Thursday, January 28, 2010

195.A Rap Song - By Anurag

Okay People in the house reading this …Since this is a guest post …and since it has to be fun ….I want you people to read the following as a RAP...So get that Eminem cap on and Burst that damn balloon coz it’s Stibu Mama’s 200’th post celebration …*Woohoo*

The Solitary Writer , he is one cool guy
Now that’s a fact, nobody can deny
Here’s a dedication on his 150’th post
On his boat floating on his own coast

He writes some super cool stories
And has an uber cool blog
He also works really hard
And doesn’t shy away from a slog.

Thinks he cannot write a poem
But comes up with some pointed darts
He gets onto your nerves sometimes
And sometimes melts your hearts

He sometimes talks sense
Sometimes acts like a noob
But reading his stuff on his blog
Sab ho jaate hain “doob”

In his glasses, he looks like a geek
But don’t get fooled, coz he is not!
He is one clever guy, any women would seek
They would find him rather handsome and hot!

He has this friend, won’t tell her name
They talk to each other every single day
Hope this is not just another silly game
Hope it’s for real and may long it stay

Lastly mate, I know this has been one silly rap
But don’t let our friendship have a gap
For you are a really good buddy, stay as you are
C’mon Mann.. Now let’s meet up in a bar!



  1. lol..this sounds silly now...especially the "doob" part :D

    but considering I took around 5 minutes to come up with this...It's not bad either...I personally like the end a lot :)

    Thanxs maccha...all the best :)

  2. Uber cool rap re... Specially writing it for Ste is one difficult thing. But hats off to you...

    The energy has been maintained throughout! :)

    Well rapped! :) :P

  3. thts relly good! :D

  4. heyii rapper...good to drop in your blog :)

  5. You wear glasses!? aur kaun hai woh spl friend? :D

  6. You wear glasses!? aur kaun hai woh spl friend? :D