened to enter a male professor's room when he was questioning a girl. He burst out at me and asked me to leave the lab as if I flirted with his girlfriend. The girl was giggling at me. I got exasperated at his behavior and attitude. Let me narrate you one such incident. Have you ever seen a professor chewing tobacco during lectures. Yes, I've seen. This professor called  Pringles (name changed for my security reason :P ), who chewed tobacco during our lectures. He was very famous among girls. His tongue would dance in red whenever he taught us something. Thanks to the Manikchand! That's the period of the day when the first benchers start loving the last benches just to prevent themselves from the red spray.  Then after chewing tobacco he  would go to smoke and return back after sometimes. He took utmost care to ensure that he is not caught while smoking.  He followed some principles. He never allowed anyone to enter his class after 5 minutes. If so then he would treat them harshly. He would do an Admiral Aladeen to his students by throwing them out of his class. I was his victim once! Argrhh Nevertheless, he is kind by heart. I mean kind to lasses. How mean! Girls can enter his class at any given time. Obviously being a girl is quite advantageous as marks matter much. If we guys get 80% marks then girls could get 95%.

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Assignments and homework are a major cause of concern for graduating students. Some girls never miss an opportunity! How? Suppose you are among the popular face of the class. Yeah, Yeah! Beautiful, Gorgeous or even HOT to be precise, boys would do anything to befriend such girls. Trust me they could do anything. Like completing their  assignments, drawing physics diagrams, taking print outs and xerox copies and so on. Then obviously it would be grateful for the girls. With fewer efforts, they could get their work done. For girls having boyfriends, they can roam around with their guys. They would use everything from him from movies, restaurants, clubs etc and imagine all this for free.They just need to care of their wallets.  The same happens in many organizations.  I have seen many female employees getting their work done from the guys. The same example of the Beautiful, Gorgeous or even HOT applies here! Don't look at me like that . Okay, Okay, I too helped one pretty bong *hides face*

After saying all this, I would like to emphasize on one topic. This would be an important one. We all know about a number of atrocities  happening in our country.  Crimes related to women are increasing day by day.  There are various laws that are  created to support women. This is to ensure that they are safeguarded from evil in form of prying eyes of the molesters and abusers.  But it is disheartening to see that even some women make use of such laws to take revenge on men whom she hates. The recent Jasleen Kaur  incident at Delhi is a perfect example of this. Even media fails to analyze the  authenticity of the news and blindly targets  and shames the guy. Biased! Similarly, sexual harassment laws at workplaces created at supporting female staffs and other laws are taken for granted.  'Some' women just make a mockery of  something that is enacted to support and help them. Again NOT GENERALIZING. Such kind of revenge can damage someone's life, reputation, and career. It's  advisable to think carefully before using such facilities and not blindly hit the bullseye! Everyone knows the story of the Sheperd and the Wolf! Don't we? 

It's because of some  cases like these, even genuine cases are overlooked! Enough of the advantages! Read the disadvantages here

PS - Post updated on 10/15/15

Monday, August 03, 2009

Yet Another Tag...

Ok, Umm!!So finally I am here with another Tag and trust me this one is interesting.My Captain Kasabiangirl ,who seems to be a wonderful blogger with great writing skills tagged me.

More about the TAG:
The idea is, to list five items in each category and not necessarily in order of liking. You can always add or subtract categories according to your will. Then tag five mortals.

My five favorite words:
Well If you notice one thing on my blog and that would be this word.I can relate myself to this term very much.LoL for obvious reasons.

What a word sirjee..Heard it for the first time in a cricket match..Some commentator used this word.

Could anything be better than this.Such a wonderful word.Colorful,Delightful and beautiful.Hmm

Hmm!Nothing to describe.It describes me.

Indian way of greeting people.I'm proud of my nation and its culture.

My five favorite celebrity crushes:
1.Anna Ivanovic
She tops my list anytime.Such a wonderful person with great personality.A tennis player , former champion who never gives up.This spirit actually inspires me.

2.Avril Lavigne
Umm!!I actually love her voice and her songs.Just listen the "I'm with you" song of hers.Actually she writes her song lyrics and most of her songs are dark and when I say I mean it coz I listen it every time.

3.Angelina Jolie
For obvious reason.Do you need any explanation.

4.M.S Dhoni
May be for one reason I wish I were a female :P..Such an interesting cricketer..Grr... but his popularity level is declining these days.

5.Emma Watson.
I like this Harry Porter actress.A young actress with amazing talent .

