Tuesday, September 08, 2009

157.Sir,I wan a Lattery!!

PreScript: Arjun , who is a student of Sandeep Sir's Acting School comes to meet Sandeep Sir.

Arjun : Aye! Saar ,I won a lottery.
Sandeep: Ahh! What will you do with this money ,Son?
Arjun:Saar,I will help poor people and provide monetory support to all needy people .
Sandeep:I am very proud of you, Son.
Arjun: Saar,I will also marry a poor girl and take care of her Saar.
Sandeep: God Bless you, Son.
Arjun: Thanks Saar.
Sandeep:So how much money did you win?
Arjun: 35 Rs ka Saar

**After few days **
Arjun: Saar,I won a lottery yet again.
Sandeep:Huh!! and how much Rupees this time?
Arjun:5000Rs Saar! and I wish to give you a share.
*Sandeep Sir voraciously look s at his student Arjun as he removed the money from his pocket.
Arjun: Saar!Take this money .
Sandeep:What is this son?You give me a share of just 10 Rs,you fool?
Arjun: Saar,with the remaining amount from your share,I took your girlfriend for a date,Saar ;-)


  1. great yaar........
    its too gud
    especially spending sir's share on his galfrnd... :P

  2. haha.. Now I'm in too.. :P

    Next time i win a lottery, i'll give u a share don worry.. ;) ;)


  3. gud yaar
    badhia niptaya

  4. god....u and your humor...poor Arjun...na naa....sorry poor sandeep sir....
    mad,crazy,funny and interesting....ahmm...u keep guessing that whether these adjective r for u or ur write up...hahaha...
    take care!
    god bless u!

  5. hahahhahaha...... i jus laughed after this... u write gr88.>

  6. parzi sweetheart ....u always call me mad..nd all....so m used to it...no worries.... :P