Sunday, November 29, 2009

175. 'Shut up ya'

This is one of the best telephonic conversation I had with my cute friend who happens to be my best friend

She:ahem! ahem some one must be really happy naa.

He:Happy for what?

She:achha tell me when are you joining?

He: Arey! I was just kidding to know your reactions re.

She: Haw!!this is bad .I know you're kidding..haina?

He:Sachhi!! Why would I lie?

She:Shut up ya..

He: Omg! that sounds so cute...

She: What ?

He: that 'shut up ya' from you...please can say it once more.... 'Shut up ya' please

She: Hmm! Naa I won't jii.

He: mere liye itna bhi nahi karogi..thats so rude..You are my best friend.

She: Haye Allah! what best friend has to do with this?

He: Omg! even' Haye Allah' sounds so cute.

She: Hadd ho gayi StibuMama.

He: God even this is so cute.

She: nahi jii

He: arey! this 'nahi ji' so so cute.

She: I will kill you now.

He: This is one of the best.

She: Naa, Seriously I'm going to do this.

He: It would be a privelige and honour to get killed from you.

She: yeah that toh I will do it..You don't need to worry .

He: Please 'shut up ya' once again for me.

She: Is this a game ...I won't do it..Hmm

He: you are really rude.

She: Thanks a lot..I'm honoured.

He:just once for me..

She:Hmm! Naa..Hmm

He:Please ! for me.

She:'shut up ya' are you happy? are so bad

He: hehehee... you know what ?

She: what?

He: you are really very very very cute!

She:Naa ji I'm not.

He: you are cute

She: 'Shut up ya'

He: hehe once again.. and I am going to post this on my blog.

She:Baap re!! you are not doing this Stibumama..

He: I will do it dear..

She:what is this? you're not supposed to post anything naa..

He: I will do it ...hehe

She: If you do it..then you are not gonna talk to me...

He:haha ..i will do it then...

She: I will kill you then...

He: thank you ..i am glad

She: huh!! you're just too bad.

He: hehe anyway I guess my phone is going to get cut now ... less balance naa

She: hehe no keep it

He:how rude is it supposed to be...and hey I got my joining from TechM

She: yeah that toh I know

He:hey i'll talk to you laterz....please will you tell 'shut up ya' once again for me..

She: ahem ahem! Shut up yaa....bye for now

He:bye and hey you know you are really cute!!

She : no I'm not.Bye!

He: take care.Good night!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

174. The 22nd Step....

Hmm!! first of all a big thank you to all those who text and wished me early morning.I'm really proud to have you all as my friend.This day is really special for me and I'm glad that I have you all as my friends.22 years ago life was different when I was born.I was the first boy child of my family.I was so close to all my cousins especially during my early years when I was a small baby.Since we all belonged to the 80's generation we had a age gap of 2-3 years.So then my cousins were like 3 or 4 years older to me.They loved me adored me and treated me like some doll or something.I used to be my grandpaa's pet.He used to carry me wherever he went and today I really miss him a lot.I'm sure he is an important part of my life and today I remember him because he played a major role in my life.I regret and feel sad that I was not by his side during his last few minutes of life.I love him and I badly miss him.I owe a lot to my parents and my young little sister.They constitute my life and without them my life would be void.A special thanks to Parul ,my alter ego, my best friend.Some one who can constantly bring smile on your face.She is a gift which I got from Orkut.
I would like to mention few names here who have been my friends since school days,college days and blog world.

Parzi: My alter ego as I always said.She is the best gift that Orkut gave me on 21st September few years ago.I've been a great pesterer and I sometimes feel sorry for whatever I do to her.Coz most of the time I've hurt her and even made her cry sometimesThanks a lot Cute for making me smile everytime.

Anupriya:I admit that this little girl is one of the naughtiest person in my life.I was excited when moma placed Anu on my lap and I was a proud brother.I'm still a proud brother of this cute little naughty sister of mine.

Asbah: She my sweetheart.I've been trying hard to talk to her.She is a closed comrade and my best friend in blogworld whom I miss her badly.My mentor and my teacher in blogworld who inspired me through her work

Insiya:A special thank to my little sister.People say internet is a boon for some reason.I earned a cute little sibling in the form of Insiya.I consider her as my 2nd sister after Anupriya

Kajal Singh:A good friend and one of my best friends in Writers Lounge.She is a great writer.

