Saturday, May 29, 2010


“The first time I met Neha was when she attended the UNIX training session by Prof.Bala,” I started.

I was surrounded by my project team mates. I always had a special knack for story telling. I have shared most of my memorable moments with my team. It is more stimulating when those young guys and girls listen to you with full attention. For a change it was not an audit or a team review meeting.We was charged up for the induction ceremony where a new joinee was supposed to join our team.

I wanted to share few things about my lady love with them.

“She occupied the 4th seat on the last row,” I continued.

I was sitting besides her but sometimes I fail to understand why I am so reluctant in opening a conversation with people especially girls.

“Karthik sir, I bet Neha must be beautiful,” a girl in my team said.

“Indeed pretty,” I smiled back at her. I always admired the way she performed the practice problems and the pace at which she raised queries were really impressive.

Those were the good old days of my Technical training programme where I came across this pretty girl called Neha.

“Neha Bansal,” I sighed.

“O TL..Lllllllll pleaseeeee describeeeeeee Nehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,” my team mates sang in unison.

“Shhh! Stop singing guys … an audit meeting is going on and Mr.Batra might pop out any time,” I warned them to remain silent.
“Well, I am not quite sure. All I can remember was that she was pretty queer, or so I thought. Such was her magic. She induced some interest in you. Her large eyes had infinite depth. The way she talked, the way she walked everything was different. Probably this difference attracted me to her.

She was an angel. She had long hair which reflected bright shades of ebony. Her beautiful magical eyes and her alluring skin mesmerized me. Her eyes, framed by long lashes, were bright, as dark as ink and seemed to brighten the world. Had she smiled, the world would have smiled with her. Had she laughed, the world would laugh with her. And had she wept, the whole world would want to comfort and soothe her. She was a beautiful girl” I paused.

There was a deafening silence as I spoke. For a moment it seemed as if all eyes were glued on me.
"She knew I had a crush on her and I desperately wanted to talk to her,” I smiled.

“Then …” the team said in unison.

“Then…slowly and steadily we got to know each other. We started interacting and we became good friends,” I continued.

“I was so shy that I won’t talk to any girls during my school days and now things started changing for me,” I added.
“We were allocated in the same project at Pune.As days passed, she seemed to turn more beautiful. I soon developed a thing for her. The world seemed to have been a better place to live in. I wanted to talk to her and keep her with me forever, “I continued.

“Didn’t you propose her sir?” the same girl said but this time she said with a shade of innocence.

“Trust me, the most difficult thing in life is confessing your love for someone. It was very much true in my case. It was Friday, 14th of March and the same day when she came out crying from the senior Project manager’s office, “I smiled.

“She said that she was offered an onsite opportunity and she had to leave for Rio de Janeiro the other day and started weeping, “I said to my team who by then were fully attentive.
“I asked the reason why she didn’t want to go ?. I was dumbfounded by her reply. She said that she loved me very much and wanted to live a life with me.It got a smile into my face. She sealed our love by kissing me till eternity, “I said.

“Wow!!,” the girl exclaimed.
“She didn’t want to leave me and didn’t want leave for Brazil. It took me hours to convince her and finally she agreed to leave for Rio as per her 3 months contract, “I said.
“The butterflies in my stomach would never stop fluttering till she was with me. I would miss her badly. We used to chat every day on Q messenger and she would call me once everyday, “I continued.

“No wonder she had a debonair personality,” a guy from my team said.
“Finally the eternal wait came to an end and it was time for her return. She was excited and so was I. My happiness grew more as I was going to see my lady love after 3 months, “I sighed.
“I wish I didn’t insist her to go. Why did I ask her to go?,” my eyes turned moist and my voice went low.
“Karthik sir what happened?,” my team mates asked me.
“The aircraft in which she was travelling slammed into the Atlantic Ocean and my dreams of living happily with her collapsed,” a tear rolled down my cheeks.
There was complete silence for a minute.

“We are sorry sir..,” my team mates tried to comfort me.

“Mr.Karthik meet our new joinee Miss Neha,” Mr.Batra, my project manager said to me.

The name “Neha” reminded me of the girl who mesmerized me with her smile.
I wished she was my Neha, the girl who cast her spell upon me.

Friday, May 14, 2010

210.Very happy today!!!! :D

Hmm!!Long time .How are you ?.I could never imagine that I would leave blogworld for once.Now ,I am glad that I am being able to update my blog from some where.Trust me I am doing the same sitting from my cubicle B117 :P .I’ve a great team out here and wonderful friends.Its contrary that I used to crib during initial days ,but now its fine.My previous post was just a vent out of my thoughts and now that its clear I am enjoying this place.

Well, there are many reasons for the same.Hmm today we had our IDU award ceremony and we all were present.It was like awarding the performers and the best participants from different project teams.Our team grabbed 5 awards and we won the best team for the year award.Amazing na. Hmm! WEST is BEST. :P

Our team name is WEST,as we deliver service to the west regions of the United States.It was fun and I am really happy to be a part of this event and I am glad that our team won it.We have a lot of deserving candidates and inclusion of me makes it more special for me.

