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152 . The Scandal 2 ( end part)

**This is a work of fiction.All the pictures are taken from DEVIANTART.This is a fiction based on the writers creative mind and imagination.It has nothing to do with anyone living or dead. :P
To read earlier part ,Click Scandal 1

"I'm always there for you sweet," he kissed me on my cheek.
It was 1 am as I arranged the bed and tried to sleep.I remained awake for a while .For a moment I thought something disastrous was going to happen.I could hear thunders and the lighting struck very hard.And of sudden the lights were off. The curtains flew out of the room and the windows fluttered .For a moment I thought I was lounging in a room haunted by ghosts.I rushed to Ankur's room where he was lighting the candle. We both remained silent for a while and discussed about our families.Few minutes later the lights were back .He asked me to sleep on his bed while he was reading "THE ALCHEMIST" by Paulo Coelho.I gazed at him as he scanned through the novel.And of a sudden he smiled at me and I was still looking at him.
"Hey girl,what are you seeing baby?," He smiled.
"Nothing," I smiled back.
The night sky was twinkling with the bright sparkling stars.He came towards me as I stared at him.
"Hey Riha!,you're so beautiful princess," he whispered.
"Umm,Thank you," I said
I smelled the moist mud after the rain stopped.By the mean time, he came closer to me. I could feel a sudden rush of blood in my veins as he touched his lips over mine.With a slight hesitation at first, I kissed him back. I felt his breathe as I was panting heavily. I was feeling embarrassed as he unlaced my pink blouse.I hid my face in shame. He pulled me over his arms as he caressed my soft alluring skin.With a flit movement,we swirled our bodies.He undressed me completely and his fingers wildy ran through my hairs.He enfolded my slender body while he kissed me on my nape.My bare bosoms touched his chest as I humped over him. I could feel him and his presence in me as he brushed his front against mine.My eyelids fluttered as I felt him.The joy and the pain was replaced by my long moans .Our eyes which were imbued with emotions spoke .He nuzzled my nose and hugged me gently.
"I love you baby," he said said.
"I love you too," My fingers stroked his hairs.A sudden brisk of air touched me as I kissed him again.
We both collapsed on the bed and cuddled.
"You know what,Riha?," he smiled.
"What?," I stared at him
"We just made love," he said.
"Ahh! now I get what Cinder meant," I nictated my eyes.
He almost slept as he wrapped me around his arms. "I love you ,Riha," He whispered.
"Love you baby," his eyes gently closed.
"I love you Ankur," We laid on the bed.
It was my first and the best sex of my life.Ankur was everything to me.I completely surrendered to him.I loved him to the core.I got up at 8 am and Ankur was missing. He left a note for me.
"Hey baby, will be back by 10 .Don't go away!," the note said.

I took my bath and cleaned the room till the clock struck 10. As promised he was back at 10.15 am. He got few breakfast items for me.
"Awww! you're so sweet," He said to me.
"Hmm,really," he pinched my cheeks.
"Ouch! its paining naa," I screeched.

He dropped me to my house and I introduced him to my parents as Meenal's brother. He left my home within few hours after having the lunch.

Weeks passed by, I couldn't see him at my college. I tried calling him,but he wouldn't pick up the phone.I was getting scared and I was anxious to know about him. I left for his home and was shocked to see the "TO LET " board hanging aside the door. I was perplexed and never knew what was happening around me. It gave shivers to my body and I was deprived of things happening around me. I tried calling him several times from other numbers.
"The number you're calling is currently disconnected," the IVR system operator said. I was not knowing what to do.
Shreya, one of my classmates called me.
I was not in a mood to talk to her as I was worried for Ankur.
She came to meet me in personal.
"I urgently want to talk to you Riha," she grabbed my hands and took me to the terrace.
"Check this video and what the hell is this , Sweety?," She handed over her cell phone to me.
My heart paused beating for a while as I saw the video clip. It was showing me and Ankur.
"Omg! Damn!," My eyes shed tears.My moist eyes couldn't accept this.
"You know I got this from one of my friend who studies in Pune," she said.
I could feel a sudden shudder of my body as I heard this.
"What to do ,now ?" I was feeling scared and afraid.
"Can't help Riha, this clip has spread through the Internet in porn sites under "Mumbai Sexy girl MMS" title," Shreya pouted
I was feeling helpless as I believed that Ankur was mine. Why on Earth would he do it?

