Wednesday, April 28, 2010

214.I Have Poetry - By Alisha

214.I Have Poetry - By Alisha
In the sounds of the daylight;
I do feel it somehow
There is poetry in my heart;
And you’ll help me to get it out.
But don’t do it again, like you did it the last time
You left me alone, with my words to rhyme.
Like the rains do go away,
But I love it when they come;
You bereft me of all the love,
But I am still left with some.

Let me say just a word,
And you tell me you know the rest of it.
Fill up the spaces in me,
And help me feel, you were in need of it.
But don’t leave me to fill, my spaces on my own
I have lost the ability to heal the pains unknown.
Like the rains do touch me,
But I want a closer touch;
You place your hand on my empty heart,
And fill it up as much.

In the silence of the night sky,
I feel it how, I know.
I have poetry in my eyes,
And you’ll help me to see it through.


This place, has been a wonderful hangout zone for people who love to read and write their expressions! Congratulations.. Because we all have made this possible.. Lets hope and pray we keep flourishing this way for years to come..!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

208.Of Room & Roomies....

Heya people...I am back.I remember last time when I posted something was way too back somewhere around January.I've to schedule few of my old posts and few of my friends had actually written something for my space.Well about updates...Hmm! Pune rocks and chicks in Pune are awesome ;) ( I live in one of the posh areas of Pune so I can say happens to be near Symbiosis eh..) .. About job,yes I adore this job and I have made many new wonderful friends at my work place.Met many new people in these 3 months time.Many of them hail from my home town and many of them hail from Mumbai.Well here am I to speak about my roomies and my room...Sounds strange but let me tell you this would be funny...atleast I intend to keep it so.
We live in a big big big room and we are around 7 of us.We have 3 rooms in all and 2 of them are unused and we use those as our store house ;) . I am surrounded by a group of 6 wonderful roomies.... Let me describe their persona one by one...

I’m going to categorize my roomies into different types.I won’t name my roomies,but I would address them by the type name.

Here we go.My roomies can be included in this following category.

1.The ‘Talkative’ one

2.The ‘Humourous’ one

3.The ‘Serious’ one

4.The ‘Studious’ one

5. The 'Angry' man

6.The ‘Saint’

Now let us see each of this category one by one.

1.The ‘Talkative’ one

He is one of the genuine person whom I have met in my life.I met this guy on the second day of my Engineering college.He is frank(straight to the point).But drawback is that he is talkative.He raises any subtle issues and goes on and on for hours.He expresses concerns when there is a fight between friends and tries to rescues them

2.The ‘Humorous’ one

He is the funniest of my roomies.He is the sheer entertainer of our class and he is proud of doing this.He loves to make people around him happy.I’m glad to be associated with him most of the time.He can tickle anyone’s funny bone.He is simply ausumn and his behaviours and gestures can make any one happy.He has this unique ability to steal a smile from any one.He takes the initiative and we follow it.He wakes me up when I get late as we both same share bathroom.

3.The ‘Serious’ one

He is the Superman of our gang.He gets up early morning and wakes up everyone.Smiles and gets a view of sun’s first ray.Does some regular exercise and encourages others to do so.He loves yellow hence his bed color is yellow.He is found serious most of the time.I’ve never seen him smile often.But for the past few days I get to see the trademark one million smile of his,exhibiting all his 32 teeth.

4.The ‘Studious ‘ one

He manages to top every subject despite of lack of availability of system.He is sporty,jovial and admirable.One of my best friend and I respect this person a lot.He does his daily prayers before eating his meals and fasts every Thursday.He has an admirable personality and I am happy for him.

5. The 'Angry' man

He is the eldest of our roomie gang and we love him a lot.He is a bit short tempered and yes he is like our big no worries. I have been closely related to him...but guess what I even had a small tiff with him but sooner or later we patched up .LoL. "Dosti mei yeh sab hota hai naaa" ;)

6.The ‘Saint’

He has nothing to do with people around him.His job is to complete all his works and try not to interfere into anyone's problem.Just try to be his own and never hurt any one.Hence we call him ‘Saint’.One of my intelligent roomie and a wonderful person.

My roomies exhibit different personality.I’m glad I’ve written about each one of them.

And yeah about the little cub below..I am not promoting Aircel.I just want to say that I am a part of the save our tigers campaign ...Please click on this site and enrol yourself . By doing this you are saving our national heritage....only1411 left...