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228.When we met 5 ( last part)

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Three day long journey and a night out at Nlighten had severely affected my health.I woke up to the "twinkle twinkle little star" song which would not let me sleep.We all got up at the same time and all set to leave Kanika's place.

"Jeet,you need our help," Anurag said.
"Thanks,but I don't need,"I replied him back.

"We will search Saya today and thats done," Kan smiled.
"I don't understand the logic guys. Why are you wasting your time for me?" I asked them.
"Well this is friendship my dear," Kanika smiled again.
"Oh listen to my sometimes,"I got vexed.
"We are coming with you.."my friends screamed in unison.

"As you say guys," I hugged them.
Now I realized that friends are an important part of our life.People may come and go and there may be time when everything might go wrong.Its these friends who stand by yourside to support you.Kanika,Parmeet,Neeraj and Anurag may be my old friends but we were inseparable. I still remember the day when I had to leave for Delhi to join AIMS.I had to leave them and we had made a promise that we will stay in touch through phone.There wasn't a single day when Kan hadn't called be.For a moment I would think if she had a crush on me.Few days later I came to know that our Kanika was in love with a marvadi boy of her caste.I love these guys.

"Hey Kan,what about your marvadi guy!," I sighed
"Hmymph!oh yeah my marvadi pilot isn't free for me dude....I sue Kingfishers," She grimaced.
"Oh girl chill!"I soothed her.

I was not sure what their plan was and what all they were trying to do.I always loved to be in their company.But Delhi was special to me.I had my other gang in Delhi.Ishita,Sandy,Tapu and Andy were my friends for life.I was missing them like anything.

"Well whats our plan for the day?," Kanika asked us.
"Ahem aur kya MISSION SAYA!," we all screamed at the top of our voice.The watchman looked at us as if we were a group of crazy guys.

We reached Bandra at 10am. On my way I came across "VidyaMandir".It was the same school where Kan and I did our schooling.It made me feel nostalgic.
We roamed entire Bandra for 4 hours.We came across the panipuri wallahs and the citizens of this beautiful city.It was  captivating and strange to know that Mumbai hadn't changed.With a smile we went to search further.We had our lunch at the Sardar Restaurent.It was a cloudy day.For a moment I had completely forgotten about Maa.

I knew Maa would be searching for me since morning.Her eyes would be yearning to get a view of me.
My friends were tired and it was then we planned to enjoy bandstand.Bandstand is one of the prime localitions in Mumbai.It is special in its own way.It is  a home to many Bollywood celebrities.

The calm sea and the beautiful weather was a sight to see.As I turned aside ,I could see a tall slender girl with long hair.She was walking away from us.She was carrying a blue bag ,the same bag which Saya had carried. Butterflies started fluttering in my stomach.Finally the time had come.

"Sayaaaaa!!," I screamed.But she didn't listen.It was then we realized that it wasn't the girl whom we were searching for.It was disappointing.

"Lets go,Maa would be worried," I said and we all left for my place.

Finally at 5pm we reached home and Maa was delighted to see me.
"Maa,tu kamon achies(Mom,how are you)," I said to her.
"ami bhalo Jeet(I'm fine jeet),"Maa replied.

Maa was very happy to see me after a long time.I know how happy she would be if she knew that I was going to stay with her forever.
Momma hugged me and I just wished she didn't read my mental state.It was a long evening.

My friends were watching TV at the drawing room and I was in kitchen assisting Mom in making Tea for all my friends.

"You know Jeet.I missed you very much," Maa cried as she said these words. I wiped the tears from her eyes and promised her that I would not go back.

We all were sitting together and sharing our stories.I told Maa about my friends in Delhi.

"Maa,I forgot to ask you.I saw someone in my room,"I curiously asked Maa.

"Oh yeah,do you remember Pinky,the girl with whom you used to play when you were kid," Maa smiled.

"Oh Maa,don't say Pinky is here...I bet she must have grown tall and she must be beautiful,no" I said to my mother.

"Indeed...she is one of the prettiest woman I've seen," Maa replied.

Maa soon called her to the drawing room.

"Sayantika meet my smarty boy Jeet," Maa told.I could feel a rush of air brushing me.For a moment I thought that I had lost hope and she was my old buddy.She was the same Pinky with whom I shared most of my secrets.She was the girl whom I met on train.Saya was back.

"Hey Hi Saya ...oops Pinky how are you?," I winked at Sayantika.

"Hello Darr ke aage Jeet," she replied.My friends started taunting me and they starting singing the "Saya" song.

My friends soon came to know that I had finally met the girl.

Meanwhile Maa was cooking food for us.We were gossiping and playing pranks.
"Saya,I got you back",I smiled .

"Yeah Jeet,I told you that we will meet again",she smiled back.

"Somethings cooking guyssss.........." Kanika and company were trying to taunt us.

She was someone whom I was pining to meet and I'd met.She was my love and yes she did accept me as a part of her life.It all started the day When We Met!.


I am extremely sorry guys.I know i am posting this after 1.5 years.Finally today got the time to complete the story. My other story will be posted soon.Keep waiting.Once again sincere apologies. Love you guys :)
and do let me know how the story is.Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New year to all you out here. Love and wishing you guys that year 2011 will be even more blissful to you all :)

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225. Wake up sleeping beauty....

The crescent moon shined brightly  as the night sky exhibited its beautiful shades of darkness.It was a calm environment and there was no one in sight for miles.Birds were tired and returned back to their nests and the stars twinkled.The animals of the jungle retired to sleep and it was darkness all around. They both looked at the stars and pondered about its beauty.The ground was moist with the evening rainfalls and the smell of the mud was just inviting.It was a perfect night for Sid and Neha. It was a new beginning for both of them.  The jungles of the Vindya's were famous for the rattle snakes. It was said that any one who enters the jungle  never returns back.

He stared at her eyes and admired her body while she arranged the bed. The cottage was just near the outskirts of the jungle and was isolated.
"You are so hot," Sid said to his wife.
"Mmmmm!," she moaned.
"I am not surprised I fell for a beautiful lady like you," he said.
"I am glad I'd got some one like you," Neha nictated.

The night sky displayed a perfect formation of the sparkling stars.She felt a sudden rush of blood in her veins as their lips locked. He carressed her nape and her dark hairs.She felt a slight hesitation as Sid placed his hands over her bosoms. She surrendered herself to some one who she consider her life.He pulled her over his arms and completely undressed her as his fingers wildely ran across her  hairs.With a swift movement,he moved his arms close to her body and held her tightly. She was panting heavily as he firmly hugged her.
"Do you  love  you?," she said playing with his fingers .
"Yes, I dooo," he replied.

Her bare bosoms touched his hairy chest as she humped over him.A thousand butterflies were fluttering inside her stomach . The joy and the excitement were soon replaced by long moans. She fluttered her eyes as he kissed her.Her clothes were lying besides her as his fingers  gently stroked her hairs.
"Hey beauty! what do you think about me?," Sid asked her.
"You are just too good," she replied.
"I can't imagine a life without you," she added.
They both got married 3 days before they travelled to Pune. He learnt the faith she had in him. They both  travelled all the way from Amritsar to traverse the beautiful jungles of Vindya despite the presence of toxic snakes . It was the land of rattle snakes.

"You know there is a rattle snake beneath our bed," Sid said to his wife.
"Shut up,you're scaring me," she got scared for once.
"I'm just testing how brave you are," he winked.
"You are just too bad Sid," she said.
"Oh I was just kidding, there are no snakes ," he hugged her.

"I love you baby," he said.
"Good night!," she said and they both slept.
The soothing chirps of the birds and the early morning sky was a sight to see. Sid woke up early and prepared tea for his wife.
"Wake up sleeping beauty," he said.
"Wake up sleeping beauty,its time to rise and shine..," he nudged her.
He shuddered her body as she failed to respond.
"Oh god! Neha wake up ,wake up please," he screeched.
Little did he know that there was indeed a rattle snake hiding beneath their bed. The serpent had marked its presence by putting her to rest forever.
The sleeping beauty had finally slept till eternity.


