Tuesday, November 24, 2009

174. The 22nd Step....

Hmm!! first of all a big thank you to all those who text and wished me early morning.I'm really proud to have you all as my friend.This day is really special for me and I'm glad that I have you all as my friends.22 years ago life was different when I was born.I was the first boy child of my family.I was so close to all my cousins especially during my early years when I was a small baby.Since we all belonged to the 80's generation we had a age gap of 2-3 years.So then my cousins were like 3 or 4 years older to me.They loved me adored me and treated me like some doll or something.I used to be my grandpaa's pet.He used to carry me wherever he went and today I really miss him a lot.I'm sure he is an important part of my life and today I remember him because he played a major role in my life.I regret and feel sad that I was not by his side during his last few minutes of life.I love him and I badly miss him.I owe a lot to my parents and my young little sister.They constitute my life and without them my life would be void.A special thanks to Parul ,my alter ego, my best friend.Some one who can constantly bring smile on your face.She is a gift which I got from Orkut.
I would like to mention few names here who have been my friends since school days,college days and blog world.

Parzi: My alter ego as I always said.She is the best gift that Orkut gave me on 21st September few years ago.I've been a great pesterer and I sometimes feel sorry for whatever I do to her.Coz most of the time I've hurt her and even made her cry sometimesThanks a lot Cute for making me smile everytime.

Anupriya:I admit that this little girl is one of the naughtiest person in my life.I was excited when moma placed Anu on my lap and I was a proud brother.I'm still a proud brother of this cute little naughty sister of mine.

Asbah: She my sweetheart.I've been trying hard to talk to her.She is a closed comrade and my best friend in blogworld whom I miss her badly.My mentor and my teacher in blogworld who inspired me through her work

Insiya:A special thank to my little sister.People say internet is a boon for some reason.I earned a cute little sibling in the form of Insiya.I consider her as my 2nd sister after Anupriya

Kajal Singh:A good friend and one of my best friends in Writers Lounge.She is a great writer.

Anurag: He is like my partner in crime.Now and then keeps uttering and calls me as 'Mama' or 'Machan'.A great friend of mine who kept me updating about different things about exams during my Engineering days.

Ajay:My friend from my Engineering college.A great person he is and I'm proud to have him as a friend.

Alisha:she is a sweetheart

Leo: A prolific writer and a popular blogger and I would like to mention him because I admire him.His writings are the best.

Meow:Another gift I got through blogworld.My other sibling.She is my elder sister and I am proud to have her as my sister.

Sreya :My blog pal.I respect her a lot not just she is elder to me also coz shez a great writer :)

Neha(Joei): Yeh toh meri best buddy hai.Can't imagine life without great friends like her.I would never forget those days when we both used to write funny songs together.Crazy naa

Asmi:'Lazy billi' is a funny friend of mine.Poor soul like me whoz still waiting for call from our organisation :P.

Chirag:He calls me 'likhetu' and he writes great hindi poem and he puts lot of efforts .

Prats: My dii she is and proud of her.I am glad that I'd invited her to writers lounge and it was a bliss since then.

Urvashi: My newly found blog buddy who writes well.She is an intelligent girl for sure.

Nush:My elder sister from who we can get to learn a lot.Thanks a lot for your wishes akka.

Sunita Ma'm: She is an inspiration for everyone.Every day in life I get to learn a lot from her.She has been wishing me since the past 4 years and I am happy:)

Vidhu:My partner in crime and Mots!A very close friend of mine.I'm really happy for her.I just pray that her life is colored with happiness and the 'genuine' smile of hers never fades away.God bless you

Riya: a great blogger friend of mine.

Arun: Partner in crime and a great blogger friend of mine.

Freelancer: I know him since pat 6 or 7 months and never thought that he would be a great friend of mine.Thanks for your friendship :)

Esther: she writes thoughtful posts which will make you think.A great writer she is and a wonderful friend of mine.

Shweta(Tweety):My other little sister.Internet has played a major role in my life as I've met many wonderful souls here.

Captain Kasabiangirl: She is my captain and my good friend.I don't know why she virtually escaped from blogworld.But I will get her back for sure.Else I won't be a good vice captain.I want to see my captain back and I'm sure I will bring her one day

I wish I could write about many other people who are close to my heart.I'm sorry if I forgot to mention few people.Thanks a lot Shruti Nair,Sandhya Balan,Arjun Chowdury,Aarthi,Nabila,Abrol,Neha,Mona,Deepika,Pallavi,Prashant,Dhanya,Amity Me,Rahul,Abhrajeet,Sandeep Balan and many more for colouring my life with beautiful colors .Thank you for the wishes and your love. This for all you guys and all my readers.Thanks a lot for the greetings at WL and fan pages.

PS: I am officially 22 today for all those who don't know my age.I am mentioning it here coz most of them go by my blog name and think of me to be a 40 something person.:P
Happy birthday to blogger Akansha,Charul didi,Monique and Tanaya :)


  1. Happy Birthday dude :)

    Have a lovely day and a beautiful year ahead... Make the most of what life has to offer you mate :)

    take care and God bless...


    p.s. if you manage to reach Asbah... do let her know she is missed and ask her to drop in a mail at my address. Cheers.

  2. haha. 22 years...dekh safed baal toh nahi aa gaye

  3. Happy birthday Ste! Thanks for mentioning me! :D :D Touched!

    And hey, I did think you were in your late 20s when I first started reading your blog! :D

  4. Happy Birthday Steph, the blogger buddy who encouraged me to get active at WL...:)

    More candles to blow and cakes to slice!

  5. Many Many happy returns of the day :)

    Jug jug jiyo :)

  6. ppppppppppppAAAAAArararara..

    hapy bday

  7. Stephen, a.k.a, Vampy sucky :P :P :P

    Happy Birthday Dude !! Am really happy to have got you as a friend :)
    Be the same ! forever :)

    >(bear hug)<
    >(double porcupine pinch)<



  8. A very happy birthday :) Thanks for the mention :):):)

  9. Hey Happy Birthday! I was driving and saw ur call quite late! :) Anyway I hope you had a really great day.. and about your grand dad .. its ok.. time heals.. even I have the same regret.. But dont forget that you have all the wonderful memories to cherish .. :) take care Ste!

  10. sab k liye bus itna sa cake???

    I want more.....!!

    Hheheee :)

    wish u a Hpy B'day again...dint expect my name to b on the list...ws really a surprise..thanks re :)

  11. Awww! Sorry STe! I juz logged into blogger!


  12. Hey!! Happy happy happy birthday!! Hope you have lots of fun!

  13. happy birthday!
    may u have an awesome life ahead :)

  14. Hope u had a gr8 day yesterday... :)

    Best wishes to u and all ur above mentioned Friends... :)


  15. thanks for juz mentioning me bro...

    have a wonderful year ahead(wid me in techM)...


  16. A belated b'day wish ste... :)
    hope u had a great day...
    danks for mentioning me bro... have a great year ahead..