Wednesday, February 24, 2010

201.A Writer Named Solli- By Leo

This is a story happening in modern times, when engineers, doctors, journalists, politicians, actors and even beauticians compete for being the best in their chosen area of expertise. In these times, a mischievous talkative boy dreaming of being an engineer decided he wanted to have an alternate profile. Yeah, this boy decided he wanted to chase not one dream but two. Solli was his name, and shying away from the others trying to steal his spotlight, he went and started writing on his own, where no one could come trouble him and disturb his concentration. People though saw him always, and they began calling him... yeah.. thats right.. they called him "The Solitary Writer". Soon, he got tired of being without a soul to talk with, and started mingling with the crowd. Yet, his new name stuck to him. He wasn't satisfied with just meeting new people, he wanted to befriend them, make them a unit that gelled together in the art he liked most, Writing.

Two people decided to collaborate in that venture. Yem Bee Yae fame The Guru Balan and Brain Farts fame The Ninja Alaena joined him and together they made a space on blogsville for a select group of friends they called The Writers Lounge. Members were less in the starting months, but they never gave up hope.. for every venture needs a lot of time to reach its peak.. so they waited patiently, working on it.. accepting members whenever they could. It was on a cold day in November that the Solitary one hailed me, The Amateur Poet Leo, and asked me to be part of that elite group of writers. I considered it, and accepted without much delay. When the rain gods were focusing their fury on the lounge, I entered, holding just a handful of papers with my little poems and a carry bag with change, because I intended to stay there for a long time. It was like I was back home, like it was where I was meant to be. A step into this new world, and I had many friends at my side, helping me settle down in this new world. Rocky Road fame Raash, The Teacher Prattu, The Night Goddess Nyx, The Dada Tan, The Guru and The Ninja all were helping me a lot in getting accustomed to the environment. Soon, I was part of that family. Solli even let me become an elite member, making me admin and taking suggestions from this little prodigee poet for a big poetic celebration.

I became very friendly with Solli, and as time raced on, I got to know him better. My sister The Pink Orchid Callie and I were quite close to him and we found him to be friendly helpful and a joyous humorous chap. Of course, we both agreed that his temper was quite the problematic part of his profile and in due course we had our fights. Sometimes Solli would step up himself and resolve it, sometimes he would be arrogant and the fights would last long. Even sometimes, an argument would break out between The Guru and Solli... but yeah, through all these moments, The Lounge family stuck through, and Solli's writing blossomed. Members left for many reasons, but new friends came and continued to enchant the place. Solli many times considered leaving his own world also, and he left the lounge too. But no other place seemed like home to him. He returned to watch the seed of writing he had once planted with The Guru and The Ninja blossom into a tree. And also, he continued honing his skills as a writer. Today, as The Amateur Poet and the rest of us enjoy the beauty, he is all set to plant the 200th flower in his garden here. Other writers like me shall flock to the garden to plant just a single seed in this beautiful place, and he shall be away for some time tending to flowers in his real garden, and when he returns, he shall see the garden in full bloom.

The Amateur Poet(that's me by the way), bows to this fellow's writing skills and hopes that he shall be around on blogsville to see a 1000th flower planted in this writer's garden here. To Solli, my friend... many many wishes...


  1. Nice post :) now I know a little more about the writer's lounge.

  2. very good post leo.. Congrats Stibu for reaching this milestone..

  3. Excellent writing as usual, the idea of beginning with roots and ending up as a tree has come thru pretty well!
    Thanks and keep on writing!