Saturday, March 27, 2010

207.Jealousy is 'good' ( --My Comeback...;) )

First of all let me apologise for this long break or my sudden disappearance from this beautiful place. I am here to discuss some other issue.I really don't know wheter this would be useful or not.But I would like to provide some insight regarding the same.Today I am going to talk about Jealousy.What exactly do you mean by this term? Let me explain you.It is a negative feeling of insecurity ,frustration and anxiety which basically invokes some bad thoughts in you.By this I mean that it won't let you sleep because you won't be happy over others advantage or achievements.
I completely agree that getting jealous is bad.Sometimes it can also be useful for you.How?we will discuss it later.Lets discuss the negative side of this emotion.It may sometimes lead to sudden outbursts of emotions and feelings.You may lose your control.Jealousy and Envy are two different things but the later may be considered as the triggered version of the former.Let me share these few points.
Jealousy may be due to some of the following points.
* Fear of loss
* Suspicion or anger about betrayal
* Low self-esteem and sadness over loss
* Uncertainty and loneliness
* Fear of losing an important person to an attractive other
* Distrust

"Momma,he got an Ipod and I still messing up with this bloody walkman thingy," what does this statement indicates you?Here is a boy of around 10 or 12 who is angry or may be disappointed with his mom as she won't buy him a new ipod or a music player.At the same time his friend gets a new one.This should have suggested you something.Yes,the kid is unhappy as his friend got a new ipod.This a natural instinct and it happens to everyone.Afterall we are human beings and we are imbued with different emotions like sorrow,happiness,joy,fear,trust etc. 'Jealousy' can be counted in that list. What happens when you get jealous? Ermm! may be negative energy would be induced in you.Well may be sometimes the devil in your mind would provoke you to do something evil.I am discussing the various cases.I will discuss with a real life example sooner or later.Because of this a person who was known for his foible would lose his characters.He may not be the same as he used to be.Dear friends , I am here to talk about jealousy and I don't want to talk about the ill effects of this emotion.

I just want to emphasize more on the positive side of this.Well to be honest , when I was young I used to be a book worm scoring good marks in my exams.I always secured the first or the second rank.Sometimes whenever I fared bad in my papers then my rank would change may be to 2 or 3. This would not let me sleep for weeks.My initial part of my life has been a total disaster.What am I now is nothing but the advanced version of what I used to be when I was a kid.The only change is that now I don't see the nerd in me. Sometimes the other guy would score good marks which would have been the highest score in the subject.In the same subject my score would be one or two lesser than his.Naturally it would make me sad.Sometimes it would make me feel jealous.But this should not be limited to jealousy itself.Instead it should instigate a new spirit in you.Sometime which you could learn from it.This 'something' would benefit you during the course of time. Other cases include job scenarios.Your academic performance may be better than his,but his status may be higher than yours.His job profile may be better than yours.I want to tell you that please don't get dishartened by failures in life.Failures and success are parts and parcels of life. It arrives without any invitations.It is not a big issue.Jealousy should induce positive energy in you.It should make you better.Infact this would make you better.So start learning to take positives from life. Few other real life examples could be partiality shown by parents,relationships etc.Fear of losing your loved ones to someone would naturally make one feel sad and upset.The jealous person may feel entitled to himself.In childrens and adults jealousy may sometimes induce aggressive reactions.This would make them feel lonely and deprived of good friends.I would like to conclude at this point.I just want to say that there is nothing wrong in being jealous over someone.But please learn something out of it and make something out of it.Use it as a weapon to improve yourself.I hope to be back with a new interesting topic.Adios!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

206.Wish I could write 200 things about him -By Anup

206.Wish I could write 200 things about him -By Anup
Though I met ( fb and blog aquaint) Ste few weeks ago, he invited me to write for his page..
KIND he is..
Though I dunno him much, I m still gonna write stuff ABOUT him.
And obviously m goin to sound very much obvious. I dun care.
Struck with awe his writings are just amazing (like nobody knows.. ????:S)
Everytime you tell him a good news, he ll go " God bless.. *period* "
Dunno why he keep listening to "hey stephen" by taylor fantasizing its for him n make others listen to it too. :P
He loves Taylor Swift (jus cz she sang "hey stephen") and Avril ( no idea ..why)
He thinks mujhe hindi ni aati , main indian ni hoon, aur desi ni hoon :@ ( see aati hai :)
pulled up smile on me all those times i was low and sad.. thnx :) lawwwb ju :)
Dont panic in surprise if he in between ur casual conversations he starts asking you atomic no. and atomic mass of oxygen.or Ohm's law or some other effing science stuff just to check ur knohow.
No wonder if he ring or beep you up at 6am just to disturb ur sleep because he knows u went to bed at 4am.
He gets mad if you dont type fast enough to reply faster.
His sense of humor like mine ..
To him i look a cartoon with my new hair style.. ( Its hawwtt yo ..)
Stephen 'desi' ste stole my 'desi' which he thought is a part of my middle name.. bahaha..
Lately infected by lady gaga .. :P
Okay we understand you gointo be alot busier with schedule, but why quit
bloggin.. i mean..c'mon can write on your day weekends or something.. thats mean of you to go say goodbye like tat.. T_T
Anyways ill be bothering you on facebook and msn all the time.. ;)

desi-esh-ness rocks!! :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

205.Happy 200th post Ste!! - By Rosh

205.Happy 200th post Ste!! - By Rosh
Hey guys and gals,
I was honoured when Ste (a good friend of mine) asked me to contribute to his wonderful blog! He writes wonderfully and I love reading his blog :) Here is a acrostic for you:

Solitary Writer he is called
Thought-provoking words he writes
E xtremely talented

I'm so happy for you, Ste, cuz you're celebrating 200 posts! Wow! I'm not even at 100 posts yet! :)

Ste you write really well,
You cast a magical spell,
With your words.