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224. Expect the unexpected ;-)

224. Expect the unexpected ;-)
Unfortunately I had to encounter a sardar driver yesterday while going to my office. I was really pissed off at the fact that he would be dropping us to the office. And the worst case was that this guy had already annoyed me several times by doing stupid stuffs that turns me off. I hate sitting with the drivers especially when there are cute and pretty gorgeous delhi girls  travelling with you. I had to share the seat with this jerk driver of mine. So it all starts here.

This guy always had this strange habit of talking to his customers while travelling. May be he derives entertainment by irritating people who go by his cab.
Here is the conversation between both of us. The statements enclosed in brackets are something which I wanted to tell him but unfortunately couldn't tell.

Driver: Sirji  where do you live?
Me: sec 18
Driver: Arey I mean  where are you basically from?
Me: (What the fck! is he going to come to my hometown). I'm from Jaunpur.
Driver: Where does that place falls ?
Me: ( what falls?) well it is in Berlin District .
Driver: And where is this Berlin district?
Me:It is in Gujurat near Hyderabad?
Driver: Really.
Me: (holy cow ,he believed it) hanji...  It is near Gujurat Rajastan border to be precise.
Driver: So ,if you say its in Rajastan then it falls under desert areas right.
Me: (Again falls,Sardar!!) Not necessary.We have a  place called Trivandrum which is near Gujurat and people there follow  agriculture.
Driver: Wow sirjee! achha tell me the speciality of  that place.
Me: ( he is not going to leave me until I answer him...Oh god please save me from him) Yar! Yes  people here eat vada pav quite frequently and they make idli and medu vada's
Driver: wait wait...
Me: ( omg he caught me it seems ) hanjii
Driver: Idli's are from Rajasthan?
Me: Yes absolutely
Driver: Oh wow. I want to visit your place then

Me: ( Oh god never let that happen) yes sure any time Veerji
Driver: where does your dad works?
Me : (what ? why is he asking me about my dad?) well he works for the goverment of India.
Driver:Oh good and what about your mother?
Me: ( thats it ) She is the UN general secretary's assistant .
Driver: hmm some one is rich. What about your siblings?
Me: (now let me have some fun) My sister who is 13 yr old is doing her MBA from Howards University and my brother  is in New Zealand.
Driver: Brilliant. What does your brother does?
Me: He is the parliament speaker.
Driver: you are blessed with great people. Thank almighty
Me: ( oh thank you Allah ) * winks* yes.
At the same time  a girl crosses the road and she fails to notice our cab .Unfortunately she is talking to her boyfriend and our hero tries to abuse her.

Driver: hey chori ...jaan pyari hai yaa phone pyari... < hey girle ! do you love your life more or your phone?>

These lines flashed in my mind. I'd heard this some where while I was in my Engineering days.
I remained stunned when I came to know that he was the same guy who had actually pestered me asking personal questions few years ago while I was travelling from Juhu to Vashi.

Strange I meet him again after 4 years and that too in New Delhi.

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223."You are the bhesthhhhhh.......,"

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The National Conference Hall at Delhi was packed with journalists and mediaperson's who were waiting  for the Prime Minister of India. India was the talk of the hour in almost all nations. The entire nation was celebrating the success of  Veerayan , the first space shuttle which identified the presence of water in Saturn. Russia and the United States had started sending  humans to Mars.Reporters from India today,BBC,ABC,TV9,Madrid News and other Indian regional news channel heads had gathered at the National Conference Hall for the prime minister's speech.
A tall man guarded by  two security men walked into the hall.He was wearing a black coat and trouser.He was 36 and looked smart.

"Behold ,the prime minister of India has arrived.We appreciate your presence sir," The Orator said.
"Our PM will address the media shortly ," She said displaying a  bright smile on her face.
"Thanks a lot Miss Richa Sharma ," The Prime Minister  said.
The hall turned silent as the prime minister delivered his speech.

"My dear media friends from  India and different nations,my dear friends and mostly importantly the people of my country,... this is for you. Our scientists have made us proud today by doing something which has not only raised our status at the world level but also secured a place for us at the world council.I remember 25 years ago when our former President Mr.APJ Kalam had expressed his views about a developed India.I was a 11 year old school going kid when I keenly learned this man's vision.His vision had something which I wish would happen one day.For a nation where agriculture was a major occupation few decades ago had changed its face.We have grown into a strong nation in all the fields and we have done our best in space research and IT.Our nation has bounced back from the stagnant face of  worst politics.I'm glad it has changed.We have made it.Veerayan is a project which our scientists had been working on since last few decades. Many nations were skeptical about our ability to materialize this. We always had the confidence and faith in ourself. Chandrayaan , our first major success which identified the presence of water and minerals in Moon had already proved our ability 20 years ago.Veerayan had made us proud.I wont make you guys wait any longer. And America do keep watching us....we will be ahead of you one day"  Mr. Mukesh Sarkar ,the honorable Prime Minister of India said.

"Media friends,any one of you might wish to ask one or two questions to the prime minister," Miss Richa, the Orator said with a smile.
"One by one please ....over there," She continued.
"Hi Mukesh ji ,this is Priyanka Mehrotra from tV9. Sir, I want to know  about your upcoming plans for India," the reporter from TV9 said.
"Well maa'm  as of now we are planning to open up a bilateral peace talk with Pakistan.We would be bidding for the 2036 Olympic  games," Mr Sarkar smiled.

"Namastey sir, mei Rajiv , India news se. Kya aap Veerayan ke baad kisi dusre planet mei rocket bejne ki plan kar rahe ho(Hello Its Rajiv from India news  when are you planning to send shuttles to other planets )," Rajiv said.
"Namaste Rajiv ji, no as of now we haven't thought about it... we will let you know ," Mr Sarkar said.

"This is Brad Klamka from ABC.Do you think India will reach the level of United States,Britain and other European nations very soon..?" Brad Klamka from ABC news asked.
"Very soon Brad...its time for  India to rule the world...," The Prime minister said.
"sirjee tumi amader bengol ke gorbito korecho.(Sirjee,you've made our Bengal proud)" Keshab Dash ,the reporter from Star Bengal News said.
"I have made our nation India proud," the prime minister smiled  back at Keshab Dash
"Mukesh,this is Jennifer Lawson from BBC news.Sir, I hope you won't mind a personal question," Miss Jenifer Lawson asked.

"Sure go ahead Miss Lawson," The Prime minister said.
"Who is the woman behind your success?," The reporter from BBC news smiled.

"Hahaha Jennifer. Well that would certainly  track me back to my old days of Kolkatta where I suffered a lot.I admit there is no woman behind my life. I was not born in a wealthy  family like you all must be thinking. I am not ashamed to say that my mother washed clothes and cleaned floor at bungalows to feed me. She was some one who learnt my desire for education. She worked days and night  and struggled a lot to fullfil my dreams. I had no books,no proper clothes.I wore the same clothes everyday.  We had no home. I spend most of my time at the Sikanderpur  railway station. It was a shelter to me and my Maa.I used to study hard under the  station lights every day.My Maa's death was  the biggest loss of my life  and a turning point of my life.She was a source of inspiration to me. I struggled hard to complete my matriculation. I cleaned plates at hotels and  stitched clothes at a tailor shop to feed my education. Sikanderpur was not a well developed city 25 years ago. Like other villages,it was struck by poverty.I would like  to show you the picture of the place where I used to study to accomplish my dreams.I won't let the youth of today to suffer the same pain I suffered years ago. I will make education free and people will benifit from it." Mr. Sarkar showed a Picture .

"This is the place where I grew up and learned a lot." Mr Sarkar, the prime minister of India said.

A tear rolled down Jennifer Lawson's cheeks as she was listening to all this.
The entire crowd stood up to salute the young prime minister of India.
"You are the bhesthhhhhh.......," Mirca Torres from Madrid news said to the PM.