Its just that I am missing my folks and my loved ones.I am waiting for my other friends to come and once they come then it would be bliss and bang bang all around.Yipppie! I’m so happy.And yes I got a virtual sister although I don’t wanted her to my sister.Will write about my virtual sister on my next post.Till then give me some time.I hope to be regular atleast I can promise you.Love you all Getting late for home.Don’t know what to do this weekend.Suggest me .Love you mom,dad and anu....Miss you and love you three a lot ...muaaaaaaaah!

Friday, May 07, 2010

209.Does God really exists?

"Great things happen when God mixes with Man;Great and beautiful and wonderful things"

..reads one of the rhyme which we used to sing during our school days. How often do we realize the importance of God in our life? There are certain cases when we fail to realize the existence of god in this universe. Does God really exists in this world or this is a mere hypothesis?. Well if this is a hypothesis, then whom could we blame?. It is the entity or a factor that governs the entire universe according to some people. Some Hindu Brahmans or pundits to be precise feel the existence of God as a prime factor.If God really exists then where does he disappears during time of sorrows and frustration. If I could say ,then as per my opinion God does exists for those who believe him and for atheists and agnostics he doesn't; simple isn't it? I really fail to understand the importance of God in my life. Trust me,last few weeks have certainly been one of my worst days of my life. Many turbulence occurred in this session or phase of my life. These incidences have drifted my views about the existence of god.My opinions are totally different.I beg to differ from points of ideologists, scientists or pundits about the same theory.
God is like a mirage, he exists or not doesn't really matters for those who don't believe him. I had immense faith in god till I was in my hometown, but as difficulties in life increased manifold and when I started facing serious havocs in my life I almost lost hope. Tell me what is the logic in trusting or having faith in God if he himself isn't there to support us during our bad times. Great things does happen ,but for this great thing to happen God should be great enough to shower his blessing upon you. I remember an argument,a tiff between certain group of people. Atheists on one side and believers of God on other side. It was a debate about the existence of God.I was a mere spectator as I didn't had any thing to do with. For I understand my plight and helpless about the same.
If one person who could solve the problems in your life ,then it would be God as per many people's view. Quite true;ain't it?.
SO my question is why does God betrays us during our bad time?.Where is he when we cry and present our plea to freed him from our sins. Oh! the Gods of the world would 've been busy solving people and may be we may be placed on a long queue. When our time comes, our life collapses and we are helpless.Think about those who lost their loved ones because of certain unwanted things but yet believe in God. Isn't it like fooling your child?.God is almighty,universal. Another question I want to raise is why God curses people who are harmless,innocent and who hadn't even thought bad of others. Is he testing out patience or is he testing our faith on him. Well that is life. The other day some one asked me to learn the concept of life. I was pissed off and irritated to listen to his lectures. Why would I learn the concept of life. If Corporate people don't understand feelings,emotions,sentiments etc ..then it doesn't means that you've to learn the concept of life.I am extremely sorry for drifting away from the topic of discussion.I want to ask you few other things. I've been frustrated these days for some personal and official reasons. This post may well exhibit my frustration level. Trust me I am brave enough to face things in life. For I very well know the so called concept of life. If leaving your loved ones and earning bread and butter by staying at a distant place is the only solution then why to do such things.You know the importance of certain people in your life and leaving them at some point of time is one of the biggest loss . Human life is short and in this short span we are here to imbue happiness and spread smiles. Tell me what is the purpose of living if you exhibit fake happiness and suppress your sorrow within you. I am not here to vent out my frustrations.I am just talking facts. Believe me you will remember each words when you face problems in life.
"Expectation always hurt ,so please stop expecting and start doing"
Love you all,Love from Noida,God bless you,
The Solitary Writer.

Thursday, May 06, 2010



There was pain. Pain that felt no numbness. Eating away in the back of my mind.

"Let go." She screamed.

And with it he released his grasp. Her fingers fluttered in the wind as she fell. Drifting slowly to the abyss below. And he wondered, as her crimson locks tangled with the wind, where would she go?

"Don't leave me." He cried out in a damaged breath.

But there was no girl to hear him. And no cries to be carried into the darkness. He still saw her falling, the winter crisp, running the inches of her body as she left him. But she was no longer there.

He stepped to the edge, sending pebbles flying. Tracing patterns of the sky where her body had descended. The ice drenched earth crackled at the force of his step, and the hollow of the canyon hummed deeply with the echo. He sucked through his lips, air that drank life. Air that stunk of death. His eyes fell shut.

And he released his body to the canyon below.

~ Eva at Screaming Whispers and Random Thoughts

***Thank you for letting me share a piece of myself on your blog Ste. You are an amazing writer.