Friday, August 28, 2009

153 .Hurt ,Trust etc

Before I write this post,let me ask you few things.
1.Have you ever hurt some one who is close to you.?
2.Had someone humiliated or hurt you ?
3.In a relationship ,do you believe in a factor called 'trust'?

Let us see these 3 points one by one. Hurting someone is not a difficult task.In our life many times we have hurt many people knowingly or unknowingly.That's not something that we have to mention here.Well we are normal human beings and hurting others is a natural instinct.Whenever someone gets angry or mad at you,just try to maintain your cool.Misunderstanding is a catalyst which serves as a medium to destroy friendship as well as relationship.Mutual understanding is a must when you love someone.Try to soothe the person when he/she is hurt.We should try to simmer down the persons anger whenever he/she is feeling low.Quite often you must have seen this in relationship.Well I don't want to deviate from the topic. Lets get to the point. Have you ever hurt someone who is close to you.It may be your Mom,Dad,Sister,Brother,Best friend or your Lover.If you said anything that you didn't mean it a word then you are definitely missing something.Many people pine for true people in life and here we end up hurting people although we don't intend to.Well this is the right time.Go rush to the person immediately wherever he/she is and give him/her a sweet hug and say how much you love the person?.Just wait and watch the persons reaction.The anger and hatred will soon fly away .We call it "Jadoo ki Jappi" in India which means a sweet hug.Hmm,it doesn't means that you hug each and everyone and don't blame me for this post.

Whenever you say something to your closed ones,I guess we should think about the words that we are going to speak.A word or a sentence from you can create great disasters and eventually end up breaking relationship.I've seen many such people in my neighbourhood complaining that their partner always fights with them.This is true in case when there is a lack of mutual understanding between the two parties.I don't intend to drag and I always have to remind myself about this.

Coming to the 2nd point."Had some one humiliated or hurt you badly in your life?"If yes then please don't over react. This can play a spoilsport in your relation.Just try to keep your cool.No matter how badly the person must have said or behaved.Just try to keep yourself and stick to what you are.You know in life we are known by some principles and it is this thing by which we are known.It is very difficult to make an impression in front of people.But it is very easy to spoil your name and it will take ages for the wound to heal.You must have heard of a quote called "Hurt never,smile ever".Think of the statement.Keep a check on your temper.Why should we get hurt when the person is close to us.Do you have any doubt that god has send his best people to be our closed ones in life.If they are the best in our life,then there is no point in hurting them or getting hurt from them.Just go to them and casually ask the reason for that behaviour.I've come across many families where people don't talk to each other.Sibling rivalry,a state of tiff between parents exists in many Indian families and it won't do good for any one.To maintain a good relationship ,I believe that the "hurt" factor should be out of frame.

Lets highlight the 3rd point.Believe me this one is the most interesting one."In a relationship ,do you believe in a factor called trust?".I've been listening to Avril Lavigne songs since few days and I am a bit hooked to these topics. Excuse me.I love her lyrics and try listening to it.What do you mean by "trust"?.Explain me the concept of trust?.Trust can be said to be the trait of believing the honesty and reliability of the person.Do you trust a person at your first meet?.Hmm,I guess no.It takes lots of time to trust a person if you are genuine.I mean love is pure and in a relationship trust is important.The thread of trust less relationship is very weak.It would be fragile and would break at any instance.Our life is not like the birds who leave their closed ones at some point.We are human beings and human beings possess the ability to think and react. And I feel that this factor will obviously boost your relationship.Trust is like oxygen and we can't live without oxygen. When you love some one,you believe that this person would be with you forever.What if the person leave you at some point and betray you?It could be obvious at some point.Will focus on this on my next post on love and betrayal which is based on a real life incident.Just think on these points and talk to yourself.Hurt can ruin your relationship and trust can bond your relationship.Which one would you prefer?


  1. oh my goodness... what 's happening today...every post m coming across today has some feel of such love and betraal and breakup reports and muchmore... but yeah wtever u have said stands firm in this real world of virtualism....people and love cant be trusted so easily..but if v r in love, trust is not a question...its a compulsion,...we can love less but cant trust someone more than u love her...thats what i feel... thats wt i've been trying to do.. but i expect the same from my relations too... n as u said these family feuds...sibling sadd...are really jus a matter of misunderstanding.... i wholly believe in one thing..if v have to be steady in a relationship then..then the "hurt" factor has to be forgotten....remove it form ur dict and then live happily...

    finally kudos to the post..and looking 4wd to the sequel

  2. you are right!! I'm gonna follow your wordssss!! i think it might help me to come out of my stress!

  3. wowwww....I can see my friend coming up with different genre of issues...every now n then...
    i love this one...very meaningful n thoughtful..n some great advises there...
    great work!!!!
    take care!
    god bless!

  4. yeah, i understand. it's hard to suck up all your pride sometimes though!

    but for those people who CAN suck up all their pride should be really proud of themselves.

    thanks for sharing this with us.


  5. Gosh trust me, I did hurt someone who is close to me. Because I hurt people who are close to me. But someone hurt me so much that I don't even know how that person is today :O
    No trust! Thats why maybe!
    I'm supposed to be getting Jadooo ki jhappi :( :(

    Anyways :P
    You have something to collect on my blog!! :P

  6. we don't actually get hurt when some one like our father mother sibling spouse or for that matter a true friend say something hurting and it is also true that they don't get hurt when we hurt them, intentionally or otherwise...
    it is perhaps a trust which holds us calm... I hope u got what I said and I am right ins= saying this..

    btw an excellent visit mine and say hows it like!!

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  8. arey sahityika...

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  9. Nice post tsw and very insightful :)

  10. Our life is not like the birds who leave their closed ones at some point... beautiful.. each and every word is very meaningful... im glad i read ur post.. thanku..