Saturday, August 08, 2009

Disadvantages of being a girl

To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.I studied it during my school days. In my last post I mentioned about the advantages of being a girl. Every coin has two faces. If I've to be honest then there are many reasons why I won't wish to be a girl.I love my country and I am proud of it. But for some reasons I am not happy. I am a firm believer and advocator of female rights and I have written many things about female sexual exploitation and abuse in my blog. Our country is rapidly progressing at a faster pace. It is quite obvious that by 2020 we may proudly call our country as a developed nation.The tag of Agricultural country is being replaced by Industrialization and Technology. This is a matter of pride for us. But tell me what do you mean by a developed nation? Our country is predominantly a male oriented society.

Coming back to the discussion of developed nation, I would ask you to look at France, Germany, Japan, England and the USA. They are developed nations since ages. Have you ever seen crimes taking place in such nation? I mean crime against women. No,You must not have heard. Even if you have heard I feel that the ratio of crimes there might be less. But if you consider India, then in every single minute females are being exploited, abused and harassed. I sometimes feel bad when I tune into the news channels to see Rapes, Incest, girl molestation, Harassment's related news etc. Was our nation like this before or are every nation like this? In developed countries all human beings are treated equally and given equal rights. Why such a discrimination in our nation? I agree the cast, creed, religion, race etc are few other factors that need to be taken care of. But at this juncture , I just wish to highlight this point. I remember writing a poem last year. The theme was child abuse. It was the story of a little girl called Amy who was abused by some fiend.This person came into her life one day and nipped her in the bud. A little girl of 8 who once who used to play with her friends and who had dreamt of being a successful person in society failed to accomplish her goals.You can read it here.

I really felt bad when I wrote that for the first time. I've read many articles related to the same subject. Do you believe when I say that ours is the only country where girls are asked to do household works and her brothers are send to school? In fact it happens in most North Indian states like Rajasthan and Haryana. Every hour Indian news channel shows such disturbing news about rapes, molestation's, abuses etc. These factors are not milestones to any developing nation in fact they are hindrances. We fail to understand this. Our capital city is turning out to be the rape capital of the country.Women security is the need of the hour.I remember taking part in a group discussion during my campus placements. We were asked to talk on Women safety. This was supposedly a piece of cake and we had many factors that could be discussed on this topic. Our country is growing, India is progressing. This should be reflected on everything. By everything I mean equal rights, respecting women etc.We have various Deity who are females,we have various goddesses. We have females occupying topmost position of our country. Our president and Speaker are females.Coming back to the school bit. What kind of mother would she be who distributes her love unequally towards her children, even she is a woman. What will she achieve by sending her son to school by keeping her daughter stay back at home and do household tasks. In certain villages in rural India, people kill the girl child as soon as they are born. They are killed before they see the first light of the day.It is only our country where mouthing bad words related to females are considered a great sign of masculinity. This is the dark side of our country and it can hamper a nation. We are in the ages where we have 33% rights for women in the parliament. Thus I believe that such exploitation's against women's should not take place in any  country. If there are 10 advantages of being a girl,then there are 1000 disadvantages of being the same.

We need to wake up!!


  1. :(... hurdles /crimes that creep into a woman's life ..really horrifying at times...

    Very well written

  2. very nicely written!!
    i agree with every point of urs!
    we all Indians are yet to realize this..

  3. A male dominated society of course. Not only India but in other parts of the world also.
    The irony is many women face hardships because of other women more than cos of men.
    The best example is "balika vadhu"
    since u said u watch that juss gave that example.
    well i dun criticize men completely cos tho men r responsible for this condition of women but there are many men who come forward to help and speak out for women...(u r one example writing it on the blog).

    Sincerely speaking this would not end unless woman-woman relationship improves..more than man-woman one.

    I live in rajsthan so i know there are many more things women face here more than u mentioned.

    n well written :):)

    loved to express my views on it :)

  4. :).. I told you!

  5. You have said everything that needs to be said about the situation of women in India..the situation is so grim that I don't know whether to feel angry or sad...couldn't have expressed it better

  6. Agree with most things u say...we should be ashamed of the state of affairs vis a vis women in the name of religion n tradition n customs n culture n what else not, they r exploited n harassed:(

    Gud post issues ned to be raised!!!

    P.S. Abt the crime rate thingy in developed nations, dunno abt Japan, France et all but in USA thr r innumerable rape cases/attacks on women every day n by innumerable I mean a pretty high number!!!

  7. yes nice post ste ....this should remove all mis-conceptions about u being a women hater :D :D

  8. now if only you could understand my post on if I were a boy ...
    beautifully written ... the way u understood the problems ... I really appriciate ... really ...The basic concerns in our country is child education, safety for both man and woman and poverty ... wid these issues still on its impossible to call a country developed or advancened ... even wid uncountable malls!!!

  9. "Have you ever seen crimes taking place in such nation?I mean crime against women.No,You must not have heard."

    sorry sir but i am not agree with this fact.crime against female is everywhere!

    all other things are quite well written.

  10. Its really sad to see such condition of women in country where so many Goddesses are worshipped.... :(

    Good you raised a social issue!