Apart from this I 've many crushes since class 9.Well that would make a long list.Hehe

My five favorite random things:
1.Computer-hAHA can't imagine
2.Cellphone-Important for everyone
3.Wallet- it contains important cards and my money
4.Novels- Umm!!Integral part of my life
5.TV - haha I watch TV soaps :p

My five favorite Comic characters:
1.Dennis the Menace
2. James Bond
4. Garfield
5.Calvin &Hobbes

My five favorite Literary Characters:
1.Camerlengo Carlo Ventresca from Angels & Demons
2.Robert Langdon from Da Vinci Code.
3. Edward Cullen from Twilight
Isha from One Night@CC
5.Michael Corelene from Godfather series

Now, I need to tag other Mortals. I am tagging you guys...
My Sissy Priya Joyce
My Partner in crime Arjun
My first Kid in blogworld Aarthi
My MaMa Anurag
My Best friend Parzii
also My Alter Ego More Orangee

This award goes to Priya Joyce,Arjun , Anurag,Parzii , oreOrangee,Kasabiangirl,Princess Nuchu,Sonshu,Thoorika,Leo,Rosh,Sugandha and all those who follow me.

PS:Extremely sorry for this colorful post .At times my editor fails to work properly.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

The 'Expert' Promoter...

Umm so you must be wondering what is this post all about.Well recently I met a sane blogger(doesn't means other bloggers are insane). This fellow is special in his own way. He is one of the best blog/community promoter I've ever seen in my lifetime.
Ahem! Ahem! I will tell more about this blogger.He is the only person who thinks that he is scripted in sanity.LoL,may be he feels that he is some Barack of the blog world.This person owns a community called "Blog-o-Rat" in a famous social networking site. I love the amount of dedication he gives to Blog-o-Rat.Well I don't want to offend anyone through this post.By gods grace and C's sincere dedication Blog-o-Rat is going to cross 600 or may be 700 members.
I and C have many mutual bloggers friends and most of them know both of us very well.I probably guess or may be feel that he is doing his MBA in Marketing. *Tan taaa Taaainnnnn* Now I am going to write few things about C.One day ,I log into my orkut and find C's mail.Hey there why don't you fill in the member book.Finally I get time and fill the member book(some details about members).I joined Blog-o-Rat during its initial phases when the member strength was not even 100.We used to be regular at Blog-o-Rat.
In fact I met my sweetheart best blogger friend at Blog-o-Rat.Recently the community owner cum moderator Mr.C announced a contest.It was only then I felt that I am not the only Vela person on Earth.There are many like me.As I told ,we both have many mutual blogger friends.I just scrapped one of my friend for some work.I was really amazed to see C's scrap on his scrap book.C scraps people only when he has got some work else he won't.In fact I was amazed to see his dedication towards his blog.I then learned that he actually scraps everyone of that community.Wow!now I started admiring.I wish there was an auto scrapper which would ease C's work. Wait,I can write a story on C.Later on I recollected few things that he told me."I scrap all members of my community in fact 500 of them sending reminders about contest and all.Oh! Poor C..such a hard worker he is.*sniff sniff*Well I really wanted to write this since long,but I got time today..You see my Vela level is gradually decreasing. I've never scrapped people to join my community.If people like your community then they would join it...Why do you beg LoL.No worries I would rather prefer calling you a promoter.. You are the king of all promoters on Earth.I feel you should get a job in BPL mob,because they need promoters like you :P...may be you could get a lucrative offer.C is a seedha saadha insaan.In a contest if your friend is taking part then obviously you would atleast try to help him,But our C is unique and obviously different( I told you he is a sane blogger unlike us).I would vote for my friend.But on the other hand C would first analyze the list,scan through the topics and then vote for the best.He never cares for people.In fact when he begs oops sorry promotes ,he expects people to do his task LoL..such a frog he is.....grr I'm planning to stop here....Oh what about his promos,may be a part2 would do..

May God bless C, May C get all that he needs, May C promote all the blogs and communities. May Blog-o-Rat cross 10,000 members or may be more than that. May C remain like this forever,I mean this promo part.

C,I have this community of mine which is so dull and inactive.Would you mind promoting my community? As of now you scrap 500 members,you could even add my commn link on that scrap :P
PS:I wrote this because you insisted me to write.I actually didn't want to write this,but what to do such a wonderful friend you are.I thought I could promote you LoL...damn I feel like I am scripted insanity:P