Friday, September 04, 2009

155.Color of my Life.

All characters are fictitious and entirely based on the writers imagination.This work is based on the writers creative work.This was actually written for The Writers Lounge .Check Spelling
I entered the art gallery jubilantly with a constant smile on my face.I was asked to judge a drawing exhibition.It was a special occasion for me and I felt honoured.
“This way sir,” the gallery in charge guided me through all the paintings.As I scanned through each paintings,I realized the need for innovation in drawing.I had never seen a crayon art as good as oil paint and vice versa.

“Tanmai wait!,” I stopped near a painting which grabbed my attention.It exhibited the tranquillity of mind.Such a wonderful painting it was.I stared at it carefully and tried to decode the hidden meaning behind the same.The painting was familiar to me.I failed to recollect my past memories,but the person was some one who was close to me.I leaned on the sofa in the Lounge.I was feeling tired as I learned about my futile love.My relationship with the cute girl with seraphic eyes that could create magic.She was Monik ,who hailed from the hilly region of Darjeeling.I still remember the words that she told me during our last meet.It buzzed on my ears.

“Tanmai,I want to meet the artist of that moon girl painting,” I said to the in charge.

“Sir,she is Monik Bisht,and yes she is on her way,” he replied.

“Oh!” a smile beamed through my face.She was the one whom I was searching for since ages. I failed to keep up to the promise,but I never thought that I would meet her after 7 long years.

“Hello sir!,” she wished me.

“Monik,Its me Anish!,”I said to her.

“Oh hello Anish ! how are you?,” she said with a straight face.

“Will you forgive me Monik,you would surely forgive me if you knew what happened that day?,” I said.

“Who am I to forgive you just ditched me and threw me out of your life,” she said.

“You made me cry outside the railway station in front of 1000 souls,” she added.

“Baba’s health was really terrible that day,” I replied.

“I tried to contact you after getting my parents consent,” I said with a smile.

“And hey this painting was not supposed to be sold ,you remember” I said.

“That girl in that painting were you and me the moon and we are inseperable,” I said.

“Yes! after a long eternal wait , I thought it was illogical to place that painting at my house,” she said.

Her initial reactions suggested me that my absence had created a turbulence in her life.She used to be a prate,who loved me.The hasty decision of eloping proved to be wrong.

“Monik!till date I was still searching for you and I am glad that I met you here,” I touched her.

“Sorry Anish!,” She swiftly removed my hands from her shoulder.

“Don’t build castles in air Anish,I am not meant for you,” she said.

“Monik ! I am extremely sorry and please take that painting back,” I pleaded.

“Sorry Anish! many things have happened in this long 7 years,” she said and screamed “Ayushiiiii!!!,”

“Momma!Momma,” a girl of 4 came running towards her.

Tears trickled down my eyes as I learned that she was married. I turned aside to see the other paintings as she left for her home with her kid. I wiped the tears from my eyes.I waited for 7 long years and got her reply.She was and she would be the color of my life.

“Sir,I need that painting,” I said to Tanmai.


  1. heart went out to him in d end ste...but den i dnt blame her eider...he didnt give her reason to wait...dunnoo...maybe both were justified at there ends...

    but lovely...

  2. why so much tragedy ???? heart breaking story!!

  3. ste saheb, well done :) dint think that this would end this way when i started reading :)as i have always felt, the truest of love stories end in the same way :P

  4. Your stories are always captivating! This is coz you use simple, straight language and you lay it down pretty well! Impressive :)

    Loved this story of urs too...

    Dunno why people come back after a long absence expecting everything to be the same....

  5. such things of such magnitude break my heart even more please stop giving such fantastic pains to your readers.. and do visit my latest post entry

  6. beautiful dear.. love once lost is lost forever.. the picture of the gal looking at the moon is phenominal.. nice one dear

  7. that was heartbreaking :(
    nice tale indeed :)
    long time ago i came across his picture, saved it to my pc instantly. then never really got to use it

    u made a good story out of it, although u seem to be capable of something better :D :P

  8. it also reminded me of this scene from the movie 'singh is king'... hmmm donno if u remember it

    was quite similar :)

  9. Nice story tsw and I quite liked the end..Thank god you used reason and logic and didn't cook up a happy ending :)

  10. What a beautiful story :)
    I don understand why people leave without uttering a word and comeback after a long time expecting the things to be the same forever.
    They don think about their loved ones.. aahh.. it pricks alott

    Anyways.. luvd it :)

    keep smiling :)

  11. Awesome!!! Tragic too! But the way its portrayed is awesome! :) :)
    Love it!

    Moral - Don't leave the one's you love. Don't take the one's you love for granted

  12. mummyyyyyyy.....santoor....santoor....:P :P

    Jokes apart...good one ste...became a bit predictable towards the second half...keep churning them

  13. it is really a touching story....
    keep writing