Monday, January 04, 2010

189.One Night stand on a New Year Night! - 2

Monday ->Piyali.
Thursday ->Marissa

Caste no bar.Even he didn't care for any religion or community.He changed girls like clothes.He slept with different girls everynight.Girls easily fell prey to him.He was not less than a big flirt.He never followed the concept of marriage.He refused to accept and respect Indian culture and traditions.He never cared for any one .But there was some one who loved him.She was a pretty looking Indian girl.She only knew the good side of him. He was a rude and ill mannered person.

"Where are we going?" the girl asked him.
"To heaven," he said.

"Am gonna take you to a special place tonight," he added.
"Oh is it dear!," she said

It was a brand new year and he took her to a hotel far away from the main city.She left her parents just for him.She was about to elope with him.

He held her tightly on his arms.The world was busy celebrating the new year and they both were stranded alone in a dark room.
He moved closer to her and she moved away from him
"What are hell are you going to do to me?," She said with a straight face
"I'm going to show you heaven," He tried to kiss her.

He tickled her.He kissed her alluring cheeks.The girl kissed him back.But by then she clearly understood his intentions and stayed away from him.

"I love you," He said.
"Oh is it! do you really love me or my body ,"she said.

"You're a bloody asshole,fucking loser ," she said.
He strangled her and grabbed her firmly as if he was going to rape her at midnight. She kicked him hard and ran away.

"I may not be the same whom you were looking for and I know what you did to that girl last year, you fucking loser," She said and left the place.

He sat on the bed and her words remind her of the innocent girl with whom he played one year ago the same night.
You can read it here
It was not a feminist post to be honest.It was actually a straight forward post of things happening in Urban cities and I wanted to share it with my readers.I was amazed by the way few people commented.I'm going to paste few of them.But before doing that you've to read the previous post which was written on 1st Jan 2009.
Comments on that post
1.Neha said...

The girl should hunt him down and kick his Fu***ng ass!! And then make him incapable of doing anything to any girl (or guy) any time!!

What a loser!!! Fu***ng chu**** saala!!! It's because of such bas***** that the whole male clan gets a bad name!!

PS: I am NOT a feminist!!!

2.mona said...

God, Stephen.. that was such a shocking and hard-hitting post!!

I don't know what to say.. I believe the girl should really teach the boy a lesson... if she leaves him he will go on ruining more lives... and most importantly not feel guilty about it herself.. mostly girls are so busy cursing themselves that they drown into pools of guilt and end up spoiling their own lives...

Reality is too gruesome to accept sometimes... truly!!!

3.Aarthi said...

Bad doubt!! :x

And as far as my view is concerned, i think the girl should never forgive him..she has to teach him a lesson.. real hard kick on his DI**!!(
Sorry guys for using such words..)

But i think for such bastards.."TO BE HANGED TO DEATH" is the punishment!!

And Ste, once again, a very bad post for a brand new year!

4.Shruti said...

hmmm...on the contrary.. I liked it!! It happens everywhere and every year!!

Well, in the first place, that girl shouldn't have gone with him if she didn't know him that well!!
And otherwise..the girl should make sure that that son of a bi*** is raped by gays in the middle of another new year party...

5.joiedevivre said...

its an open end..or i shud say d hard reality of what we call as life...

6.**ThE SiLeNt SouL** said...

Ste..nice 1. Nt at all awful, but the core. Ppl lk dat guy shud b packed in their own pride and thrown in d waste of their money...

Good post. No issues abt the starting of a new year...even i have smthng kinda on d negatv frnt(BUT REALITY) on my page...but thats fine ....

7.Rashi V said...

I agree with all said above... Just teach him a lesson and forget him! A different girl every night? How about no girl ever?

Waiting for your feedbacks..

Till next time.



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  2. Hmmmm... *Silent ovation* Do not want to be first person so open mouth. Will come back later.

  3. well... give him a lifer in prison after some physical alterations :P

  4. Powerful post. I don't know who felt lonelier, him or the girl.

  5. I liked both the parts of the post..I fail to understand - why do people take a fiction story so seriously? I am sure we all have the liberty to enjoy the freedom of writing..sorry Ste, posting a very heavy comment here; but it is disappointing and discouraging to see these comments from people who themselves are writers..

    @ Sid, planning to go with the flow? :P

  6. i second Neha.. its aweful but if anyone [gender biased] let down their guard with overwhelming fantasies and non realistic desires there is 99.9 percent of being used by others.. it might be in any way emotional, money r wat so ever.. life's an excellent teacher tat way... no blames jus need to move on..

    wd love to read more:)..keep penning:)