Anurag: He is like my partner in crime.Now and then keeps uttering and calls me as 'Mama' or 'Machan'.A great friend of mine who kept me updating about different things about exams during my Engineering days.

Ajay:My friend from my Engineering college.A great person he is and I'm proud to have him as a friend.

Alisha:she is a sweetheart

Leo: A prolific writer and a popular blogger and I would like to mention him because I admire him.His writings are the best.

Meow:Another gift I got through blogworld.My other sibling.She is my elder sister and I am proud to have her as my sister.

Sreya :My blog pal.I respect her a lot not just she is elder to me also coz shez a great writer :)

Neha(Joei): Yeh toh meri best buddy hai.Can't imagine life without great friends like her.I would never forget those days when we both used to write funny songs together.Crazy naa

Asmi:'Lazy billi' is a funny friend of mine.Poor soul like me whoz still waiting for call from our organisation :P.

Chirag:He calls me 'likhetu' and he writes great hindi poem and he puts lot of efforts .

Prats: My dii she is and proud of her.I am glad that I'd invited her to writers lounge and it was a bliss since then.

Urvashi: My newly found blog buddy who writes well.She is an intelligent girl for sure.

Nush:My elder sister from who we can get to learn a lot.Thanks a lot for your wishes akka.

Sunita Ma'm: She is an inspiration for everyone.Every day in life I get to learn a lot from her.She has been wishing me since the past 4 years and I am happy:)

Vidhu:My partner in crime and Mots!A very close friend of mine.I'm really happy for her.I just pray that her life is colored with happiness and the 'genuine' smile of hers never fades away.God bless you

Riya: a great blogger friend of mine.

Arun: Partner in crime and a great blogger friend of mine.

Freelancer: I know him since pat 6 or 7 months and never thought that he would be a great friend of mine.Thanks for your friendship :)

Esther: she writes thoughtful posts which will make you think.A great writer she is and a wonderful friend of mine.

Shweta(Tweety):My other little sister.Internet has played a major role in my life as I've met many wonderful souls here.

Captain Kasabiangirl: She is my captain and my good friend.I don't know why she virtually escaped from blogworld.But I will get her back for sure.Else I won't be a good vice captain.I want to see my captain back and I'm sure I will bring her one day

I wish I could write about many other people who are close to my heart.I'm sorry if I forgot to mention few people.Thanks a lot Shruti Nair,Sandhya Balan,Arjun Chowdury,Aarthi,Nabila,Abrol,Neha,Mona,Deepika,Pallavi,Prashant,Dhanya,Amity Me,Rahul,Abhrajeet,Sandeep Balan and many more for colouring my life with beautiful colors .Thank you for the wishes and your love. This for all you guys and all my readers.Thanks a lot for the greetings at WL and fan pages.

PS: I am officially 22 today for all those who don't know my age.I am mentioning it here coz most of them go by my blog name and think of me to be a 40 something person.:P
Happy birthday to blogger Akansha,Charul didi,Monique and Tanaya :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

173. The Dark Knight!!

She locked all doors and walked out into the dark streets as usual. None of those who met her in the dark saw the ebony tears of mascara she shed each night.
But today was her day with her prince.
“I love you.”
“Love you too honey.” Her first night of love.

Words - 52
PS - Actually wrote this for the contest at The Colors Magazine
This is my first 55 word fiction.Comments and Suggestions are welcomed .