  11. dese disadvtgs are jst bcoz of dis male oriented ego's....n ya fact is women don't realize dere worth..n nice write ste..

  12. Well written...

    Waking Up is not sufficient..
    Action is what is required..!!


  13. stibumama
    you have picked up the most sensitive topic that requires serious attention in our country today...where women are being ill treated every second minute..we talk of equality,we talk of human rights,we talk of respecting women...but as i said...we just talk of it...laws remain on paper..and voices go unheard...only silent taers remain...
    ufff..such issues always upset me...
    anyway...very well written!
    great work!
    take care!

  14. very well written sir...
    Our country should wake up..
    women should also hav the ri8 to breathe and live freely but i suppose little is being done for them...we should unite and stand as one..that's the need of the hour..

  15. Well written!

    And sexual abuse against women is more in developed nations than in developing nations.

    First step to stop female infanticide,girl child to work at home,etc is to abolish the current marriage system.I plead every parents to wipe away the current marriage system and encourage sons/daughters to perform register marriage(thereby cutting the costs of marriage halls,food costs,etc).
    why should we please a relative who is sure of backstabbing us?? :D
    The reason, people did female infanticide, was in fear of money required for her marriage.If we abolish such money-spending marriage,then why would they kill that small child mercilessly??

    second,after marriage,the couple should live in boy's home for a month and girl's home for a month.Why should a girl be deprived of contacts from parents??
    This will surely reduce the harassment of wives by husbands!

    Sorry for taking so much space in your comments!

  16. I don't what to say.It's there for all to see, yet nothing is being done about the crimes against women.What's sad is, the educated husbands too are engaged in domestic violence.I wonder when we women shall breathe free and walk the streets without any fear.

    Very well written post!!

  17. finally d commnt can b publishd..pheww .. seems d commnt exceeded d word limit here so will b postin in parts :P.. cant help it... hope my idea gets across all getin 2 read it ..

  18. now i dint read ur tk on advantages f bein a woman .... n yes sure dat wud hv been funny... but on d other side f d coin it gets all d more bizzare n hell d bein a woman.. yes wot all u wrote here is all abt our society n d stupid stigmas attchd wid it..n evn worse dat wen it comes 2crime against woman , its not only d men but also women involvd at tyms.. now u talk f soaps on color.. ders a certain shw on ndtv imagine wich shows hows a village bein headed by a woman has all its stigmas f bein a gurl der.. n its dat very lady governing d village who goes on doin crime against d woma (jst thot wud let evry1 knw am not watching des soaps or following dem no :P its jst dat my folks watch dem n i hapn 2 b der at tyms .. so dats how i get dat knwlgd.. but knwlgde never goes waste so ..:P :P), nehw comin back 2d post n d serious issues.. wot am tryin 2 say is.. very well written n gud thot provokin post.. d issues u hv displayed in d true colors.. but d ugly part f d society is while v all like 2 discuss n talk n debate on such issues.. none f us does nothin more den dat.. (now am not sayin u dnt do nething.. am talkin off ppl like me)general masses ..v all knw wots hapnin but wot do v do?? u knw its not jst wid ur post or any othr issue.. wot i find strange is dat more n more such post come up but hardly ne1 goes n does smthin abt n write a post whr dey wud tell how 2 mk sure dat such elemnts f our society get civilized n humane.. not against any organization or any individuals.. but how many .. say evn NGOs claimin 2 wrk 4 issues r doin any gud? excpt d parties?? yes wot all u wrote is very shamefull n disgusting on our society's part n like it or not all f us r part of it... n not wid d woman issues n all but generally i feel.. now dats my n only my perception... dat instead of discussing d issues wich all of us r very much aware of .. y not talk f smthin v ourselves have, or sm1 v knw done smthin in order 2 sort out d issues.. dat will mk evn a bttr post.... n no i hvnt done nething.. i cud b categorised as 1 f d lazy laid back useless souls who do nothin n jst wild away his tym... so probably u can evn skip my commnt as in no need 2gv it a thot.. (but am f dos who feel dat yes issues need 2b discussd at tyms.. n probably 1 f dos tyms wen u writin here ..) but come on dude.. al of us who can write n read here i guess r dis much aware f wots hapnin in d society.. if v jst post n talk here.. its no gud... can ne1 think f smthin dat will mk our's a bttr society.. well i certainly cant.. nw i dnt mean 2 criticise u or potray anything negatv abt d post. ...dats not d case.. infact d post is vry nicely written such a senstive .. guess u hv penned it dwn really well.. but dude as i mentiond above.. men women .. wen d crime against women is done v find cases whr mostly men r d jackasses.. but at tyms d female specimen is part f it 2 against her very species.. so its d mind n thots n up bringing dat mks such feaks who r worse den parasites.... n u talk f how west world sees less f crime against woman.. yes less but d crime is still der... so as long as d pervertd minds r at work.. b it in men or women..

