Tuesday, October 27, 2009

168. Farmers Day Out!!

"You are fit to be a farmer!"

this is what my Mom used to say when I flunked in my exams or didn't studied.But I sometimes used to think and even ponder on these lines.Why can't I be a farmer?.As of now my forefathers were sowing rice and Wheat in TN and SriLanka few decades ago and I could do the same.I soon realized the importance of being a farmer.Wow! farming is fun for people who are really interested to explore this art.Yes my dear readers farming is an art.It is the primary occupation of people in our nation.Ages ago I had learned during my school days that around 71% of people in India are directly or indirectly depended on agriculture.Even urban population depends on agriculture. I mean the food that we obtain is something which is due to the hardworks of farmers.I can see my readers yawning. I warn you guys as I am not responsible if you change your occupation after reading this post.Any way my last post was dated October 9 and its 28 today.I 'm back after 2 long weeks.Did you miss me? Hope SML post was useful and made sense .Any way lets start with the discussion for todays topic.Yes my dear bloggers, I am going to talk about one thing which is becoming the centre of attraction.FARMVILLE is becoming popular these days.It can be considered as one of the best application which Zynga has produced. Zynga has always suceeded in creating these kind of applications which can constantly trouble young souls.I can proudly or rather shamelessly say that more than one fourth of the world population is practicing virtual farming using Facebook.Shamelessly just because that I am wasting my precious time farming online.I am going to talk about online farming and few important things related to the same.Before doing that I would like to say few things about my beloved sister who is a popular farmer in facebook.But before introducing her to you I would like to name few popular bloggers in blogsville who have left their impression in farmville.They have been seriously following online farming like anything.To name few we have Americanising Desi,Nushu,Nabs,Shifoo,Anurag and many others.Esther is growing into a strong farmer day by day.She is currently farming at level 32.Freelancer is currently farming at level 28.But people here adore this application.Any way I have a surprise for few female farmers out here in blogworld.Well the guest for this post is none other than my beloved sister and a blogger friend Meow. Meow loves facebook and to be honest she loves farmville. We will go tete a tete with her sooner or later.When I joined facebook there was nothing really fascinating.It had some really insane quizzes(the insanity now has increased),poking features and status updates.I was pining for something like Mafia wars.I disliked Mafia wars initially when it was launched as I was finding it to be difficult and complicated.But since I was craving for it,I had to learn it step by step.Ohoo! I can hear snores and can predict that few of you are actually sleeping.Sorry for this.Farmville is a place where you can perform farming in a browser window using flash. .Well let me tell you the advantages of farmville as compared to traditional farming.
(click image to enlarge)

Advantages of farmville.
1.There is no need for rain in farmville.
2.Crops can grow within hours in farmville which takes more time in real life.
3.You don't need to feed your pets in farmville and they will produce things automatically
4.You don't need to go to market and toil hard in sun.Money will get automatically added during harvesting.
5.No weather problems in farmville.In real farming different parameters like climatic conditions are considered for farming.
6.In farmville you can sow anything .
7.Soil quality is not a big constraint in case of farmville.In real world soil quality is different for different crops.
A big advantage of farmville is that we could sit comfortably in our bed room and farm easily.
So it is not at all something which is really sophisticated.I will post you few pictures of my sisters farm.Now I am going to talk about few irritating farmers.

ABC: hey do you play farmville?
Solli: yes I do.
ABC: then please add me as your neighbour dude.

Well Meow shamelessly asked me to be her neighbour in farmville.It seems she wants to expand her farm and my intelligent sister found an innocent victim in from of Solli. .Well this is really annoying at times.Another annoying thing is about the gift requests. I am posting this picture just because I found it as a good example for this post.Infact I wouldn't get anything better than this.This is a girl who presents a list to me.She wants me to gift her those items.Everyone knows me as a lazy bum and imagine me gifting people.I had around 85 gift requests in farmville.I ignored all of them..Here is the much awaited pics.Please don't even try to guess the hidden person.

Farmville farmers would clear mess from others farm or shoo off crows or sparrows in others farm to earn bonus.It is also seen that some farmers have started harassing their loved ones to harvest crops in their absense by giving them their password.Silly!! is the first word which comes to my mind.People are getting addicted to this application or game to be precise.We have real men toiling hard under the sun and here we are wasting our precious time.
Its a rumour that president Barack Obama is maintaining his own farm in Facebook.Infact he was caught sowing rice by one of his officials. Even famous European leaders like Nicolas Sarcozy and others have decided to follow Obama's foot steps and they have created their own farm in Farmville.

