Sunday, August 09, 2009

150.Awards & Celebrations

When I started this blog ,I had no idea how will I manage this space? In fact many times I have dared to delete this blog.I haven't really got time. But these days we are transforming into a world class Vela's .I would proudly like to include Ajay,Thoorika,More Orangee and Blogger Anurag in this category.Nevertheless we haven't been trying to do anything constructive these days.But hopefully would do something great in the coming days.I am going to introduce some one special today.It is a person who is new to blogworld.I can never imagine the amount of efforts she gives to her blog.I could relate her as a celebrity in blog world. She is amongst the luckiest blogger to have this magic figure of 100+ followers less than 2 months of blogging.
She is Creativity personified.It all started with a bloody comment as I was blog hopping in the blog world.(Sounds funny ).After talking to her,I realized that this person is interesting and different. She writes well (according to me).Well without much delay ,let me introduce this person.
Aye Aye Captain ..I can proudly boast that she is my captain..Meet miss Kasabiangirl. If you want to know her real name then ping me (hope she doesn't slaps me )

Lets start with the awards. Find your name.

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Kasabiangirl,Suga,Artz,ArvParz.Leo,Chirag,Tan,Prats,Arjun,Sahityka,Vedshree,Vyshu,Deepika, Arunkumar,Rajkumar,Nush,Pj,Rane,ShravanNeha ,Amrita, Chronicwriter,Richa,Arv,More ,Mehreen,Rosh,Sonshu ,Kajal(Cilla),Neha,Insiya,Alisha,Peter,Asit,Bella,Ashwin D,Nabila,Shweta P,Vidisha,Saim

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Kasabiangirl,Suga,Arz,Arv,Nush,Parz.Leo,Shravan,Chirag,Tan,Prats,Arjun,Sahityka,Vedshree,Vyshu,Deepika, Arunkumar,Rajkumar,Pj,Rane,Neha ,
Amrita, Chronicwriter,Richa,Arv,More ,Mehreen,Rosh,Sonshu,Shweta
Asit,Nabz,Shravan,Bombay Blogger,Reema,Nisha,Ria,Shruti,Disha,
Alisha,Asit,Bella,,Ashwin D,Shweta P,Vidisha,Saim

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goes to TAN,Prats and Sandeep Balan

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Kasabiangirl,Tan,Amrita,Suga,Nush,Esther,Parzi,Aarthi,Leo,Mads,More Orangee,Neha,Disha,Prats,Bombay blogger,Insiya,Vyshu,Peter,Shweta,Vidisha,Saim

Goes to Princess Nush and Insiya my beloved sisters in blogworld

And lastly ,
Thank you to all my friends in this small virtual world and all those who follow my blog

PS:Due to some reason I have not updated my "When We Met" series.I promise you that I will update it asap. And I haven t posted the guest posts .Sorry Arjun and friends.Will do it soon.


  1. Thank u soooo much for the awards dude...
    love em..
    happy blogging.... reach many more milestones... :-D

    waiting for the guests posts to begin....

  2. Hey thanks a lot for this :) Will be adding it soon to my blog!

  3. Felicitation Partyyyy!!

    Congratssssssssss on the 150th post!!

    Thank youuuu for those awards.Hope they're well-deserved! :)

    You've lots of posts to go;Never ever delete this blog..I absolutely love this blog!!!


  4. oh wow mera bhi award hai...thnks ste...n congrats ste for ur 150th post...!!!!:):)

  5. did i just see my name :O
    Wow wow i m awarded :D
    You made my day :D
    Thanks so much ...will put it soon
    And so many congrats on ur 150th post.....a 100 post seems a task to me....i wonder how u managed 150th (some tips please :))
    Congratulations once again :)

  6. Hey tsw...Congrats you finally posted your 150th post on your fabulous blog :)

    Thanks for being such a sweet and amazing are the most adorable vice captain ever:P

  7. oyee.. Thanks da macha..!! ;) ;)

    Thanks for those awards.. and congrats on 150 posts.. thats just gr8 :)

    I mean... if u r writing personal posts or a day-to-day journal kinda thing then 150 is ok.. but since u write fiction (most of them atleast) thats a big landmark - 150 ... :)

    Guest post.... yeppo?? ;)


  8. Hi Dude...

    thanks for those lovely awards and encouragement :)

    congrats to all the award recipients :)

  9. Hey Ste,

    Congrats on your 150th...

    Your first blog kid is here to her virtual daddy all d best! :D

    Thanks for all those awards...they are really so special! :)

  10. Congratulations for 150th Post..!
    Oh man..! You rock ..:)

    Thank You so much for more than honored..:)

    You made my day my friend...!

    so starting guest posts??


  11. thanks for the Awards Stephen.. :) god bless..

    and Kasabiangirl ruled it here.. proud of this new talented terrific blogger.. :)

  12. thanks for the Awards Stephen.. :) god bless..

    and Kasabiangirl ruled it here.. proud of this new talented terrific blogger.. :)

  13. Omg look whoz here ;)

    Kajal singh :)

    glad to see u here

  14. nd hey kajal welcome shd be proud of her..ppl like u all hve ruled this blogworld...nd at times it feels glad

  15. congrats, ste!!!
    wishing u gud luck and reach 1000's soon! :)

    thanks a lot for the award!
    happy blogging..


  16. Congrats on your 150th post!

    Kasabian girl really rocks!
    right from her blog title to her blog posts,everything makes you laugh,sometimes to rotfl!

  17. WOW!! I'm really happy to get an award! =) Thank you sooooo muchh!! =)

  18. Thanxs for the award dude...and yes I really am a vella :D

  19. Congrats brother :)

  20. dude, do u know ne other Saim or did I just win 4 awards:D

    it's been a journey for u,a m sure...have been coming here very recently but u write pretty well...congoz

    here's wishing to many more posts n many more award ceremonies:)

  21. and now here i am :)
    firstly congrats for the 150th go on and go on

    and finally thank you for the award.. guess what stephen? thats my first at my place :) thank you once again :)

  22. oye steph! congratulations on the 150 and thank u for the lovely awards! :)

  23. OMG........OMG..... I am so touched bro..

    Love you so much!!:))))))))

  24. hey stibumama...
    firstly congratullationsss...i'm soooo happy for u...150 posts...god...superb ya..great going..keep it so proud...i hope u achieve many such milestones...and a reminder...if that blog deleting thing comes to ur mind again na..i will kill u...sach mei...
    yepppiee...meri party...kahan hai??????
    n now tell me..what should i se for those awesome awards...but as if i m scared of u..huh...thankuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...thank u sooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...i dont if i deserve them or not...but trust me coming from u they r so damn imp n precious to me...i luv them..thank thank thank u...i'm overwhelmed...yet agan smiling coz of u...thanks best friend...
    n yes my best wishes to your captain kasbiangirl..must be a power house of talent i am congratulate her on my behalf as well plzzz....
    once again thank u sooooooooooo muchhhhhhhh!
    take care!
    god bless!

  25. Woaahh..thanks for the award!!! hope u reach many many milestones!! keep rocking!

  26. Congos Ste!!! by the way, Parzi's comment was so cute! :)