He writes truthfully,
Not at all like a bully!

He is nice,
He is kind,
And most of all a fab writer!

Ok, now I guess I should tell you who I am and how I found out about Ste's blog :) I'm roshwrites, aka Rosh, aka Roshni. I should thank my mum for finding the writer's lounge... she stumbled upon it and told me about it. I checked the website and was amazed by what I saw, and from there, I clicked on the link to Ste's blog and abracadabra! I was here! I'm so thankful to my mum for that, if it wasn't for her I wouldn't even know about this blog, let alone be writing a guest post for it :D When I added Ste on gmail he happily accepted and then I got to know him more. I'm happy that he didn't treat me differently because I'm quite a bit younger than him (I'm 12), he treated me as a friend and then after only one conversation we were friends! So that's the story of how I knew Ste... :)

Happy 200th post :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

204.Ste – The Solitary Writer… - By Tan

Never met him – so, have not seen him face to face. Well, still I know him a lot, I feel. The things he writes, the values he practices and the emotions he depicts are signs of being a good human being. This is the reason he is loved so much by so many people. This is something enviable by the worst of the foes too…

He is amiable and he is humorous. Sometimes, his humor is incomprehensible; but he manages to pull up a smile on the readers’ faces. He was the one who invited me to The Writers Lounge and that has really changed my orientation towards ‘blogging’ a lot. Then he came up with this character – StepCock and later named as StepMan, which made me laugh and dislike the very thought of it. Anyways, we all adapted to live with it, when we learnt that he is not going to call it off. LoL.

As his blog turns older, I am happy to be invited here to write something on it. This blog has been a sure visit for me for a long time when I used to read my friends’ blogs and comment regularly. I find it difficult these days. But still, I do come here and read him and smile…

I would just want to thank you Stephen, for being a friend and for writing all that you do. Keep writing and write things that come to your mind instantly – because this is when you write best. I can see life is changing for you and I hope it will only change to bring better things to you. Have a prosperous life ahead and I wish you all the success in whatever you do.

If you remember me, meet me in some 10-15 years time from today. Well, not because all my investments will mature that time, but it would be nice if we really meet sometime. I hope I will be available at Gmail even then. Do try to meet. Until then, have a great life ahead!

Friday, March 05, 2010

203. The Online Friend - By Princess Sonshu

203. The Online Friend - By Princess Sonshu

Written by Princess Sonshu 

“So whats your name?” trina2345 asked her.
“Hello trina2345! Im shilpa!” she replied. 
Shilpa loved to chat online and she had many unknown friends. She was an extrovert and loved making friends. Especially friends who she has never seen!
“Hello shilpa. Im trina! What do you do?” Trina asked
“I? Im in the 12th std. What about you?” she replied.
“Oh what a coincidence? I too am in the 12th!” Trina replied. “Im sure we’ll be great friends!”
“We sure will!” Shilpa replied.
“Where do you live in India?” Trina asked. 
“I? I live in Kerala. What about you?” shilpa asked
“Oh me?, I live somewhere near Chennai…and im coming to Kerala for my summer holidays.” Trina replied.
“Oh that’s great.” Shilpa said. “So when are your summer vacations?”
“In three days….Only im coming as my parents aren’t free..But tickets are booked. Now only hotel we’re searching” Trina said.
“So what are your hobbies” Shilpa asked. 
They chatted often about hobbies, tv shows, interests and Shilpa noticed that there wasa lot in common. She asked her parents and decided to invite Trina home to stay when she comes. 
“Trina I asked my parents so you can stay here when you’re in Kerala.” Shilpa said and Trina agreed. So it was finalized that Trina would stay at Shilpas. Finally the day arrived when Trina came home. Shilpa was very happy and showed her around. She looked extremely pretty according to Shilpa. They enjoyed going here and there. Everything was fine and happy! Finally the day had arrived when Trina was leaving. Trina gave her address and told Shilpa to come home sometime. 
After a few days Shilpa noticed some pocket money was missing and her mom had complained too that some of the money kept in her cupboard was missing. It all summed upto twenty thousand rupees loss, so they decided to filed a police complaint. They were all the more confused as they had no maid servant at home, so stealing was out of question. 

The next day while Shilpa was browsing through the news paper she saw a list of wanted criminals. She was surprised to see a photo of her friend Trina. She immediately browsed the net and saw that Trina was a criminal, a thief. She informed her mom and they came to know that it was Trina who’d stolen the money. At first they were shocked as Trina had acted so sweet. Later they realized that what you are from, the outside doesn’t matter. Shilpa from then on  never exchanged information with strangers, especially people online, because all the sweet, sugared coating was never to be trusted. It was FAKE!