Saturday, November 14, 2009

172. Lets talk about Sex...

Umm!!! Mmm!! Well don't expect anything steamy from this post.This post is not intended to amuse or entertain anyone.Infact I wish to speak about an important topic today.'Sex' is an essential part of life,but it is very sensitive topic. I don't think anyone would be comfortable enough to open up with this topic.Covering a sensitive topic in a different way is extremely difficult. How often do we open up this topic to our parents? It is an important topic to be discussed with growing kids.This won't inspire them in a bad way rather it would help them in understanding things.Kids getting inspired in a wrong way or the right way exclusively depends on the parents . We as adults talk about such things to our friends mostly our best friend.We share our wildest secrets with them.But we feel embarrassed when we have to discuss such things to our elders. If proper information is not given to them then they would be mislead in a wrong way and later on as a parent you'd have to repent and regret for the same.Girls find it easier to talk such sensitive and delicate issues with their moms.Mother understands her and she knows almost everything when she attains puberty.During her menarche itself a mom tells her daughter everything.But this is not the case with boys.Boys think differently.Guy chats basically exhibits the pleasure part of sex discussion.Such discussions mainly focusses on the body features and the sex organs.It is significant to discussion this topic to kids.Well there are few parents who refrain from such topics.Infact they should know that this is going to be a integral part of their childs life. These days certain schools are organizing sex education at grade 8 or 9 just for the same.Talking about touchy subject is really terrible at times and at times it can be pathetic.Teen age is an age where we fail to realize the difference between Love and Lust.Both are completely different from each other.The former may represent a kind of feeling and emotion and the latter might be a result of those feelings.Just I want to let you know that both are two different poles of a magnet.Anyway I don't want to divert the topic of discussion. Lets make it more easy by enlisting it in point form.What all points should we take into account when we discuss this to kids? and how it would impact them.
1.Open conversation:
Talking about this would certainly help in the child's development.If you are worried that it would inspire your kid in a wrong way then no issues.May be your child is clever enough and knows many things.Make the conversation open.Make your child realize the need for the discussion.It should be a lesson and not a fantasy story.So it should be conveyed in a proper manner.

2.Comforting your kid
Try to be comfortable when you talk such delicate matters to your kids.Trust me these topics are difficult to handle.Misconceptions should be handled properly.Try to make your kid while discussing.It should not  imbue a negative feeling in your kid.If you are uncomfortable then its better to stay away rather than delivering something which would drive child in a wrong way.

3.Answering in a right manner.
Any normal kid would have doubt in such topics.Its better to answer them and clear such things off.Don't feel pressured while talking such things.Don't let your child bombard you with serious questions and disappoint you.

4.Bonding relation
A parent may not always be a child's best friend.Some people teach their kids and value their relationship with them.Hence you should be having clear cut boundaries between what to discuss and what not to discuss with their kids.

5.Avoid Confrontations
Don't put your child in a fix.Don't focus on them.Take the matter lightly.Taking this matter seriously with significantly affect them.
If you have a topic in your mind then better let the listener react and respond.Instead of answering our views we could respect their views and value them.I have seen television commercials about such topic.People actually feel embarrassed while talking to their child.In an ad , a person talks about condoms and AIDS.The parent changes the TV channel instead of discussing it with the kid.When a child knows that when you are exploring a subject together ,then he/she would share their opinions with this context.

6.Befriending your child.
Try to be a good friend to your kid.This will surely benefit you in one way or the other.Only a best friend can understand his/her friend.

Well I am not here to discuss about parenting. I am still young to be called an advice maven.Its just that I like bringing out such topics.Till now we have seen how a parent should react while talking about sex to their kids.Lets talk about kids point of view.Generation gap is not a big problem if you understand your parents really well.Try to be patient with your parents.I understand that it would be strange talking about this to parents.Try to be practical and you should know that your parents would be having the same feeling that you were having at that time.Lets start with a general topic.Enlighten them with some serious topic that teens normally undergo.Know their reactions and then proceed with your problem.No parents are child's enemy.In serious words they are your support structure who supports you.If you are talking to your parents then you have to value their opinions and advices.Try talking to parents and other elders for seeking advices regarding such topics.
Here are few points which I would like to share with my readers.

1.Approaching parents.
Always approach your parents for advices.They are the best advice maven available on earth.If they are busy ,then take your time and ping them later.know their importance in your life.

2.Start with general discussion.
I got this point from a friend who is a relationship expert in a site.Instead of saying "I want to have sex with Katie" try to generalize the same."Should teenager wait till they get married to have sex?" should be a best substitute.This would give your parents reactions as well.

Listen to your parents.They would help you only if you are willing to listen and accept their advice.

4.Don't argue with them.Try to avoid a tiff with your parents.You may disagree with their decision ,but you should try to respect and value their reactions.

5.Use media such as magazine,newspaper ,television as a starter and try discussing facts with them.I'm sure this would be helpful.Let them know their reactions about certain article or cover story which talks about sensitive issues.

