Tuesday, September 01, 2009

154. 7 Rules to be happy!!

Here I am going to enlist few rules to be happier.I believe that these rules will be helpful to you

Rule #1

Never hate
Hatred is something which has a strong power to kill relationship.At times we may get vexed and exhibit our anger on the wrong person at a wrong time.This certainly has the tendency to break bonds.Thus I would say that no matter whatever happens we should not hate anyone.This is a strong point which I want to highlight.

Rule #2

Don't worry
Whatever be the problem that you might be facing,don't worry at all.Worrying alone can never assure a solution to your problem.In fact we should stand to face the problem that encounters us.This worry factor can be very critical.Worrying and thinking about your problem can cause tensions and various backlogs or health hazards in your body in the form of Hypertension and other diseases.I appeal to you that stop worrying and enjoy life.

Rule # 3

Live simple.
Most of the successful personalities have lived a simple life.They have lead a normal life to attain the success that they enjoy in life.This is the prime reason.Thus live a simple life and gain enough blessings :)

Rule #4

Expect little.
Whenever you work on something which is beneficial to someone,just don't expect the gain in form of money or profit.Always expect little in your life.Working hard and expecting little can explore great path in your life that may lead to the road to success.

Rule #5

Give a lot
Help others in your life.Remember that in your life you will be no where if you do anything for yourself I mean stop being selfish.Also think of others.I believe that there may be lots of poor people surrounding you.Just give them monetary support and you could seek their blessings.Remember that you each blessing is counted somewhere on heaven.You good deed and helping attitude is something which identifies you as a person.

Rule #6

Smile a Lot.
Never lose a smile in your face.Smile is an essential component in your life. People can say about you by recognising this smile in your face.Frown exhibits a feeling of hurt and anxiety amongst people surrounding you.They may wish to talk to you ,but you may not feel like because you are hurt by someone.Remember that a smiler can lead to a successful life.So keep smiling.

Rule #7

Spend life with people who love you.
This is an important point which I would like to say.Always care for the person who believes you and trusts you.He/She is the person who might love you forever.Instead of running behind someone who doesn't loves you.Spend time with people who love you.They are the ones who care for you.This can be you siblings,parents,partners ,friends etc.

Thus we have seen all the important rules in our life which needs to be addressed for living a happy and successful life.Hope you enjoyed this read.


  1. A excellent sum up I would say...
    I kind of liked the 7th point very much...
    and yes 7 is magical!!
    I have blogrolled you!!

  2. Hey Steph..

    This is the best way of summarizing.. the vital points of that brings peace in life..

    Expect little and Give a lot is something i am focusing more these days for my good ..:)

    Thanks for sharing !

  3. An insightful post indeed!The hate and worry rule is very tough to follow.I liked the other rules too.
    However, the thing that matters most is, whether we are able to follow up with these.

    Nicely summarized crucial points for a life worth living.

  4. Gr8 work ste.. you have told us all about what we should do and what no to do!

  5. haha .. ste.. :) :) :)

    elaborating that sms ha?these 7 points.. shared as texts :P :P

    well done saheb.. and these 7 rules are indeed worth following in life :)

  6. good one.! try 2 folllow..!

  7. cool rules.
    very often i forget to apply it in my life!
    but now you just blew it on my face.. for which i m grateful :D

  8. nice one.. :)will try to follow them as much as possible..:)

  9. your 7 rules surely seem to be effective.. ;)

    I strictly follow the 6th one.. :) will try others from your list now.. ;)

    a meaningful post.. thanks.. :)

  10. nice ones ter dude...kya baat hei..
    aaj kal pravachan bhi dene lage :P

  11. good tips:)..surely will try to follow:)

  12. wish we could all follow it...but sumtimes it is very difficult esp not to worry!!

  13. Hey,

    nicely done...

    if we follow them, they will give us nothing short of a beautiful life..:)

  14. Thanks for this Ste... will try and do them... especially number 1 :) hehe :D

  15. nice set of rules.....to follow for a successful and happy life !!!

  16. Very cool rules though I forget to apply em sometimes. Thanks for sharing :)