Well Meow will kill me after reading these lines as shez a real time fan of FV. so here we go one on one with Meow.
Solli: Hi meow!
Meow: Hello!
Solli: Why farming?
Meow: coz timepass after a monotonous day at office
Solli:Why do you prefer online farming?
Meow:its so easy than real farming..crops will grow so fast... than in real farm where it takes so many months..moreover there is no need for rain here i need not commit suicide if there is no rain unlike real farmers do..
Solli:what kind of crops do you cultivate?describe ur farm in short
Meow:if i've work or am busy..i put crops which takes 2 to 3 days to grow like in weekdays i sow them and if it is a weekend i sow crops which can grow in 2 to 3 hrsso that i can make quick money
Solli:Now that was an insight to all Farmville farmers.Thank you Meow!
Meow:Thanks and do check my farm pictures.
So here I post some fabulous creation of our very own Meow.Please I request you not to laugh .I can see few of you smiling
(Click image to enlarge)

Here is the farmer chick award for the beautiful ladies.I proudly present the farmer chick award to Meow,Americanising Desi,Esther and all those female farmers who send me gift requests .
I would like to thank my fellow blogger Miss Sarah Flinders for the "Creative Blogger" award that she presented me.Thanks a lot Sarah.
So to conclude this post with a happy note I asked Taylor Swift to write a song for my post.

I don't care what my parents say,
I wanna be a super farmer.,
i will sow some seeds,,
nd harvest them day after tommorow.
My farm will shine like a star
nd smile like a see..

Crap.... let me admit ..this poem is my creativity Forbid me Taylor.Between I am in with Taylor Swift .. Even she accepted my proposal ..believe it or not blaaah!!!!
I am actually in a big mess right now.I am not being able to write or read anyones blog but I promise to be back Asap.Thanks a lot for taking your time and coming here.I you all.
Signing off.

Friday, October 09, 2009

167.Sister Management Lessons!!!

I am back ,but not with a bang.Yesterday my Captain Kasabian girl came back to blog world and I am happy to see her .Well we have seen a best friend falling for a best friend,ways to be happy,Importance of love in family and Anger management in my previous few posts.Now its time for some different topic. Ahem!! So what does this title suggests you.Yes! Another management class,but this time not for Angry souls ,but for brothers who mess with their sisters. It applies to Solitary Writer as well.I would like to wish Shweta as its her birthday .So , my dear friends lets sing a birthday song for our little friend Shweta aka Tweety aka I,Me,Myself. So are you still confused and thinking about this post.No more delays!.Lets start with the discussion.Most Indian families treat their son's as their pride and their daughters as their assets.This is true and I am at times proud of my nations culture and tradition.
Who is a sister?. My Nokia N70 dictionary defines a sister as the female person who has the same parent as that of the other.Yes this is 100% correct.A sister is someone who supports,encourages,motivates,annoys her younger and older siblings.She even fights with them and more over she cares and loves them.Trust me it is one of the most pure relationship of a brother and a sister.India is the only country which follows the culture of Rakhshabandhan.The name itself is composed of two terms.'Raksha' means protection and 'Bandhan' means relationship.Sisters tie a holy sacred thread on their brothers wrist indicating that their brother would take care of them and protect them throughout their life. This is the magic of sibling relationship.I somehow feel strange about the existence of Sibling rivalries in certain family .For instance me and my sister do fight unlike other siblings but we are amongst best friends.That can't be considered as fights .I will write few lessons for you .It is the sister management lessons.Lets start with the lessons.

Lesson 1 : Always Respect your sister.

Whether it may be your elder sister or your younger sister ,a sister is a woman.One should always respect her not just she is your sister but she is a girl/woman.A person who cannot respect his sister can never respect any other woman in this world.

Lesson 2:Sibling Rivalries & tiffs

Since childhood we are used to fighting with our closed ones.At times we end up hurting each other and irritating them .This is mostly observed in a brother sister relationship.We have quarrelled and fought over petty issues.Sometimes it is fun ,but sometimes it is not.Sometimes we fight and sometimes we protect and support.This is nothing but some memorable part of growing up.I remember my sister pushing me into a gutter when she was 7. There are certain slang's and abusive words related to sisters.Make sure and take care that we should avoid such harmful words.Some times a brother should not raise his hand on her.We are not here to show our strenght on our sister.This will exhibit our weaker side.

Lesson 3:Possession.

To be honest all brothers are possessive by nature.They do care for their sisters.Sisters do love the sense of security and protection a brother gives to them.But this should also offer some trust factor.Sometimes this may even lead to unwanted suspicion breaking the beautiful bond.In case of any confusions or doubts make sure you handle it properly and clarify it before you make any allegations or interrogations.

Lesson 4:Manifesting Double Standards

Do not manifest double standards.Some times brothers may have girlfriends or may be any female friends or whatever.They completely adore and respect those women.But if their sisters are into a relationship or associate with guys then it is a sin.*There are exceptions* Why can't a sister get into relationship with some guy? If it is morally a sin or if it is wrong then we should know that the girl whom we brothers love is someones sister . So no point in having such bias.

Lesson 5: Realizing responsibility
A girl see's a fatherly figure in her brother.She seeks guidance,support and help from her brother.If we fail to provide this ,then what kind of brothers are we.Also apart from the fun and other things we should realize our responsibility towards our sister.Do it and see that the amount of love and respect for you doubles.

Lesson 6: Developing trust.

Become each others secret holders and closed confidants.Why can't brothers and sisters be best of friends? The 'why' factor comes because of your childhood habit of blackmailing and letting out secrets.Develop a bond such that there is transparency and where you can share all things with your siblings.Sisters are sometimes trustworthy and can keep secrets.Although there are some exceptions.