"Thanks a lot for your presence my dear friends... Dinner is arranged for you guys.Enjoy your dinner.It was really nice meeting you guys." Mr. Sarkar ,the PM said with smile and left for Pradhan Mantri Bhavan.

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222.Took my breath away

It was a matter of time  when  I'd fallen  in love with  a girl who  scored good in Mathematics.I never knew her name until the day when I flunked in the maths paper.She was 17 and I was 18.I was crying hard since I'd failed. People laughed at me and friends taunted me.Crying in public was not embarassing for me. Every one looked at me and walked away.She came close to me.
"Hey Roger! don't worry you will pass next time," a soft voice from behind soothed me.
"Who the hell is she!" I pondered.With a swift, I turned behind to observe the most average looking girl of the century. She said "Hey Roger! don't you worry I'm there for you".
"Omg! what are you saying!" I said to her.
"No  Roger ,no ,don't get me wrong ... I will help you in Maths...I got 100/100 in Maths," she grinned.
"Oh bragger," I said in my mind.
"Thanks sweety," I said.
"No I'm not sweety ..I'm Amy," She said.
"HuH Amy!," I smiled.
"No its not huh Amy ..Its Marie Amy," she grinned.
"Amy ..alright," I said.
"shall we leave...," I ran.
She wore thick glasses which had dark black frames.She wore braces that covered her teeth and her hair  braided down till her back.Days and night she sat with me and we both solved surds,graphs and trigonometry.

Sin x upon cos x was tan x was what  she used to say. Tan theta and Cot theta were her two best friends. She knew all the formulas ,thanks to her mnemonics. She spoke in terms of Sin,Cos and Cosec and I used to reply in terms of Sweety,Baby and gorgeous. Our chemistry was like two opposite poles of a magnet. Me the positive of one and she the negative of other. But who cares until I learnt that opposite poles of a magnet attracts each other.

Best friends soon turned into  a pain  in my ass as Amy came into my class. She was  like my mentor and my guru. We used to stare at each other when I didn't knew the answer.She would grin displaying her braces  which hid her 32 teeth.

Finally exam got over and marks were announced.
I passed with flying colors and Amy's happiness grew no bounds.
"Olaa!!! lets do balle balle," I danced with her to which she blushed.
"Sweety ,are you coming for a date with me tonight," I smiled at her.
"Sweety ,... I am not sweety ..I'm Amy," She said.
"Ok. Amy baby ,are you coming for a date with me tonight," I said.
"Do you think I'm a baby Roger!," she grimaced.
"Amy are you coming for a date with me tonight," I said.
"Oh Roger, you're so  nice,sure sure  I 'll come," she blushed.
"Evening sharp at 6  I would be waiting for you at Spencer's ," I said and left.
I was at Spencer since 5.30 pm staring at pretty good looking girls. It was 6 and Amy was not in sight for over miles. I could see tall uncle's  with their trench suit and trousers and fat aunties carrying their fat kids. I was tired of waiting. A tall beautiful girl with long hairs was walking towards me. She wore a pink gown and a diamond earing.

"Roger it ,Roger," my mind said.
She sat with me for a coffee.
"Hey Gorgeous lady you're so cute beauty," I winked .
"Thanks..," she said.
For a moment I'd forget Amy.

"How do I look Roger?," the girl said.
"You're so pretty," I smiled.
"Thanks Roger you're so nice ," she said.
"Wait wait, I smell Amy," I said.
"Idiot ,I suppose you'd asked me out," she said.
"I don't even know you," I said.
"Go to hell,I'm going home," she got vexed.
"Amy, is that you?," I was perplexed.

"Oh No! how could she be so beautiful? where are her glasses and her braces," I said to myself.
"I'm Amy ... Roggerrrrrr!," she glared at me.
"Liar Liar pants on fire," I said.
"Oh shut up,thats it," she said.
"Prove me that your Amy," I said.
"Ask me anything," she said.
"Sin x upon cos x is..." I asked.
"Tan x.. next please," she smiled with pride.
" Square root of 3 is... " I asked.
"1.7321.. next please," she said.
"Any number divided by  0 is ..." I asked.
"infinity ..  next please," she smiled.
"What is Newton's 2nd law of motion?," I winked.
"Hey thats cheating! .That is not Maths I reckon. Any way  I know it ," she said.
"Everybody continues in its state of rest or of uniform motion unless it is acted upon by an external unbalanced force," she laughed.
"Oh dearie I admit you are Amy," I surrendered.
"Oh sweety, you're so pretty," I said.
"Its Amy ,not sweety," she said.
"Amy,you're so beautiful," I said once again.
"You are saying this for the nth time ,Rogerr!," she said.
"I like you," I said.
"Really," she replied.
"You cast a spell upon me," I smiled.
"Really," she smiled back.
"You took my breath away," I grinned at her her.
"Oh wow! I'm loving all this," she smiled.
"Even me..." I said.
"Will you marry me,Sweety?," I said to her.
"I am not Sweety,I'm Amy," she said.
"How many times do I tell you that I'm Amy," she got angry for once.
"Will you marry me Amy?," I smiled and  went close to her.

"Yeah, thats better," she said.
"Any way what did you just say,Please come in front of me so that I can read your lips," she said.
"Oh so you do lip reading ehh," she said.
"No I can't hear.I'm deaf,"  she said.
"What!! you indeed took my breath away," I fainted.
"Did you say something?,"  she said.
"Excuse me...hello...excuse me Rogerr get up please ," She said.
How strange Life is? An ugly duckling turns into a beautiful swan. I'm not talking about Farmville game of Facebook.A nerdy girl with braces on her teeth and glasses on her eyes ,one day turns into a fairy just to flatter me.She took my breath away  until  she dropped an atom bomb on my ears by saying that she was deaf.How cruel is life!!
"Oh Roger it Roger,....I mean don't Roger it,"

PS: This post was written for Blogeshwar and Anubhooti

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221.Dilemma - 2

221.Dilemma - 2
continued from Dilemma - 1
*Girl, *Boy

"You can't fall in love," a friend of mine said to me.
"You bet! I'm a charmer," I said.
"Wherever I go girls follow me like mad," I added.
"I wish you could identify some special people in your life," she said to me.
"I know you're a charmer, but you don't cast a spell upon any random person , do you ?," she added.
"Why don't you understand some important people in your life who follow you like crazy?," she said.

I failed to understand  her intention.
"I wish you could..,"  She  smiled.

"I'm the kind of person who has this unique tendency to make people smile any where and everywhere, even in their deepest sorrow.I'm not a clown who can go on and on by tickling everyone's funny bone.It takes immense efforts to grab that one smile from my beloved ones face.In this process I've attracted many people and how do I identify the special one from them,"I said.

"I wish you'd learnt me better.Remember the day I proposed you and you gave me long explanation and rated me as just a best friend," I added.

"Do you want me to remind you of  many such incidents?,"I perplexed.

"There are many such things in life apart from this.You know how much  hurt you caused me that  day by refusing me," I said.

"Why don't you understand ?..that was different.. thats it.." she said.
"I love you..," She stared at me.

"But you wanted me to be your best friend forever," I smiled.
"Yes, can't best friends fall in love," she said.
"Hmm, so what do you want me to say?," I asked.
"Love me or else I won't leave you alone," she winked.
"You are a insane," I smiled.