  19. d situation is only gona worsen... u knw smhw gets 2me dat its not actually d disadvntg f bein a women.. but rathr d disadvntge of belongin 2 d kinda society dat v hv.. wots mks me sick is its not only d interiors but also d metros n well educated.. well atlst der degrees say so, morons 2 r invlvd in all sort f acts agnst women.... y is it dat in west world wer u say crime rate is less dat women can walk arnd free at nite n not in our society... dats 4 our stupid traditions n stuff.. vlaues ppl talk f den der v r again discussin d advntages n disadvntage f out stupid traditions n values... its like yes alot f things dat r being follwd 4m ages in ur country mk it.. but on d flip syd.. all such crimes r 2 becos f d traditional mind sets f fools n ppl who mk use f d tradition as per der convneince.. but wot if v talk f a taliban culture?? guess its d curse 2b a woman der... so on scale f relativty sm mite argue how bttr our society is.... hmm, now dis is wot am sayin... debating discussing .. well v all hv evolvd such dat v can mk ourselves n at tyms evn odrs blv our point f view.. n v can sit n talk n talk n talk... whr do v reach?? any conclusion?? yes on ur part u wrote on advntges n disadvntages... but dnt v hv des 2 in evry single aspect f life???d 1s who r doin crimes aganst d females r freaks.. no1 can mk dem walk n d righteous path.. so u wana get 2dem.. u gota become freaks urselves... now der r ppl sitting n preaching wot gud is it if v become freaks ourselves in order 2 tackle d jerks... but its d iron wich cuts d iron.. so r v strong enuf 2b iron ourselves n cut n slaughter d perverted rusted iron??.. do dat n u hv d human rights ppl who seem 2do nothing wen a woman is bein raped but if d masses hit d rapist d human rights ppl wud b der 2 protect him.... dats d society my frnd..

  20. a thot or 2 here n der n v ppl move ahd... well d 1s who try do smthing will argues wot can v do.. evn if v try v end up in trbl oursleves.. but ppl its like wen it hapns wid u or sm1 u knw (i hope n pray dats nvr d case 4 ne1)..dats wen d real traversity f d crime v get 2knw... n only den it seems d tym gets 4 us 2 act... till den, v dont understnd nething beyond posting abt it or debating on it.. so yes a vry thot provoking post.. but readin is no gud if v jst read b go back 2 our lives doin nothin... am 1 f dos..d useless fools who jst talk n do nothin.. so d 1s who do smthing feel free 2 critisize me.... but if honestly v need 2do smthin 4 such issues... it has 2 begin on our own ends..wid v ourselves doin out bit n hopin d same is wot d rest arnd r doin.. n not postin how bad it is rathr postin wot hs 2b done 2 mk it bttr... ne1(n am not sayin dis only 4d author f dis post) who gets offended by readin dis comment n feels like hittin me out sayin wot r u doin 2 talk like dis.. den yes am 1f dos USELESS N GUD 4 NOTHIN souls... all i can do is talk n commnt here... n if u guys r doin smthin besids postin den yes ur far bttr den me.. if not . well wot can i say... n if u genuinly r doin smthing 4d causes den u cud nvr b offended by wot i wrote here.. cos u wud knw d truth of d system bttr dan me.. far more bttr den me..

    pheeww ,, guess wrote alot..well i hv dat tendency .. but all things apart ... gud 2c 1 male bretheren doin so well in d bloogin deppt whr uptill now i hv only come across women who can write... so gud goin man.. tho i still maintain.. d female specimen way ahd in dis dppt..(n many more deppt f life 2 :P.. gota b politically correct) but here is 1 guy followin close behind :P..(pun intended)...hahaha..n i mean 2 say in d bloggin deppt.. generally ohh yes u ladies do hv many of my species followin behind,, n hi v dont mind u ladies leading us :P :P(n dat is supposd 2b taken in lite humour n not in accrdnce wid d post n its issues..) like i alwaz say.. dnt pay no heed 2 wot i write here.. cos i nvr listen 2 wot ppl tell me how n wot 2 post.. so niethr shud u or ne1 listen 2me....

  21. hallelujah... dis seems wierd but ehh... :P wrote wot all got 2my head readin d post.. so spare wid me .. n hope ppl do read all d part ..3 i guess.. widout d header n footer.. so hapi bloggin my frnd cya

  22. i dunt knw wad shud i say, coz d thing mentioned by u here is nt out of sight of any1........evry1 knows it but still we ppl dunt raise d voices..may b one reasn in our society coz wen our a gal is xploited in ne way, our society istead of supporting her, makes her lyf even worse den hell dats y ppl fear to open up dese things nd dose bastards
    r left free to do wadevr dey want.......
    Nd dis male dominating society can only change if d women raise deir voices, y a mother herself didnt let her gal child study....y d hell gals r kept in so many boundages.....we cn raise d voice bt only a women can do sumthing concrete fr dis thing as nothing is impossible for dem.........

  23. while the advantages part was funny,this really hits ! Its so true.. nails to the point! Aswesome :D

  24. The problem is that in country like India people don't understand that things that really matters is giving moral education to their is responsibility of their parents to teach them to respect their opposite sex. Parents should not support their son if he behave badly. It is not a matter of pride