Lesson 7:Communicating the right way.

You may be out the entire day.You have time to sit online and chat for hours with others.Can't you spare 15 minutes a day for your sister.?Sit down and ask her if she is OK. Help her in her assignment work.Teach her things ,clear her study related doubts and discuss her future.Ask her if she has any problems and how can it be solved.
Spend time with her by sharing your life experiences.Good communication at the right time can do wonders.

Lesson 8:Her importance
I know a sister is very important to any brother in this world.Why can't you show it? She won't sit on your head.Tell her how special she is to you and your family.Convey it to her once in while and seek her opinion in daily day to day activities.It may be selecting a shirt,giving advises etc.Involve her in your life in areas where it is not about your privacy.Stop giving her a girlie tag by asking her not to interfere in your work.

Lesson 9:Your role.

Its easy to dominate ,its easier to be bossy and exercise your authority as an elder brother.Is it difficult to get down to your sisters level? Can't you be her friend and understand her.If you can comfort your girlfriend then why not to your sister.They why don't you do it.Is it just because she is your family member.Don't take her for granted.Respect her opinions and value her.

Lesson 10: Realize her Worth.

Imagine a day without your sister and you would start complaining.May be that 1 or 2 days you would enjoy the so called peace but I bet after that you would miss her chatters,fights, and her company.It is because the relationship between a brother and a sister is special and exceptionally beautiful.
Believe me ,the day your sister gets married the brother is the one who cries the most.So if you love her that much then show it in your mannerism.If we talk of management then it depends on how you handle your sister on the right way. Handle her with care and love.

I hope this post was informative and after reading this you realize the worth and importance of your sister.I would like to thank my best friend for her support and her inputs.I will be back with some interesting topics.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

166.Yesterday's tear ,Tommorow's fear..

Waking up at Noontide,
I  think  of life  as  a  roller coaster ride.
Up and down,it goes  round ,
Round and Round without any bound.

Up it  goes,
Life's good times it shows,
When friends were not foes,
Melancholous tears apart.

I   lay  awake,eyes wide   open,
 Still chasing  those desirious  dreams.
Reminiscing,I  look    at   the  stunning   sun,
with  rays of   hopes it  evokes.

I  recall  those  days   of rain,
thinking of    which  gives  me   pain.
Joy,my enemy.
Sorrow,my best friend.                            
Yesterday's mess ,
is  today's stress.
 bad  I feel,
sad i am

hoping against hopes,
to change tears to smile.
is what i wish,
today and tommorow

Submitted for One Single Impression prompt: descent.  This is my first poem after 9 months.I really don't know how it has turned up.Waiting for your comments

Sunday, October 04, 2009

165.Love laced night!

"You are once again late," Jane said to Jack.
"Late for what,"Jack said.
It was not the first time that Jack was behaving like this.Jack was a brand manager in a famous Telecom company.His name was associated with almost all successful company offerings.He was the mastermind behind the various creative work . On contrast,Jane was an amateur writer and a poetess.She loved writing poems and she wanted to be a fame icon one day.She wrote articles that impressed people.Their love story was a bit different.They both met in a bookshop in Bordeax.They befriended and finally they met their soulmates in them.
Few days later he proposed her in the same bookshop by offering her a novel written by Jeffrey Archer.He asked her to read the poem that he'd written for her.He never boasted ,he was a creative person and was modest.He never considered himself as a poet although he would write few beautiful lines.
She was impressed and accepted him as a part of her life. Their life changed drastically.They enjoyed their life as much as they could.Soon they got married and lived happily for a while.Tensions and problems are integral part of life.They are not invited but they themselves get attached to our life depending on certain circumstances. Life is like a pool of water where our prime objective is to swim and survive. Life is all about the good and bad times.It is not always overshadowed by the sorrows and it is not imbued with happiness forever.Jack and Jane were living life without any fear.They didn't had any fear of life or nothing would bother them in their life. Hectic work schedules and work pressure would keep Jack busy most of the time.His company was going through the dark phase of economic recession.He was on the verge of getting a pink slip as most of his peers were fired out of the company for no reason.He could not balance the happiness and sorrows in his life.The see saw of his life just coudn't balance the factors.He hardly spoke to his wife.He behaved like a stranger to his wife.Today was their 2nd marriage anniversary.
"Umm!!you forgot !, "Jane winked.
"Ahh!," he said and soon handed over the flower bouqet to his wife.
"I thought of giving you a surprise ,"he said.
He handed over the letter to Jane.He was hired by a famous organisation for his creative brain.
"Yippie! we are flying to US,"he said.
Jane was the happiest woman on earth.Jack's face displayed a gamut of emotions.He could not control his happiness.It took ages for Jane to witness this smile and she was glad.

He held her firmly and kissed her.
"God!! this reminds me of our first date ,umm!!," she said .
"Ahh,lets go there,"he said.
"We are going out," he added.
"Are we?,"she was perplexed.
"But,its too late,and it will take time for me to get dressed," she winked.
"you ladies,"he smiled.
Soon after 1 hour they both left .It was a special night for them. The night sky smiled as they both head for a candle light dinner.