"I've been loving you since the last 4 years from college.Just that my love for you was overshadowed by friendship and I'm glad you love me," I said.
"Huh! don't eat my  head and I need a kiss outright," she demanded.
I kissed her on her pink cheeks..
"I wish you kissed me somewhere else too ," she smiled.
"As you wish...," I grabbed her.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

220.Clean screen & clear desk policy ;-)

220.Clean  screen & clear desk policy ;-)
I have been quite irregular in blogworld for last 8 months or so .Thanks to my job....Oh god I hope
 A-A-TM  guys aren't reading this post.Every year we have a security audit and each year we have auditiors  from Israel who interview us.The amount of hype this audit had created was  immensible. All the managers were busy  involved in clearing the mess and the employees were the poor victims.We used to have periodic  meetings scheduled to discuss this issue.Umm, while going through some random blogs ,I came to know about this Sunday Scribbling.I remember taking part  in previous prompts of the same site.I don't remember the topic though.So I have decided to write about this episode which took place at my office.
Security audits are generally  strict and stringent actions were supposed to be taken against people who were caught.Every day we would be getting mails and pointers to be noted like keep your desks locked before  you leave for home,lock your screen and so on. And it was during one of those sessions that we came to know about the clean screen and clear desk policy. Many people had different interpretations about the same.Some used to mess up with the clean screen and data encryption pointer.This all took place two weeks prior to our audit.This all had made things miserable.Our teams audit was supposed to take place on  friday.But sometimes it would be funny and the environment would be different at the floor.Every one would go outside the office and drink chai and smoke. They would wait for hours outside until the audit is over .Once its done ,then they would enter the floor like champions with constant smile on their face. To be honest even I was  not present during the audit  ,thanks to my CIA test which I had to give. So coming back to clean screen and clear desk policy, clean screen means locking your screen before leaving your cubicle and clear desk policy means locking your desk before leaving the cubicle.Isn't that cool? .I am glad they didn't had something like clean cubicle policy otherwise we would end up cleaning out cubicle.. Hahaha I can't stop laughing after experiencing all that .... hahaa
PS: Google chrome isn't allowing users to open my website.. So try opening in internet explorer or mozilla... ;) are you guys? .Long time ...hope to be regular. Love yaaaa

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219. Remembering my good old ITP Days @Manikchand,Pune

Life had completely changed for once after we got our joining dates some 8 months ago.Now,its too difficult to relive the same moments today.Each and every days of ITP was special .Starting from the behavioural training till the Generic pack.Life was simply awesome.The location and the place where we took our training was so grand and super.I just wish to go back to those old days .Life is so short and I am so sure that such auspicious occasions are just once.A room named after Chanakya the great.32 souls from different colleges of Mumbai were taught various skills and trainings were given to them.Their only intention was to clear ITP training.

Behavioral training was indeed awesome.Neha Maa'm had came to take our trainings and so were the other mentors.The first day of training was so fun.We 5 out of the total 7 roomies were in same classroom.Chanakya was the only name that we knew.We were asked to introduce ourselves.Shy Sandeep's,Proudy Prashant's,Animal Ajay's,Rowdy Rajkumar's and Smart Shraddha's had introduced themselves.Everyone was asked to continue the chain by adding an adjective before their name.We were taught basic behavioural skills .We had an awesome trainer who had taught us English grammer and the ex tempos where we were given random topics and asked to talk about the same.As days passed ,the bonding between each one of us grew stronger and stronger.We were made to work in groups and for each activity the groups used to change and it would be shuffled.First week of behavioural training was so fun.We wished and longed to see another session of behavioural training.But it was dominated by the Foundation pack,which was supposed to be followed by Generic training.It all happened in the early months of the year 2010.Sivakumar sir who was our trainer for SQL had made our session more easier for us.Trainings used to be conducted till 5.30 pm followed by assignments and practice sessions.Manikchand ,Pune is really special for me.I also got to meet many new friends from Hinjewadi and Gigaspace who were in touch with me through Orkut and FB.Finally the day had arrived which was utmost important to us.Tests used to be conducted by TechMahindra after completion of every session.There would be a gap of a week before we had any tests.SQL paper was not expected to be tough but it was indeed difficult.Siva sir had tried his best to help us,but wwe were helpless.TechM's rigorous trainings showed its true color from day1 itself.We friends had planned for a movie "My name is Khan"  after our exam.But the environment was not cheerful.Prashant was very upset since his paper went very bad.Even our paper was very difficult.We only had 3 retests which was like 3 lifeline's to us.Then we had our SE,VVT and Unix sessions.Unix was interesting but vast.I flunked in my Unix paper and it was not a delightful sight for me.Days passed by and we concentrated more on our studies.Who cares but we also had our fun quotient high.All thanks to Rajkumar Tiwari,the Raavan of our TechM's Ramayan.
We had our friends who used to sit in front of us.They were engaged and we indirectly used to address them as Ram and Sita.Ramayan @Spark was so fun.Spark messenger was the only means through which we used to chat with our other friends.I am sad that we don't have access to Spark messenger here as we work for AT&T and Q messenger is everything for us.I was given the role of Hanuman,Ajay as sugreev and Rohit as Laxman.The last bench was called as Lanka since the entire Ramayan crew sat on the last bench.We used to roleplay Ramayan characters everytime.Such instances comes only once in life time.Those days were shortlived. The difficulty level of our papers were high as days went by.After every paper we used to get a hint about our presence in Techmahindra.It was during those time when I met Neha W , a charming beautiful girl who used to come to our location for training.I had written  about her in my old blog post.She had an improvement in Unix.I befriended her during those cruel days when our fate was to be decided by the complexity of the exams conducted by Techm.I wanted to meet Neha again.I never knew that I would meet her and I felt sad as I got allocated to Delhi.Deepika who was my best friend had left techmahindra as she failed to clear the eligibility criteria.I know how much I helped her and we both worked hard for Unix.I didn't wanted her to leave techm and I helped her as much I could.I had no other options apart from accepting the project from Noida.I was put in a fix when I got this news and to continue or not was the question which would come in my mind.For once I'd decided to leave for Noida.I soon started missing my friends from ITP.We seemed to be scattered across Pune,Mumbai and Delhi although only 2 of us were put up in Delhi.I lost touch with my friends.I desperately wanted to go back to them and wanted to rejoin my ITP batch.Not everything happens the way you think.I started missing Momma,Appa and Anu a lot.During one fine morning,I wrote a mail to Neha and she gave me a news which almost got tears on my eyes.She had left TechM.I wanted to talk to her.She was someone who was so special.Her smiles,her cute dimples and everything was so perfect.She was a girl with no attitude and I wanted to meet her but sadly I coudln't.There are many episodes of ITP life which I would like to share.It was a display of wide gamut of emotions,friendship,bonding etc.Dhaval's nose punch,Deepika's exit,Ajay's frown,Rajkumar and mine constant disputes,Neha's entry were some of the highlights of my ITP life.I forgot to mention about Ajay whom I knew from my college.We were so upset after we gave out Unix paper that we had decided to go for a drink.I remember the entire things that happened that day

Swapnali,Roshan,Komal,Vishal,Pooja,Zoha,Pakeezah,Dhaval,Jobin,Atul,Deepika,Neha,Navjit,Mrinal,Ryan and many others had completed our training together.Each one of you are special to me..

I would also like to mention my new friends Abhishek,Prothit,Emilie,Angira,Ayantika,Prasenjit,
Shagun,Amber,Manoj,Digvijay,Ratika,Kamlendre,Nikhil,Vinati,Neha Chandok,Himanshu,Richa and many more who came to be a part of my life.I don't miss my family since I have you guys.Love you a lot.I want to go back to my ITP days and most importantly to my home.It doesn't means that I am homesick :) .It just means that I love you guys.ITP Days were really fun filled.Each days meant a lot to me.Got a new experience from it.Loved it to the core..Love you guys a lot.

The Solitary Writer

Thursday, August 26, 2010

218.Oh No! I forgot it once again!!

Oh No!I forgot it once again.I mean I forgot to bring my notepad back home.Actually its the  notebook which we use in our office.This book is used for all the HLD activities.This post is dedicated to all those people who have the tendency of forgetting things. This is a special post which goes to a newly made friend.She claims that she is one of those souls who forget things. Right now she is talking to me on Yahoo messenger.She had the headphones on her ears but it was only after 30 minutes that she realized that there was no music.She also narrates another interesting incident that took place in her life.