A popular news channel was showing a flash news about a sex scandal .It was the same video clip that Shreya showed me.

"Ankur Saxena, the mastermind behind various sex scandal is finally caught along with his 2 other friends," The TV news reader said.
My heart leaped out as I was afraid if people came to know that I was girl in that video .The TV news channel had scrambled my face.
I felt low for a while as I couldn't accept this face of Ankur. Only my closed friends knew about this thing.

I have learned a lesson . I am sad because of my flub. Excess of trust on a person can sometimes be proved to be wrong. He played with my innocence. He used me to generate money. I concealed everything from my family. Since then I hate people like him. I liked staying away from such monsters who played with innocent girls like me.It was the biggest nightmare of my life. I could just hope this doesn't happens to any one.

By The Solitary Writer


  1. As expected!!!!

    The guy had to be a jerk!!

    A lesson for everyone out there,NEVER TRUST A PERSON BEYOND A LIMIT.
    Wish Ankur had been exposed.

  2. wow.. I hadn't imagine there could be such an angle towards the end..

    damn imaginative.. and realistic too.. good one.. :)

    you are one hell of a writer dude.. you know that??!!!

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  4. I read two parts now..woww..

    Romantic !! for Part 1

    True n sad for part 2

    You are a terrible story writer Stephen...You have a unique knack for story telling..!would love to read more from you

    Loved it..:)

  5. The guy is an asshole.

    Wht happened next ???

    Did the girl commit suicide ??

    Dud the boy was executed...????

  6. i read today nly d two parts....n it reminded me f d DPS MMS case...shit its soo sad does one take undue advantage of some one's trust...sigh...u wrote a reality seen at large...gud work dear...

  7. Thats a good story!! you thought us all a good lesson!!

  8. so finally after all the apprehensions...its done...n very well done stibu mama....u have a great way of writing stories...n this one was sad,kind of disturbing n painful...but I'm talking of the plot..your words have brought it out really well!
    keep writing!
    god bless!

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  10. kudos to ur post wonderful way of writing :)

    Ahh this happens with many..n it feels shit to know that we reely can't trust nyone blindly..
    ahhh the emotion called luv is used to cheat...well


  11. ohh......... may god help da gal...
    so sad but true/.

  12. yes yes brilliant esp the firs picture!

    now how i crave ;)

  13. A story with an unexpected twist at the end. Loved it!

  14. realistic than imaginative. predictive at the same time too.. the first part, still is the best part of this one. but nicely penned :)

  15. not unexpected but pretty well written. dark and appealing. alluring. keep it going.

  16. Happy Indi Day :)

    Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan hehe :)


  17. yucky side of the so called love...
    yep u r 100% rite... cant trust a person too much...

  18. the title gave away the end....

  19. I think it is cool yo write your stories online. I just talk about mine. Right now i want to ask a question about somethin in my story THE PRODAGIES OF A DIRTY OLD MAN AND A GAMBLER. I have Jack Frost as a Girl Jacguelyn rost what do you think she should look like?

  20. OMG!!
    how bad the girl would have felt?!
    true faces of guys generally show up!! he is nt a Guy!!

    ur style of writing was very gud!

    keep smiling!

  21. Well, i see a lot of good work being put up here and i have seen you commenting here and there...

    Dropping here to say "Hi"..

    Will read great works of you some day soon :)


  22. Beautifully writtn.. with a twist at the end..
    1st time here in ur blog and njoyed reading it... keep writing :)

  23. U write such wonderful stories!

  24. U write such wonderful stories!

  25. very good one Stephen..both the parts at their best.. reminds me too of Dps scandal..poor gal.. and tat jerk should be severly punished.. when money becomes more important than relations people start behaving like beasts.. and to the girl all of it which once seemed like a passionate dream turned into a living nightmare...

  26. hi,
    This is my first visit to your blog. I clicked the fiction section as fiction is what i write. I read both the parts of this story. It was a good read, with a msg at the end. Your blog looks great, will sure drop by often to read your fiction.

  27. ohhh...people cheat emotions...for a moment of pleasure can ruin neones life..

  28. what a brilliant and heart-touching story and the way you narrated it....really nice!!

  29. OmG! Some men are such slimy cheats and some women are just born dumb! But you wove this story sooo well! I could feel the sensual feelings and also felt the pain! Great :)