Thursday, September 17, 2009

160.She or He!!!

"Are we high,"Sandeeep asked Ste.
"Are we?,"Ste replied back.

"I guess we are," Sandeep said.
"How?,"Ste asked him.
"Guess Guess,"Sandeep grinned.
"Tell me naa bhai,"Ste got vexed.

"We both are drinking Beer,"Sandeep said.
"So,we are high ehh,"Ste said.
"No," Sandeep said.
"We are at the 17th floor now,"Sandeep winked.
"You and your jokes,"Ste kicked Sandeep.

After 5 more pegs Sandeep lost his control.
"Ste Kanna!!,"Sandeep said.
"What??,"Ste grimaced

"Look 'shez' hot?,"Sandeep said.
"Ehh,you touched and 'shez' not!," Ste replied back.

"She smiled at me ,bhaii!!,"Sandeep was excited.
"'She didn't?,"Ste said.

"Abhey and just look at her man,"Sandeep asked Ste to look at the person.
"No,No," Ste said.
"Dumb,just see her ,"Sandeep got annoyed.
"Yep,I know you are drunk ," Ste said to Sandeep.
"What?,"Sandeep asked.

After 3 more pegs of Vodka.
"Bro,look at the chick,"Sandeep said.

"Oh !Despo!!its not 'She' ,"Ste said.

"What?,"Sandeep wiped his eyes.
"Its 'him',thats a guy,"Ste laughed.
Sandeep was now confused and asked for the bill


  1. hahhaha..Hes really on HIGH..!

  2. Lolz... Sandeep and Ste... bhagwan bachaye! :P

  3. I wonder wat wud happen if he continued...wth some more pegs haha

    he she chodo...bahar nikle toh animals bhi Hotttttt lagenge :P:P

  4. hahahaha... chad gai !

  5. ahmmmm....drinking adventures...wah wah...superb...and vision even better!hehehehe!
    mind blowing stibu mama...!
    ste n sandeep tales are always fun to read...keep them coming!
    take care!
    god bless!

  6. Hahaha....... 17 th floor wala PJ.. Ohh God... !!!! :D

    So confusion clear hua naa....?? ;)

  7. Haha...yeah i know that could happen but never to this level.

    I appreciate this attempt :)

    Good one ..


  8. Cooleti cool..!!


    In total how many pegs..!! ;)

  9. haha...tsw...can't imagine you getting drunk :)

    forgot the mantra about 'No alcohol'

    Will have to start sending the reminders ;)

  10. OOPS.

    I think we've all done it... :-)