Sunday, November 29, 2009

175. 'Shut up ya'

This is one of the best telephonic conversation I had with my cute friend who happens to be my best friend

She:ahem! ahem some one must be really happy naa.

He:Happy for what?

She:achha tell me when are you joining?

He: Arey! I was just kidding to know your reactions re.

She: Haw!!this is bad .I know you're kidding..haina?

He:Sachhi!! Why would I lie?

She:Shut up ya..

He: Omg! that sounds so cute...

She: What ?

He: that 'shut up ya' from you...please can say it once more.... 'Shut up ya' please

She: Hmm! Naa I won't jii.

He: mere liye itna bhi nahi karogi..thats so rude..You are my best friend.

She: Haye Allah! what best friend has to do with this?

He: Omg! even' Haye Allah' sounds so cute.

She: Hadd ho gayi StibuMama.

He: God even this is so cute.

She: nahi jii

He: arey! this 'nahi ji' so so cute.

She: I will kill you now.

He: This is one of the best.

She: Naa, Seriously I'm going to do this.

He: It would be a privelige and honour to get killed from you.

She: yeah that toh I will do it..You don't need to worry .

He: Please 'shut up ya' once again for me.

She: Is this a game ...I won't do it..Hmm

He: you are really rude.

She: Thanks a lot..I'm honoured.

He:just once for me..

She:Hmm! Naa..Hmm

He:Please ! for me.

She:'shut up ya' are you happy? are so bad

He: hehehee... you know what ?

She: what?

He: you are really very very very cute!

She:Naa ji I'm not.

He: you are cute

She: 'Shut up ya'

He: hehe once again.. and I am going to post this on my blog.

She:Baap re!! you are not doing this Stibumama..

He: I will do it dear..

She:what is this? you're not supposed to post anything naa..

He: I will do it ...hehe

She: If you do it..then you are not gonna talk to me...

He:haha ..i will do it then...

She: I will kill you then...

He: thank you ..i am glad

She: huh!! you're just too bad.

He: hehe anyway I guess my phone is going to get cut now ... less balance naa

She: hehe no keep it

He:how rude is it supposed to be...and hey I got my joining from TechM

She: yeah that toh I know

He:hey i'll talk to you laterz....please will you tell 'shut up ya' once again for me..

She: ahem ahem! Shut up yaa....bye for now

He:bye and hey you know you are really cute!!

She : no I'm not.Bye!

He: take care.Good night!


  1. and it translates into a nice read too :)

    take care mate... cheers..

  2. This is soooo cute ya.. YOU GUYS ROCK!!! God bless the friendship :)))

  3. You really are a pain :D
    Cute! :)

  4. Hehe...cute conversation :)

    i wonder how does it sound when any of my friends say "shut up ya".

    Best thing is you managed to prolong the cuteness :)

    Good one stephen :)

  5. This is cute :)

    U posted this even though ur frnd said 'No;..... R u still alive ??? :P

  6. hahahah.. :D
    shut up ya..! :P
    so cute!

  7. hmmm...sweet conversation against "shut up yah"!


  8. very cute.. but teach me how to talk without any topic :P

  9. lols... ste flirts... :) cute convo.. anyways.. no info abt the best friend ??

  10. parzi ke baare main likha ja raha hai :) cute!

  11. cute...very cute...i am smiling in my fever... :P :) i liked it..

  12. LOL! Best friends rock! Stuff like this happens with me too :D

  13. LOL! Best friends rock! Stuff like this happens with me too :D

  14. so cute....!!!...n u r gud at flrtng.;)

  15. oh gos steph.. you talk with everyone like this uh??? how can u do that?? you talk without a topiC! you are really gr8 in this case !

    thats a nice flirting conversation!

  16. Cho chweeett! reminds me of my convos with my long distance friend, best close one!

  17. oh my Goddddddddd........stibumama...cant believe it...that u actually put that up....n u know whats more hilarious than the post...the comments....hahahahah...cant stop laughing...poor stibu best friend...a unfair.....lagta hai village girl jaldi dhundni padegi...heheheh
    dont worry i will really soon!