Well I have some strange feelings that I am actually boring my readers.Apologise me for the same.Now lets switch on to Importance of sex education.Sex education is an and should be an integral part of our curriculum.I still remember those early days of my life when we had sex education at the age of 14.We were shown the entire process of child birth.It was a real shocker at that innocent age where we were not used to be shown such things.After that our respect towards women grew a level.She has to struggle to bring her baby out in this world.We spoke about AIDS and other sexually related diseases.We were given insight about the ill effects of going into a wrong path and importance of life.I wish to tell that try to be sexually healthy but it doesn't means that you play around carelessly.Sex education surely would try to freed one from the ill effects of porn and other misadventures :P .Try to use protection and other necessary measures while indulging into any intimate activities with your partner.Talk to your elders about sex and listen to them.If you don't listen to them then I am sure you are missing something.Enough of research,advices and lectures.I wish to see you back with some different issue.And yes try to learn the importance of your life and value it. Any way thanks a lot for your wonderful reactions about my previous story.The protagonist was none other than my childhood friend whom I know since class 3.I am not happy with this post as somehow I feel that it lacks something.So tell me your experience? Have you ever spoken to your parents about such things?If yes then you may wish to write it here.Thanks a lot for patiently reading and God bless.

Signing out .
Love and Hugs!
Solitary writer!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

171. Loved & Lost - 2 (end part)

This is a real Story!!!

I curiously clicked on the mail to see what was written.
"Isha Gill wants to be your friend on FaceBook," the mail read.Without any delay I logged on to my facebook account and accepted her friend request.We exchanged our numbers and we met at the same pub where we used to party few years ago
"Hi Ronnie," she greeted me.
Isha was still the same beautiful girl with those seraphic smile. She was smart and she seemed to have matured.The way she spoke and behaved was somewhat unusual and strange.
"Hey Isha! after a long time girl," I replied.
"Where is Aneesh?," I anxiously asked her.
"Hmm! we broke up dude," she said with a sad face.
"What?When it happened?" I was perplexed.
"It happened the same daywhen you guys fought.You must be knowing that I took your side," She said with a straight face.

"Yes,I do remember," I said.
"He somewhat felt bad and spoke malicious words about both of us," she cried.
"He linked both of us and this was why we broke up," She said.

"Its 2 years now since I last met him," she added.
"Oh! I'm really sorry," I said.
"You don't need to be," she said.
"May be he didn't deserve me," she winked.

We spoke for hours and I'd my friend back.I wished to hold her tight and never let her go away from me.She was doing her Engineering from a famous Engineering College in Mumbai.We started hanging out together.We used to go for movies just like normal couples. We used to roam across Bandstand and Marine Drive.We would go everywhere.Later on she introduced me to her parents.Two years passed and we become best friends.It was only then I realized that it was the time for me to confess my love for her.

"Isha," I said.
"I think I am in love with you," my voice started trembling.
We remained silent for a while.
"Will you give me some time to think," she paused.
After that we never met frequently. The last time I met her was at the Mumbai Airport.She was leaving for US to pursue her MS from the Univ of Illianois.Months passed and again I started missing her.I used to call her most of the time.Few weeks hence I tried calling her.
But she refused to pick up the phone. I constantly tried dialling her number.
"Hey Isha babe..," I greeted her.
"I'm still waiting for your reply," I added.
"Ronnie, I'm busy at the moment ,will call you later," she said and cut the phone.
I failed to understand the reason why she was trying to ignore me.Later on when I logged onto my facebook ,I got the biggest shock of my life.

"Isha Gill is in a relationship with Sandeep Arvindan," her facebook status read.

I could see photos of Isha kissing a guy.I was shattered and broken as soon as I saw those photos.I felt dejected and depressed. I soon realized that she had ruined my life.I didn't want to see her again in my life and at the same time my phone rang.
"Isha sweetheart calling..."My cellphone rang.
I switched off my phone and left the place. I took french leave from my office and left for Amritsar.I left Mumbai once and forever.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

170. Of Hmm,Umm,Mmm & Aww's

Well ,I am still alright .I sometimes fail to understand why people especially girls use these kind of chat lingo's.Some say its a kind of obsession. But this can be fun at times you want to avoid someone. 'k' would work in such cases. 'Hmm' would do good when some one is irritating you or may be when someone is telling you something or may be complimenting you. 'Ummm!' and 'Mmm' can be used in different contexts. They are very much related to each other. I get pissed off when people use such fillers to express their emotions.I guess messengers have smileys for the same. May be some hate it and they stick to this new chat lingo. Now experts have started with their research work. Let they do their survey ,but before that I thought of conducting a survey. Hmm!! so it would be rather insane to ask any random people. I decided to query few of my blogger buddies and my other friends I have around 47 interesting souls of which most of them have a common reply.
First I decided to catch some female bloggers.
So, here is the much awaited question of the year.
Q.) Why do people use words like Hmm,Mmm and Umm during chats? and here are the reactions.

