Friday, February 19, 2010


Never thought that I would reach this landmark figure.But today I am here with number 200. Thanks a lot everyone for this .

I am running out of time actually.Forgive me if I haven't mentioned any of your's name.Thanks a lot to all the guest posters and I am sure many more would be up in few weeks time.Office is keeping me busy ..Trust me I will be back as soon as possible.Time factor is troubling me.

Thanks a lot to the following people.

Asbah for being my sweetheart and my mentor,Sandeep for being my elder brother and my guru,Vinay for being one of my best buddy on blogworld,Parul for being my bestest friend ,Arun for being a great friend,Arjun for being my partner in crime,Neha Silam for being my Boss,Sreya for being my buddy,Siddy for being a nutty friend,Amity me for the mom I see in her, Kasabian girl for being my only Captain,Amrita for being my best buddy,Alisha for being my nutty friend,Aarthi for being a wonderful friend through out this span of 3 years of friendship, Ajay for being a great friend and a roomie to me,Vidhu for being a funny friend and a sister,ESTHY for being my best friend, Sowmya for being a wonderful Akka,Pankhuri for being my cute motti aankh wali pyari sali,Neha Joei de vivre for being my sweet friend,Priyanka for her gestures,Chirag for his poems ,Hashan for his wonderful write ups,Heena for her rants,Anup for being my only friend in MSN,Americanising Desi for her stories ,Arv for his 55 ers, Priya Joyce for being my cute little sister,Lilian Terra for being my little daughter,Nushu for her kindness,Sona Di for considering me as her little brother,Roshu for being a cute little friend of mine,Tan for inspiring me,Madhu mantra for her poems,More Orangee for his friendship,Gauri for her smiles and yes CHRONICWRITER for constantly making me smile throughout.

I am in a hurry right now and I am sure I haven't missed any one.If I have then please let me know


  1. congrats bhai
    u vl written at least 1000 post iam sure about that

  2. tnx for the sweet mention bhai...

    and congratzzzzzzzzz :):)
    write many many more ;)

  3. :D:D:D congos :D thanks for the mention my bro :) and go on and on.. keep writing...

  4. Congrats on the bloggiversary man... 200 posts !! :D Santhosham :) innum neria elutha valthukal :D

  5. 200...really a gr8 achievement... congratss...!!!

    lookin forward for many many many more posts here :) :)

  6. Congo brother :)

    All the best for all your future plans!!!

  7. Wow..
    200 posts! Must a lot of coffee and a creak in the spinal cord!

    Extremely happy for you!


  8. Congrats young Stibu.. thanks for mentioning our names... i love being ur dii..