Sunday, September 13, 2009

159. 7 Days ,the gorgeous girl & my broken Elbow!

I walk along the Andheri station to catch the 7.34 Churchgate train.My eyes soon grabbed the attention of a girl standing near the first class compartment of the stationary train.I tried to refrain myself from staring her,but my eyes would watch her. She was wearing tennis skirt and she had a bag with her. I stood there watching her for a while.The entire sight was somewhat strange.The railway platform was flooded with people.I never knew if my act was right or wrong,but I couldn't justify it.I thought of starting up a convo with her but she was a complete stranger to me.With a pout face,I leave for my destination.Finally after reaching Santacruz ,I once again peep into the window to get a glance of the seraphic girl.She'd vanished and with a frown I went back to my home.
I walk along the Andheri station after my .net classes to catch the 7:34 Churchgate train.My eyes were desperately waiting to see the same beautiful girl which it located at the first class Bogey. She was dressed in a perfect attire just like a normal Indian girl.I stood at the station for a while until the train started.She glared at me.I got scared and I left that place outright.
Day 3
I walk along the Andheri station after my .net classes to catch the 7.34 Churchgate train.I was tired and feeling lazy so I just left for my home.I had no interest in watching that girl.
I walk along the Andheri station to catch the 7.34 Churchgate local.Today I was feeling enthusiastic and happy.I soon stood near the shop and looked for the girl.She was constantly watching me.I looked behind to see if it was someone else.She was staring me.I looked at her for a while until my train started moving.
I walk along the Andheri station to catch the 7.34 Churchgate local.I rushed and ran along the stairs as it was already 7.32pm.In the process of getting down I slipped down badly and landed straight in front of the girl.I was helpless and my right elbow was paining badly.She could not control her laughter.I could witness a constant smile on her face.It was embarrassing for me to fall down in front of around 100 people waiting for Virar local.Any how I managed to get up by my own and rushed to my compartment.
"Bhai Dekh ke chalo yar," a local guy told me.
"Hanji! pata hai paani tha vaha toh mein phisal gaya yar," I smiled.
Day 6
Today I was not walking along any railway station platform.I was asked to take rest by my doctor.Mumma asked me not to go anywhere.I was playing mafia wars in Facebook and my Fifa 2008.But it was fun sitting at home doing nothing.That's what I am doing these days.

Day 7
After a days gap I walk along the Andheri Station to catch the 7.34 Churchgate train.Today I reached the station 10 minutes earlier.Quietly I sat near a window .I was behaving like a good innocent kid today.I was not looking at any girl after I tripped from the railway stairs.
"Did it hurt ya," the same girl asked me.
"Its OK now," I grimaced and shifted to some other seat.
I remained silent for a while.
"OK.Hey!This is Soumya here! Want to be my friend?,"
she smiled.
"Ste here!" I grinned and winked at her.

*blinks blinks*


  1. guess am the first one to drop ink in this post of yours....well, Solitary Writer i admire you so much...and you have a beautiful site and contents i almost feel dizzy going through it...

    i am following you, ever since, i can't remember when...

    you're a living testament that there are really geniuses at bloggerville...:-)

  2. Thats such a cute story.

    Keep penning :)

  3. aww...thats a sweet one stibumama...i liked the way u narrated everything with the day the way how is the elbow now???????and how can i forget how is somya...hehehe:P[these days i m bravely proving that i m not scared of u...coz i know its a safe taking advantage..:P]
    take care
    god bless!

  4. My bit of ink here-

    Cool...Not a bad deal. Just a small ink of advise- pl do not oggle at any other girl till your broken arm gets heal! :) Lolz

  5. really interesting ;)

  6. he he he that was super!!!! :) :) :)

  7. awwww tsw...what a story :)

    Enjoyed reading

  8. hmmm very nice naration:)...enjoyed ur posts dear:) first day!!..he he...will surely be here for more:)...

    take care:)

  9. ha ha.. cute man... fiction or fact... i knew ur elbow got broken... didn't know such a story went behind it... :P

  10. thank god its mumbai or else the name would have confused me :D so hows the elbow?

  11. 7 days main bas friendship
    slow progress hain

  12. a rare and delicate story......nice one !!!

  13. arey ur narration ws interesting... rly sweet... :)

    aage kya hua??? :D

  14. WELL-WRITTEN. So, It was worth breaking your elbow....

  15. hehe amity me

    words frm u means a lot to me...m happy :)

  16. i will kill u parul fr this statement grr

    tu gayi kaam se hehee

  17. hehe captain whre r u ...??

    m glad u liked it

  18. arun

    u think me stupid..hehe no its nt a fact da.. .. hehe

  19. hehe so soumya is ur girl ehh

    shravan hehe

  20. abhey chirag toh kya shaadi karu kya usse hehe

  21. thanks a lot fr ur amazing comments

    love u all