1.Disha: 'cause it's boring to type long sentences and people are busy talking to 10 people at a time on chat!
(Soli speaks - > Why would you talk to a multi tasker? )

2.Kritika: they shw that smeone is thinking
(Soli speaks -> showing what )

3.Urvashi: to show that they r thinkin
(Soli speaks -> Again showing! )

4.Rashmi: and that is "they are word fillers"
(Solli speaks -> Hmm! )

5.Ajay: coz they hav nothin to say
(Soli speaks -> Did you bug him ? )

6.Arun: to express that they r listening
(Soli speaks -> guess you are an Airtel customer )

7.Sreya: Coz they can't type fast ? Okay.
(Soli speaks -> are you asking me )

8.Diana : through hmmmm...they perhaps mean that they are thinking
(Soli speaks -> and what about umm,mmm,awww and k )

9.Shweta: because they are trying to tell u dat u r very boring...n dey dnt want to talk to u
(Soli speaks -> we both think alike dear )

10.Prachi: because they want to show that they are listening
(Soli speaks -> listening to what ? Bappi Laheri?? )

11.Madhu(Mads) : coz dey dnt hav nethin to say..they lack fluency.
(Soli speaks -> bang on target. LoL Enlighten me )

12.Chronicwriter: Hmm...Umm. Mmmm
(Soli speaks -> thats what I'm asking you Mr.Chrony! )

13.Riya: for expressiong those expressions which dey can't expess in words or wen they do not find exact word for their feelings
(Soli speaks -> Hmm! )

14.Vidhu: Hmm...Ummm..Mmm. kya bataun tujhe ab main iska answer .. padh padh ke mera sense of humour bhi khatm ho chuka hai..probably to cover d awkward gaps in conversations ? where people dnt know how to reply but have to make some acknowledgement of what the other person is talking about????
(Soli speaks -> don't study too much )

15.Sona di: acknowledging, there are listening..agreeing.. i suppose.
(Soli speaks -> dii can't be wrong )

16.Shruti Shane: well..maybe to show that they're thinking wht to write when they're on the i do that!
(Soli speaks -> I didn't ask about phone )

17.Suree: thats means they r thinking...or they dont find anything to say at that moment
(Soli speaks -> i see )

18.Amal: hehe.. donno :P:P y?oh.. ;);)hmm.. coz they are thinking :P:P n dont want to other to think that uve gone away ;);)
(Soli speaks -> a mixture of emotions )

19.Lillian: coz these r expression ppl use while talking..n they want the same feel while chatting
(Soli speaks -> yup )

20.Prats: ask the ones who say :p
(Soli speaks -> i see you don't hmm or umm )

21.Ridhima: hmm well its like adding background music to one's chat :D..P.S "the humming music" inspired by the humming bird;)
(Soli speaks -> LoL )

22.Americanising Desi: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i do cuz i m least interested in the convo :P
(Soli speaks -> ahan I see blog princess! )

23.Srivatsan: we get stuck at words sometimes and hmmmmmm fills it! if someone shares his/her sad story,what can u say to console them or make them feel that we're listening to them?? so hmmm,umm and mmm !
(Soli speaks -> nice answer )

24.Saad: that's the sound of thinking.. :D.
(Solli speaks-> sound of thinking lol )

25.Nushu: haah coz they are bored
( Soli speaks -> bored hehe )

26.Amrita: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
(Soli speaks -> what it means? )

27.Kajal Iyer: Ummm dunno :-P
(Soli speaks -> you should know this )

28.Arjun: i hate it whn they use it..donno y... they use it maybe whn they are not amused by our reply..!!: awww's are very artificial... XYZ uses it a lot
(Soli speaks -> his ex often these lingo's )

29.Thoorika: we play it safe!!! we dont express our opinions blatantly and get into trouble after wards cos of the choice of words! :D
(Soli speaks -> now what is this thoorz? )

30.Akansha: who the heck said it is only gals... u r getting very gender-biased these days,kid... [-(
(Soli speaks -> come back soon...and how is Jupiter ? )