One day Miss V was very ill.She had fever and she had to be fed with tablets and medicines.I can realize how lazy my friend would be.She went to the kitchen to get water.She actually drank the whole tumbler of water.After few hours she realized that she hadn't taken the medicines.Well what do you call such people? .I am in awe of such friends of mine who don't cease to surprise me with some acts.And this time I am going to write about my best buddy Abhishek Tyagi.He is from my office and we have had lots of fun together.Thanks to the spare time of TM during which we used to eat chilli patatoes and aloo parathaa's :P. I am new to Delhi and I hardly know any stores.One day I had called him to get a shoe lace.He assured me by saying sweet words like "Bhai,pakka laata hu" .Its been 2 whole weeks that passed by and I am yet to geth that thing. We are good at sight seeing and passing comments.Trust me he is one such buddy of mine. "Bhullakad" is the very famous word which is used to refer to people who forget things easily. Many such things have happened with me.I am going to write about it for sure.Infact let me share few such incidents.It was 2003 and my board exams were going on.I had completely forgotten about my Civics book until I realized that I had my civics paper as well.In Mumbai we used to have civics as a part of our History book.I has searched my books at many places but I could not find it.Finally I got vexed and it was complete outburst of anger on my dad.My dad used to keep all my books on my shelf.Finally when I came back home from exam ,I realized that my book was on my bag.So easy to blame others and then I had to apologize to my daddy.Once I forgot to submit my assignment during my Engineering days and I had to cut short the work at the last minute. Its easy to forget things and trust me,there are many funny incidents that happen sometimes in life too.
These are memories which would pull out a smile from your face.I am smiling at this point of time when Vini reminded me about this .And sometimes the environment itself paves way to make things difficult.We have 32 applications and trust me we are asked by our manager to memorise those 32 passwords.These days things are getting difficult as the Israeli auditors are going to audit our IDU.That would be fun for sure but memorising the password thing doesn't sounds good.Hmm. most of my applications have similar passwords.Yey!that makes me easy to remember thing.Just now I realize that I forgot to call my Mom today ;)

See you...have a great weekend...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

217.Knowing yourself

Umm,its been really long since I actually wrote something serious on this space.Apart from the Neha  posts  and too much of cribbings,I have decided that its time to get serious.Now  its time to wake my blog from its deep sleep.So today we are going to talk about our innerself.What we are going to talk and what all we need to know about us will soon follow in this post. First of all let me ask you one simple question.How many of you believe that you are amongst the happiest person on earth. Are you satisfied with the life you're living?.If it is yes then  not bad.But on the other hand if it is a no then I can suggest you certain ways to make your life blissful.

Who are you?What are you and what are your roles in your life? .Have you ever  done something useful to some one that deserved appreciation.Well knowing ourself is an important factor that judges us.Trust me guys to answer all those questions is a difficult task.This is because its our duty to know ourself.Life is so short that we tend to forget people in our life very soon.Some may be mere strangers and some may be knowing us too long.What is the purpose of our life? This is tricky. Every one in this world has their own set of tasks,goals and vision.Its these goals and vision that shows them the path to success.You may be determined to do something and you may land up doing something different. Life turns out to be a disastor when you fail to recognize yourself.Trust me I am the best person to speak this. Well,I may not be happy with the way things are going around me but I know me and thats the point.Everyone is unique in this world and everyone possesses a special talent which identifies them. What would happen if you don't recognize the potential in you?.Its important because you own your life and you live your life the way you wish to.We sometimes fail to execute our plan although we are good at planning. What have you done to your loved ones or closed ones?Have our existence benifited us in any means?
Do you know your worth?. So many questions,but do we have any answers.Our importance matters a lot and we should definitely be knowing our worth in our life.It is the biggest asset which governs us.Ok I am going to show you a picture which I stoled from my friend Sana's orkut profile. I pondered over it for a while.I realized that the picture itself had a lots to say.It actually inspired me and I bet it would inspire you too.

What do you see from this picture? Its a cat which see's a lion as its mirror image.This is ambitious ,but how inspiring.You may be capable of doing something in life,but that is something which you didnt had to do or may be  there were few hindraces on your way to achieve the task.I'm quite sure the tiger below is going to sue me after seeing the Lion's picture :P .Enough of jokes.Lets talk about the values that govern you.There could be many principles or values which highlights you.Try to be the same whatever be the cicrumstances and case.You are known by these values in life.Its easy to  be a  bad person. But trust me ,it is difficult to be a good person. Before ending this,I would like to ask you another question.Which are the values that represents you?

See you soon with some interesting topic. :)

Sunday, August 08, 2010

216.An End to an Eternal wait!

Disclaimer:All characters are fictitious!

"Shiva ,are your eyes open?are you watching me ,when will you freed me from all the distress and all my problems?,"Jaganath Singh cried.

His daughter Chanda was getting married in 2 days time.Today his daughter presented him the biggest shock of his life.
"How could you do it?,"the entire family was in a state of dismay.
Chandi was pregnant.She was getting married 2 days hence.
"Tell me who is responsible for this,"Jaganath asked patiently.
"Papa,I know he won't betray me,"she sobbed.

She remembered the promise that Sandeep Bhaskaracharya made to her before leaving for Raunbaugh.
"My love Chanda,You are mine forever ,wait for me,I will be back and talk to your dad about our relationship," her eyes shed tears as these lines buzzed her ears.
"How will I face Samindhi Teghbahadur Thakur and his son Vikramjeet Thakur," Jaganath said.
"Papa,mere Sandeep mujhe milne Zarur aayege,"she said.
At the same time Prasar Bharti ,comes up with a flash news.

"27 Naxalites shot dead in the Raunbaugh encounter . 5 Armymen were shot dead.Major Sandeep Bhaskaracharya (26),Major Raghuvir Yadav(43),Teghpal Mishra(39),Lakeer Sheikh(29) and Major Maninder Purneet Singh(37) were shot dead.,"the news reporter paused.

With this Jaganath witness tears flowing from his daughters eyes.Her love was no more alive.He sacrificed his life for the nation.
"Papa,I won't marry anyone,I have the biggest asset with me,"she said.
"I have Sandeeps child with me,I will make him an army officer and make my Sandeep proud,"she sobbed.
"I'm proud of you ,Chanda,"Jaganath said as he wiped the tears from his daughters eyes.
Chanda could not accept the shock.She lost her.Sandeep died fighting the extremists.
"Sandeep died,my Sandeep died,"she wept.

Friday, August 06, 2010


This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 13; the thirteenth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

"Good bye my dear love"
Its a big shocker of the world for someone who has been in relationship and one day the person bids adieu.Why on earth do people fall in love with each other if they are not destined to live together.Love is pure and I don't think people fall in love quite often.Love is one of those purest entity or a feeling which is un expressable.I have a very close friend of mine who is low and depressed these days.During these 4 years of my friendship with her ,I haven't seen her break and cry to this extent.She is dejected and when I came to know the reason I got the biggest shock of my life.How much he used to love her and they used to be happy together?People would get jealous when they saw both of them as couples. Its true that both of them belong to different religions and cultures,but it doesn't means  that you can't live.For the first time when you  utter the magical word you promise the person that you would be with them forever and you won't leave them  even in the worst phase of the life."Good bye" is one such  harsh word in relationship.No one in relationship would ever like to hear this words from their loved ones.
For a person who is leaving for a war,it is unpredictable because a good bye from him  may be the last good bye if things go wrong.For a  person who is employed  and relocated far away from famly then a  good bye for him is a source of income.It is this good bye which gives him the courage to live alone and earn bread and butter for his family.This word has a strong impact and trust me this is  a powerful word.Coming back to the discussion about the love and relationship.Why would our loved one betray us by saying words which would hurt us?.I want to ask you the same to everyone who reads this post.Heart is very vulnerable ,my dear friends.It is a combination of feelings and emotions.Not every one is brave enough to accept defeat and failure  in love.

