Friday, May 07, 2010

209.Does God really exists?

"Great things happen when God mixes with Man;Great and beautiful and wonderful things"

..reads one of the rhyme which we used to sing during our school days. How often do we realize the importance of God in our life? There are certain cases when we fail to realize the existence of god in this universe. Does God really exists in this world or this is a mere hypothesis?. Well if this is a hypothesis, then whom could we blame?. It is the entity or a factor that governs the entire universe according to some people. Some Hindu Brahmans or pundits to be precise feel the existence of God as a prime factor.If God really exists then where does he disappears during time of sorrows and frustration. If I could say ,then as per my opinion God does exists for those who believe him and for atheists and agnostics he doesn't; simple isn't it? I really fail to understand the importance of God in my life. Trust me,last few weeks have certainly been one of my worst days of my life. Many turbulence occurred in this session or phase of my life. These incidences have drifted my views about the existence of god.My opinions are totally different.I beg to differ from points of ideologists, scientists or pundits about the same theory.
God is like a mirage, he exists or not doesn't really matters for those who don't believe him. I had immense faith in god till I was in my hometown, but as difficulties in life increased manifold and when I started facing serious havocs in my life I almost lost hope. Tell me what is the logic in trusting or having faith in God if he himself isn't there to support us during our bad times. Great things does happen ,but for this great thing to happen God should be great enough to shower his blessing upon you. I remember an argument,a tiff between certain group of people. Atheists on one side and believers of God on other side. It was a debate about the existence of God.I was a mere spectator as I didn't had any thing to do with. For I understand my plight and helpless about the same.
If one person who could solve the problems in your life ,then it would be God as per many people's view. Quite true;ain't it?.
SO my question is why does God betrays us during our bad time?.Where is he when we cry and present our plea to freed him from our sins. Oh! the Gods of the world would 've been busy solving people and may be we may be placed on a long queue. When our time comes, our life collapses and we are helpless.Think about those who lost their loved ones because of certain unwanted things but yet believe in God. Isn't it like fooling your child?.God is almighty,universal. Another question I want to raise is why God curses people who are harmless,innocent and who hadn't even thought bad of others. Is he testing out patience or is he testing our faith on him. Well that is life. The other day some one asked me to learn the concept of life. I was pissed off and irritated to listen to his lectures. Why would I learn the concept of life. If Corporate people don't understand feelings,emotions,sentiments etc ..then it doesn't means that you've to learn the concept of life.I am extremely sorry for drifting away from the topic of discussion.I want to ask you few other things. I've been frustrated these days for some personal and official reasons. This post may well exhibit my frustration level. Trust me I am brave enough to face things in life. For I very well know the so called concept of life. If leaving your loved ones and earning bread and butter by staying at a distant place is the only solution then why to do such things.You know the importance of certain people in your life and leaving them at some point of time is one of the biggest loss . Human life is short and in this short span we are here to imbue happiness and spread smiles. Tell me what is the purpose of living if you exhibit fake happiness and suppress your sorrow within you. I am not here to vent out my frustrations.I am just talking facts. Believe me you will remember each words when you face problems in life.
"Expectation always hurt ,so please stop expecting and start doing"
Love you all,Love from Noida,God bless you,
The Solitary Writer.


  1. I know where you are coming from. I have been an atheist for quite sometime until my faith in God deepened in two occasions. The concept of God is faith, just like the faith we have on religion. We dont know if its right, but if it gives us peace of mind and helps us during hardships, then its thats good.

    I hope you find your way, just be patient. Thats all I can say. If not God, then trust yourself.


  2. Nice thoughts!!

    In my view, life is a little unfair to all of us and god helped us to satisfy with what we receive in the name of "fate"!

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  4. I like what you wrote in this post. I understand where you are coming from. I've gone through a lot of "push, and pull" back and fourth in relation to why good people have to suffer so much, when I see bad, rude selfish people reap the "corporate" concept right?

    Each day is different than me..but how to say this. I don't feel alone anymore though I have struggled for many many years as a single woman on my own fighting the battles to survive and learning to "adapt" to dangerous situation. I've come to the conclusion that I would not still be alive if I had not figured out how to "adapt" out in the world the way I do. But I know that there is somehow, an "essence" a higher power looking over me. I know it, because every time I face the "fires and the fear" and get through it I always get this special as I call it "Gift" within 24 hours of what I've gone through. A phone call from someone "special" some very good surprising news, or someone totally being there for me.

    Well, all for now...hope you are doing well and this post you wrote is a good question that many of us ponder..but come to some kind of understanding as we grow older in our lives and experience more.

    Love and Blessings,