31.Dhanya: When you are speechless or overcome with emotions and you dunno how to express it you go hmmm, mmmm, ummm and awwww.
(Soli speaks -> beautiful answer )

32.Hina Mirza: Thats actually a very good question ste, I never thought about it, although I myself do it very much. :-P I'll think about it now :-p
(Soli speaks -> ok think and lemme know soon )

33.Saim: Vocab Deficiency:P
(Soli speaks -> exactly )

34.Pankhuri: hahahahahahaahah :D Because this is sumthng that the guys will never understand :D iska yeh matlab hua ki ladkey budhu hotey hain aur unhey kuch samaj nahi aata :D Naa comment aur naa hi taunt :D :P
(Soli speaks -> you are a devil )

35.Shruti Nair: did someone say indirect attack.. dhuuu!
(Soli speaks -> ding dong! come back from Jupiter and do say my hi to Akansha and StepMan )

36.Mayank: i use em when i dont kno wat to say
(Soli speaks -> thats like a dude ..short and sweet )

37.Meow: if there is nothing to talk.. they say hmm.. if they are uninterested they say hmm..if they are tired and lazy to reply they say hmm.. and it depends on the person to whom we are chatting too..if we are chatting with some stalker we say hmm we say hmm to show our uninterestedness ..if we chat with a person who gives juicy gossips.. "mmm" means we are keenly listening rather reading the gossips which they give if its the bf/gf... mmm has different meaning
(Soli speaks -> Nice reply sister )

38.Anchita: to make it more fill up spaces
(Soli speaks -> filling )

39.Karthik: May be moaning in pleasure?? *Conditions Apply * :P
(Soli speaks -> MMmmmm boy you drive girls crazy! )

40.Leo: i use it when i'm thoughtful of what the other person has said.
(Soli speaks -> thoughtful )

41.More Orangee: when they think....or when they listen...or approve
(Soli speaks ->ahem ahem)

42.Rohan: because they are outta words+dumb
(Soli speaks -> you know it better )

43.Danica: they r fillers.....wen u dun have proper replies u say tis
(Soli speaks -> i see mysterious girl )

44.Esther: "mmmkay" is something that doesn't annoy me.. Umm is something when someone is thinking... like "Umm I guess so".. or something like that..the weird thing is when people use HMMMM ..thats when they run out of topics that they start saying hmm for everything grr
(Soli speaks -> i never asked 'Mmmkay' ..any way thanks for enlightening us )

45.Meera: To be more expressive. :D:D hows that?Either they are in the process of thinking. And sitting on the other end u don know what they are doing right? whether they are on or not and stuff like they use it.Or they may use it as something betw yes and no.when they are doubtful.They may also use it in place of some expression since u cannot see each other's face.You know,it keeps ppl connected.They may also use it in place of some expression since u cannot see each other's face.You know,it keeps ppl connected.They may also use it when there is nothing else left to say.Like they are bored,busy,or want to end it.
(Soli speaks -> I am like 'Woww' )

46.Monique: hahaha xD oh my.. hmmm ahhaha i have no idea
(Soli speaks ->I bet you were not like this before are you still in Brazil ?)

47.Anurag: may be they get bored or restless in a chat right hain kya ..jaldi bol :p
(Soli speaks -> a crazy engineering soul ..he thinks that he has answered a 5 mk question on his Univ Paper . God bless him )

48:Rohini:to let others know that they are lost in the desert of thoughts:)
(Soli speaks -> beautiful answer )

49.Sridhar: aww is used by girls i havent seen a guy do that hmm,umm and mm sound the same to me ..i use hmm when i am either thinking on what he said or agreeing with him like we would say when we speak face to face
(Soli says -> now this is brilliant )

50.Fahi:to express their reaction/response
(Soli says -> guessed it )

Well most of them had something in common.Some said that its used for listening while some say its used to express their reactions.But this is different and I can say that these chat lingo's are going to replace normal words. Where is this leading to?

Written for Sunday Scribblings

I would like to award Meera,Vidhu,Meow,Esther and Srivatsan.Here is the gift token.Keep this pink rose with you and this should remind you of me.I also present this pink rose to my best friend Parul

This token of gift goes to my beloved blogger friend who shares her birthday with me.This is for you Akansha.Yeh tera birthday gift hai

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