"Nothing I could say to you,Nothing I could ever do to make you feel what you mean to me.All the tear and pain I cried ,till you never said good bye.But now I know how far you'd go"
These are few lines from Avrils song.I don't remember the name of this song.These lines are so meaningful and for those in love would surely know the importance of these few lines.How much does it means to someone who are in relationship?.Hurting some one by saying these words are easy but to learn and realize the impact it creates on the person is very diffcult.It is a turbulance.Not every one would like to know the scenario or may no one would wish.If goodbye was the last option then what was the use of saying  flowery words to impress and red roses to pull a smile from the persons face.If only it was known that the smile was not long lasting and it  would soon be replaced by tears.
I don't intend to write a love and relationship post.I was just talking to my friend and I realized about this topic.Its difficult to digest the fact  when someone whom you know since long leaves you without letting you know anything.Lets deviate from this topic .So friends ,I urge you to understand the meaning  of love.It is something which is special.Its a special feeling between two individuals.Never ever leave your loved ones and hurt them.Lets live and celebrate life.Let make every journey of our life colorful. Never use this  word in relationship because  leaving your loved ones is like leaving your precious assets. Have a great time ahead guys. And its my turn to say
"Good bye my dear friends" :p

Saturday, July 31, 2010

214.The Little Girl

Last year I was going through one of the worst phase of my life.I felt that I had actually ruined my life by doing certain things which actually deviated me from my path. Advices and Lectures were something that I used to hate since I was young. I never spoke much to my parents and started hating my friends.

My dee lives in Texas with her husband.She invited me to the states so that I could get rid of all kind of tensions and anxieties.
I went to drop my nephew to his school.Auroville is amongst the best known school in that particular location where my sister lived with her family.After leaving Shayan to school I was walking along the streets.My eyes captured the view of a young beautiful girl of around 12 years old.I sat next to her.She was actually watching her friends family.Her friend was accompanied by her parents and a tear rolled down her cheeks as she saw her friend with her mom and dad.For a moment I'd thought that she was sad for some reasons.I opened a conversation with her.

Me:Hey little girl! Howdy? Whats your name?
Girl: Lillian Manson.
Me:Nice name you've got.
She wiped the tears from her face and gave me a smile.
Me:Why were you crying just a while ago?
Girl:No,I didn't
Me:Don't lie Lillian.You did cry after seeing your friend with her parents.Tell me why?
Girl:I wish I had a mom and dad like her.May be I'm not lucky for that.
Me:Oh Sorry!
Girl:Don't be..
Me:What happened to your parents and with whom do you live?
Girl:I don't know who my dad is and my mother works at night.I live with my grandma and grandpa
Me:Your mom works at night?
Girl:Yes,my mom is a whore *tear drops run through her alluring cheeks*
Me:Oh don't be sad,you have your grandparents with happy for that..there are many who don't have anyone to look after them.

We then happened to talk for few hours and later on she realized that she was lucky enough to have some one to talk care of her.But after meeting her,I realized the worth of my parents.Obviously parents are the biggest asset of any human being and they are the support structure too.You might not know that sometimes little words may tend to hurt them.There are others who miss their parents like the girl whom I met.We have our biggest asset with us.Why not cherish our life with them and make life blissful.I hope to be back soon.Now leaving for New Delhi.Hope to see you soon. :)

Friday, July 02, 2010

213.For Some one special !!!

  Many times certain things happen in life when you meet people who eventually turn to be your best of your friends.At some point of life you would get a feeling where you can't live without the presence of such people. The person might impact you in such a way that you would exhibit a strong desire for that person.I met one such person who colored my life in a unique way when I desperately needed it.Hadn't been that night when I saw her once again coming in my life after a long lost span of 3 years of our disastrous friendship.These 3 years were initial set backs actually where we rather could be classified as 'hi-bye' 'Orkut-Fb' friends who never knew each other,never knew how we looked and so on.

To be on the honest side I've been knowing her more since last 1 month despite knowing her since last 3 years.This friendship is no different than any random Orkut friend request.Just usual theory where the guy sends an add request to a beautiful girl who happens to be his best friends good friend and suddenly the girls accepts his request and he rejoices.My approach towards this friendship is no different.This is some one whom I admire.I admire the way she talks,laughs,behaves and every small aspects of her coz she is special.I am writing this for some one special who is special for me .This is the reincarnation of our friendship where our friendship bloomed again after a drought and famine.I could see beautiful flowers on the garden of friendship.She looks awesome,pretty,fabulous and sexy as well.There are more such adjectives which match her.I forgot to mention that she is aggressive as well.Her anger quotient or level is very high.At time you won't know she would rather prefer not talking to you just because you pissed her off.She might pretend that she is rude and she hates you,but let me tell you that she is kind at heart and I know it and every one knws it.I'm really happy that I'm knowing her more and getting close to her.For some one who had many friends especially female friends ,she might just be another friends.Thats what even she thinks.She would prefer saying that she is just another female friend of mine.I strongly disagree with her.I admit I have many female friends but being some one special in those group of female friends differentiates her.I know I would write
something for her,even she knew it.We bet for silly reasons and reasons outscoped.Some times in life things happen that change your life forever.Meeting her was like fixing a date with an angel.She is an angel who is a blessing in disguise to me.I once again began to socialize admist depression ,sorrows and lonliness is just because of this person.She rocks and I know and every one knows it.I like her.She is some one who entertains late night calls just she speaks to me.I really don't understand logic behind it may be its our friendship that matters to us.She is some one who smiles and frowns quite often.I don't know where was she and why she came to my life after a sudden appearance through that friend request.I fail to understand why she played a cameo role in my friendship and why an actor.Life is full of choices and we as people are mere bystanders.Some play cameo roles in our life and it turns out to be a bliss whi might surprise you.She is special to me.Let me admit that when she started talking to me during my intial days of friendship with her,I had a strong crush on her.My crush reduced as her presence in my life went on dimming.At some point of time she seemed to have lost from my life.But now that she is back I won't let her go.She is like a little teddy for me.I would keep it with myself.She calls me flirtu and idiot.I love it when you say so.I know I have many friends,but not many as you think.I know you are special and you mean a lot to me dear.You may be wondering who is the person being pampered by me by flowery words.Well these are not flowery words but these are somethings which I wanted to say to her since long.I like you idiot and you are my bestest friend .I will kill you and remember we will be friends through out life.Yes and she is some one who colored my life after my life was full of darkness in delhi.She is a  brave strong sikh girl whose friendship I cherish.

Thanks a lot dear.Love you.Take care. 

PS:I would not name her as she would not like it.But I know she would like it

Saturday, June 05, 2010

212.Strange Post ...

Its really "Strange" that sometimes "Strange" things happen to you "Strangely" at a "Strange" time when you see "Strangers" around you at a "Strange" place.Woww! So many Strange's in a single statement.Isn't that Strange? :D

Well coming out of this strange thing,I would like to share few things with you all about a stranger whom met during my training days at TechMahindra and eventually turned out to be good friends with her.She was a complete stranger to me until one particular sunday.That was the best sunday I would say.I came back to Pune from Mumbai with my huge 'Livia' bag with pressed clothes. We had our PLSQL sessions going on and a test was to be given on the same topic.All my folks at Pune were busy with the sql session and some would rather sit back at the center and practice the programs(codings to be precise).I directly reached Chanakya(my training room name )to meet my roomie Prashant to get the room keys.I found something strange(ahh! not strange again :P can't help) .My system was occupied by someone.Intriguing!!I just checked out to see the culprit who used my system."This system is in use and has been locked by TechM Employee Neha" read the alert message.I could see Neha's Unix noteback lying aside the desk but I could not find Neha anywhere. With a smile Neha entered the classroom.Omg! such a beautiful girl she was! She was pretty,beautiful,simple,smart and all adjectives that you could add.I had this knack of making friends very fast and some how not I've lost the spark.I opened a small conversation with her.This conversation lasted only 5 minutes.She came to our center to practice for her Unix exams. I really missed this "stranger" for week
or two although I may have met her or seen her only once.I wanted to talk to her again but I could not find her.I soon knew that we both had a common friend as well.My eyes were pining for her to meet her again and atlast I saw her one evening,the evening before her Unix exam.She was rigorously practicing for her tests and so was I.It was Unix for her and PLSQL for me.It was the most important test of her life as failing would terminate her from the company.I realized this and didn't wanted to bother her.I gave her a smile and greeted her.I even tried solving her doubts.She said "thankx" and we left.I could not even wish her luck for her exam.I did not see her for a month or so.Many life changing events happen in this month for me which drifted me from her thoughts.Else I would have planned to meet her atleast once before leaving.I was unfortunate enough that I was relocated to New Delhi.Never in my life I thought that I would have to work in Delhi.It was almost 2 months by then.Two months and few weeks since I met Neha.During this span of time,I'd interacted with her only 2 times and that too for a total of 25 minutes.5 minutes on the first day and 20 minutes on the second day.After 2 months,I almost forgot her.Neha seemed to have vanished from my
memory.But suddenly I thought that I had a friend called Neha and I soon typed her an email message.Within two minutes I got a reply from her.She was in a bad state of mind.She quit the job for some reasons.She was a brave girl and as far as I knew her she was smart enough to tackle problems in life.We exchanged our numbers and I called her the same day.I don't know why and for some reasons I feel she is some one whom I know since long.Why would I forward her resume to my HR friends?.I failed to understand Neha and its a mystery.Since then we talk almost daily.Once my eyes used to carve to get a glance of Neha, but today my
ears are satisfied atleast its getting to hear her voice.Amazing na! Strangers one could turn into best of friends and I feel Neha who was a stranger to me is one of my good friend today.

