Wednesday, December 09, 2009

178. A confusing dream or a Nightmare !! :-o

Dreams are a part of our life.Scientists believe that one portion of your brain is reserved for interpreting old memories.It is this portion of your brain which is responsible for something called dreams. It has to do with phsychological state of the person.Trust me some times there are cases where dreams may scare you up. Last night or early morning to be precise I dreamnt something .I am not sure how could a certain group of things arrive at that particular point of time in my dream.It was like watching a feature film where you play a lead protagonist. I felt the same until some group of school kids woke me up at sharp 5.28 am. It was a different thing apart from snakes,ghosts,lizards etc.So I still remember it. So I am going to write about the end I will ask you something and I expect a reply from all you guys out here.
I don't know how we people are closely attached to each other.I could feel a train and would recollect that it was a train journey where we 4 people travelled all the way to Hyderabad to attend my friends function. I knew these four people very well and an amazing part is that we four are geographically distributed in 4 corners of South India.The girl was from Hyderabad ,me and my other friend from Mumbai and the other friend from Bangalore. It follows a strange scenario where we all board the train one by one at different consecutive stations.I still don't know what these guys were doing in Mumbai.Finally we meet each other and sit on our respective seats. I was sittling along with the girl and in front of us my other two friends were sitting.
As usual we spoke lots of interesting things, about India,blogging,movies etc.At one point of time, the train stopped some where near a river in Karnataka.The girl who happened to be my friend had disappeared and my other two friends were sleeping.The train was not moving and due to some engine failure the train won't move for the next 2 hour or so.I peeped out of the window and was shocked to see too many people taking bath in the river.Most of them were naked and I was stunned. As I scanned through the place,I could see my friend washing her clothes.Even she was completely naked.I stared at her for a while and was speechless.I woke my friend from Bangalore and asked him to look at her and asked if whats wrong with these people.He was in half sleep when I woke him up.He saw and slept again.Finally the train started moving.My friend came back. The train was almost empty and we 4 were left alone in the whole bogie.My other two male friends decided to go out to the canteen.They asked both of us to stay together and said that they would return in a while.We waited for around 4 hours but they didn't return back.The train was now empty and we two were present in that bogie.The female friend of mine had told me that she would return in a while after taking a wash. As promised she returned.The train again halted at some unknown place where a school was located.My friend had to change her dress.She was semi naked.I stood aside the train door.
'I guess I would close my eyes,' I said to her.
'Umm,better you do it dude,' She said to me and changed her clothes.
As my eyes were closed I could feel she was staring at me.Even I was staring at her.A group of naughty kids were passing derogatory comments about my friend who was changing her clothes.I had my bag with me which had important documents like passport,driving license etc.They pulled my bag down as I shoed them away.
I left the train to get my bag and I saw that the train had left.My friend was calling me and was sounding frustrated.My other two friends vanished away and I was stranded alone some where in a jungle helplessly looking at the train and my friend.
And suddenly at 5.28 am I got up.

Ok now I could not interpret any thing from this.How on earth would I get to meet people who are just my net friends and I haven't even met them.Is it because that we share something common or anything.The entire scenario reminds me of a suspense thriller movie.I failed to understand why the train stopped and who could be those group of brats who pulled me down from the train, why my female friend was washing her clothese revealing everything near the river and why my male friends suddenly disappeared?.Everything was a tragedy.Now its your turn to say what do you get from this?You know this is the first time I woke up early at 5.28 am in 12 months .


  1. I am no soothsayer, or dream interpreter Ste, but I am quite amazed of such dream you had...maybe in your subconscious mind, the girl with you on the train had a feelings for you in real world or vice versa.

    taking off her clothes in front of you? she wants to reveal so many personal things about you in her life, which she might have done already while you chat online...and the two guys, they are friends, but you know friends come and go...isn't it? that's why they left you without saying a word or two...

    well, you might have eaten so much before bedtime and that's the reason why you've got a lot of dreams...and why all of you in a train? well, you've said they are your blogging buddies and it means you have a common interests...:)

    these are just my thoughts, don't consider it as an exact interpretation...:)

  2. Hey Ste, first of all its just a dream... I too get such wierd dreams most of the time... its just that, we tend to dream of those things that we want to experience in our lifetime... so it may be that you want to meet your friends...

    and same here this is just what I think, this may or may not be an exact interpretation...

  3. all i get frm ur dream is that...ur INSANE!! kaisi kaisi soch hai tumhari!! lolzz ...
    mazak tha yaar..dnt take it criusly..

    mayb u wanna meet thm in real lyf.. u dnt realise that..but sumwer deep inside u hav a desire to meet n know these people in person..u dnt think about it much but ur sub concious mind shows u all that in yr dreams...
    evn i had a this in that...i met More Orangee...i ddnt see his face though...thr was sum black stuff instead of his face..n it said "Citizen Of Nutopia"... :P :P so chill re....its just a dream....
    but criusly was gross...washing clothes!!! n naked!!! ewww ewww!!

  4. Interpretation of your dream can be done in hundreds of way ste! Cos no one among us is a dream interpreter and everyone have their own perspective cos of which we can derive hundreds of different meaning with your dream. In the end after reading all those you will get more confused and troubled only friend. First of all it was a dream. Forget about it and dont let it trouble your mind. You have been troubling your self too much thinking some thing or other. Make your self busy with some other work. Something which you like. Maybe you are right. You do need a big break from networking!! Take care of your self Stephen!!!

  5. Well, dreams are dreams. Some can be interpreted, some can't. Most probably, you have some feelings for the girl, and also protective of her. I'm assuming the two other guys are also people you talk to often online, so share a common bond. Train journey probably coz you wanna see the scenic part of south India. Most dreams are part of your subconscious desires. As for getting them naked, I really can't for my life figure that bit out. Maybe you feel the girl is too outgoing, or frivolous in real life. That'd actually happened with me in a dream.
    Well, that's my bit. See what others make of it :D