Friendship no matter in what form,just accept it and cherish it.Even now I have met her and seen her only twice.I am planning to visit Mumbai on 24th July after 3 months.I plan to meet my Pune friends and perhaps I could meet her that time.I just hope that she gets a job soon.I am actually disappointed that I would only get a week of leave because of our July Major release and post deployment would be hectic too.I plan to dissappear from my corporate life for a week and meet my folks at Mumbai.

PS:I love you all and you have been my great friends .I love this blog and its something through which I made many good friends.Trust me each one of you are precious to me.Be friends with The Solitary Writer.I will be into regular blogging from August after I return back to Delhi.This would be my come back and once again thanks a lot to every one who read this blog.Thanks a ton to all the followers,readers,fans of the blog.Thank you and Love you all.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


“The first time I met Neha was when she attended the UNIX training session by Prof.Bala,” I started.

I was surrounded by my project team mates. I always had a special knack for story telling. I have shared most of my memorable moments with my team. It is more stimulating when those young guys and girls listen to you with full attention. For a change it was not an audit or a team review meeting.We was charged up for the induction ceremony where a new joinee was supposed to join our team.

I wanted to share few things about my lady love with them.

“She occupied the 4th seat on the last row,” I continued.

I was sitting besides her but sometimes I fail to understand why I am so reluctant in opening a conversation with people especially girls.

“Karthik sir, I bet Neha must be beautiful,” a girl in my team said.

“Indeed pretty,” I smiled back at her. I always admired the way she performed the practice problems and the pace at which she raised queries were really impressive.

Those were the good old days of my Technical training programme where I came across this pretty girl called Neha.

“Neha Bansal,” I sighed.

“O TL..Lllllllll pleaseeeee describeeeeeee Nehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,” my team mates sang in unison.

“Shhh! Stop singing guys … an audit meeting is going on and Mr.Batra might pop out any time,” I warned them to remain silent.
“Well, I am not quite sure. All I can remember was that she was pretty queer, or so I thought. Such was her magic. She induced some interest in you. Her large eyes had infinite depth. The way she talked, the way she walked everything was different. Probably this difference attracted me to her.

She was an angel. She had long hair which reflected bright shades of ebony. Her beautiful magical eyes and her alluring skin mesmerized me. Her eyes, framed by long lashes, were bright, as dark as ink and seemed to brighten the world. Had she smiled, the world would have smiled with her. Had she laughed, the world would laugh with her. And had she wept, the whole world would want to comfort and soothe her. She was a beautiful girl” I paused.

There was a deafening silence as I spoke. For a moment it seemed as if all eyes were glued on me.
"She knew I had a crush on her and I desperately wanted to talk to her,” I smiled.

“Then …” the team said in unison.

“Then…slowly and steadily we got to know each other. We started interacting and we became good friends,” I continued.

“I was so shy that I won’t talk to any girls during my school days and now things started changing for me,” I added.
“We were allocated in the same project at Pune.As days passed, she seemed to turn more beautiful. I soon developed a thing for her. The world seemed to have been a better place to live in. I wanted to talk to her and keep her with me forever, “I continued.

“Didn’t you propose her sir?” the same girl said but this time she said with a shade of innocence.

“Trust me, the most difficult thing in life is confessing your love for someone. It was very much true in my case. It was Friday, 14th of March and the same day when she came out crying from the senior Project manager’s office, “I smiled.

“She said that she was offered an onsite opportunity and she had to leave for Rio de Janeiro the other day and started weeping, “I said to my team who by then were fully attentive.
“I asked the reason why she didn’t want to go ?. I was dumbfounded by her reply. She said that she loved me very much and wanted to live a life with me.It got a smile into my face. She sealed our love by kissing me till eternity, “I said.

“Wow!!,” the girl exclaimed.
“She didn’t want to leave me and didn’t want leave for Brazil. It took me hours to convince her and finally she agreed to leave for Rio as per her 3 months contract, “I said.
“The butterflies in my stomach would never stop fluttering till she was with me. I would miss her badly. We used to chat every day on Q messenger and she would call me once everyday, “I continued.

“No wonder she had a debonair personality,” a guy from my team said.
“Finally the eternal wait came to an end and it was time for her return. She was excited and so was I. My happiness grew more as I was going to see my lady love after 3 months, “I sighed.
“I wish I didn’t insist her to go. Why did I ask her to go?,” my eyes turned moist and my voice went low.
“Karthik sir what happened?,” my team mates asked me.
“The aircraft in which she was travelling slammed into the Atlantic Ocean and my dreams of living happily with her collapsed,” a tear rolled down my cheeks.
There was complete silence for a minute.

“We are sorry sir..,” my team mates tried to comfort me.

“Mr.Karthik meet our new joinee Miss Neha,” Mr.Batra, my project manager said to me.

The name “Neha” reminded me of the girl who mesmerized me with her smile.
I wished she was my Neha, the girl who cast her spell upon me.

Friday, May 14, 2010

210.Very happy today!!!! :D

Hmm!!Long time .How are you ?.I could never imagine that I would leave blogworld for once.Now ,I am glad that I am being able to update my blog from some where.Trust me I am doing the same sitting from my cubicle B117 :P .I’ve a great team out here and wonderful friends.Its contrary that I used to crib during initial days ,but now its fine.My previous post was just a vent out of my thoughts and now that its clear I am enjoying this place.

Well, there are many reasons for the same.Hmm today we had our IDU award ceremony and we all were present.It was like awarding the performers and the best participants from different project teams.Our team grabbed 5 awards and we won the best team for the year award.Amazing na. Hmm! WEST is BEST. :P

Our team name is WEST,as we deliver service to the west regions of the United States.It was fun and I am really happy to be a part of this event and I am glad that our team won it.We have a lot of deserving candidates and inclusion of me makes it more special for me.

Its just that I am missing my folks and my loved ones.I am waiting for my other friends to come and once they come then it would be bliss and bang bang all around.Yipppie! I’m so happy.And yes I got a virtual sister although I don’t wanted her to my sister.Will write about my virtual sister on my next post.Till then give me some time.I hope to be regular atleast I can promise you.Love you all Getting late for home.Don’t know what to do this weekend.Suggest me .Love you mom,dad and anu....Miss you and love you three a lot ...muaaaaaaaah!

Friday, May 07, 2010

209.Does God really exists?

"Great things happen when God mixes with Man;Great and beautiful and wonderful things"

..reads one of the rhyme which we used to sing during our school days. How often do we realize the importance of God in our life? There are certain cases when we fail to realize the existence of god in this universe. Does God really exists in this world or this is a mere hypothesis?. Well if this is a hypothesis, then whom could we blame?. It is the entity or a factor that governs the entire universe according to some people. Some Hindu Brahmans or pundits to be precise feel the existence of God as a prime factor.If God really exists then where does he disappears during time of sorrows and frustration. If I could say ,then as per my opinion God does exists for those who believe him and for atheists and agnostics he doesn't; simple isn't it? I really fail to understand the importance of God in my life. Trust me,last few weeks have certainly been one of my worst days of my life. Many turbulence occurred in this session or phase of my life. These incidences have drifted my views about the existence of god.My opinions are totally different.I beg to differ from points of ideologists, scientists or pundits about the same theory.
God is like a mirage, he exists or not doesn't really matters for those who don't believe him. I had immense faith in god till I was in my hometown, but as difficulties in life increased manifold and when I started facing serious havocs in my life I almost lost hope. Tell me what is the logic in trusting or having faith in God if he himself isn't there to support us during our bad times. Great things does happen ,but for this great thing to happen God should be great enough to shower his blessing upon you. I remember an argument,a tiff between certain group of people. Atheists on one side and believers of God on other side. It was a debate about the existence of God.I was a mere spectator as I didn't had any thing to do with. For I understand my plight and helpless about the same.
If one person who could solve the problems in your life ,then it would be God as per many people's view. Quite true;ain't it?.
SO my question is why does God betrays us during our bad time?.Where is he when we cry and present our plea to freed him from our sins. Oh! the Gods of the world would 've been busy solving people and may be we may be placed on a long queue. When our time comes, our life collapses and we are helpless.Think about those who lost their loved ones because of certain unwanted things but yet believe in God. Isn't it like fooling your child?.God is almighty,universal. Another question I want to raise is why God curses people who are harmless,innocent and who hadn't even thought bad of others. Is he testing out patience or is he testing our faith on him. Well that is life. The other day some one asked me to learn the concept of life. I was pissed off and irritated to listen to his lectures. Why would I learn the concept of life. If Corporate people don't understand feelings,emotions,sentiments etc ..then it doesn't means that you've to learn the concept of life.I am extremely sorry for drifting away from the topic of discussion.I want to ask you few other things. I've been frustrated these days for some personal and official reasons. This post may well exhibit my frustration level. Trust me I am brave enough to face things in life. For I very well know the so called concept of life. If leaving your loved ones and earning bread and butter by staying at a distant place is the only solution then why to do such things.You know the importance of certain people in your life and leaving them at some point of time is one of the biggest loss . Human life is short and in this short span we are here to imbue happiness and spread smiles. Tell me what is the purpose of living if you exhibit fake happiness and suppress your sorrow within you. I am not here to vent out my frustrations.I am just talking facts. Believe me you will remember each words when you face problems in life.
"Expectation always hurt ,so please stop expecting and start doing"
Love you all,Love from Noida,God bless you,
The Solitary Writer.

Thursday, May 06, 2010



There was pain. Pain that felt no numbness. Eating away in the back of my mind.

"Let go." She screamed.

And with it he released his grasp. Her fingers fluttered in the wind as she fell. Drifting slowly to the abyss below. And he wondered, as her crimson locks tangled with the wind, where would she go?

"Don't leave me." He cried out in a damaged breath.

But there was no girl to hear him. And no cries to be carried into the darkness. He still saw her falling, the winter crisp, running the inches of her body as she left him. But she was no longer there.

He stepped to the edge, sending pebbles flying. Tracing patterns of the sky where her body had descended. The ice drenched earth crackled at the force of his step, and the hollow of the canyon hummed deeply with the echo. He sucked through his lips, air that drank life. Air that stunk of death. His eyes fell shut.

And he released his body to the canyon below.

~ Eva at Screaming Whispers and Random Thoughts

***Thank you for letting me share a piece of myself on your blog Ste. You are an amazing writer.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

214.I Have Poetry - By Alisha

214.I Have Poetry - By Alisha
In the sounds of the daylight;
I do feel it somehow
There is poetry in my heart;
And you’ll help me to get it out.
But don’t do it again, like you did it the last time
You left me alone, with my words to rhyme.
Like the rains do go away,
But I love it when they come;
You bereft me of all the love,
But I am still left with some.

Let me say just a word,
And you tell me you know the rest of it.
Fill up the spaces in me,
And help me feel, you were in need of it.
But don’t leave me to fill, my spaces on my own
I have lost the ability to heal the pains unknown.
Like the rains do touch me,
But I want a closer touch;
You place your hand on my empty heart,
And fill it up as much.

In the silence of the night sky,
I feel it how, I know.
I have poetry in my eyes,
And you’ll help me to see it through.


This place, has been a wonderful hangout zone for people who love to read and write their expressions! Congratulations.. Because we all have made this possible.. Lets hope and pray we keep flourishing this way for years to come..!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

208.Of Room & Roomies....

Heya people...I am back.I remember last time when I posted something was way too back somewhere around January.I've to schedule few of my old posts and few of my friends had actually written something for my space.Well about updates...Hmm! Pune rocks and chicks in Pune are awesome ;) ( I live in one of the posh areas of Pune so I can say happens to be near Symbiosis eh..) .. About job,yes I adore this job and I have made many new wonderful friends at my work place.Met many new people in these 3 months time.Many of them hail from my home town and many of them hail from Mumbai.Well here am I to speak about my roomies and my room...Sounds strange but let me tell you this would be funny...atleast I intend to keep it so.
We live in a big big big room and we are around 7 of us.We have 3 rooms in all and 2 of them are unused and we use those as our store house ;) . I am surrounded by a group of 6 wonderful roomies.... Let me describe their persona one by one...

I’m going to categorize my roomies into different types.I won’t name my roomies,but I would address them by the type name.

Here we go.My roomies can be included in this following category.

1.The ‘Talkative’ one

2.The ‘Humourous’ one

3.The ‘Serious’ one

4.The ‘Studious’ one

5. The 'Angry' man

6.The ‘Saint’

Now let us see each of this category one by one.

1.The ‘Talkative’ one

He is one of the genuine person whom I have met in my life.I met this guy on the second day of my Engineering college.He is frank(straight to the point).But drawback is that he is talkative.He raises any subtle issues and goes on and on for hours.He expresses concerns when there is a fight between friends and tries to rescues them

2.The ‘Humorous’ one

He is the funniest of my roomies.He is the sheer entertainer of our class and he is proud of doing this.He loves to make people around him happy.I’m glad to be associated with him most of the time.He can tickle anyone’s funny bone.He is simply ausumn and his behaviours and gestures can make any one happy.He has this unique ability to steal a smile from any one.He takes the initiative and we follow it.He wakes me up when I get late as we both same share bathroom.

3.The ‘Serious’ one

He is the Superman of our gang.He gets up early morning and wakes up everyone.Smiles and gets a view of sun’s first ray.Does some regular exercise and encourages others to do so.He loves yellow hence his bed color is yellow.He is found serious most of the time.I’ve never seen him smile often.But for the past few days I get to see the trademark one million smile of his,exhibiting all his 32 teeth.

4.The ‘Studious ‘ one

He manages to top every subject despite of lack of availability of system.He is sporty,jovial and admirable.One of my best friend and I respect this person a lot.He does his daily prayers before eating his meals and fasts every Thursday.He has an admirable personality and I am happy for him.

5. The 'Angry' man

He is the eldest of our roomie gang and we love him a lot.He is a bit short tempered and yes he is like our big no worries. I have been closely related to him...but guess what I even had a small tiff with him but sooner or later we patched up .LoL. "Dosti mei yeh sab hota hai naaa" ;)

6.The ‘Saint’

He has nothing to do with people around him.His job is to complete all his works and try not to interfere into anyone's problem.Just try to be his own and never hurt any one.Hence we call him ‘Saint’.One of my intelligent roomie and a wonderful person.

My roomies exhibit different personality.I’m glad I’ve written about each one of them.

And yeah about the little cub below..I am not promoting Aircel.I just want to say that I am a part of the save our tigers campaign ...Please click on this site and enrol yourself . By doing this you are saving our national heritage....only1411 left...