Friday, May 14, 2010

210.Very happy today!!!! :D

Hmm!!Long time .How are you ?.I could never imagine that I would leave blogworld for once.Now ,I am glad that I am being able to update my blog from some where.Trust me I am doing the same sitting from my cubicle B117 :P .I’ve a great team out here and wonderful friends.Its contrary that I used to crib during initial days ,but now its fine.My previous post was just a vent out of my thoughts and now that its clear I am enjoying this place.

Well, there are many reasons for the same.Hmm today we had our IDU award ceremony and we all were present.It was like awarding the performers and the best participants from different project teams.Our team grabbed 5 awards and we won the best team for the year award.Amazing na. Hmm! WEST is BEST. :P

Our team name is WEST,as we deliver service to the west regions of the United States.It was fun and I am really happy to be a part of this event and I am glad that our team won it.We have a lot of deserving candidates and inclusion of me makes it more special for me.

Its just that I am missing my folks and my loved ones.I am waiting for my other friends to come and once they come then it would be bliss and bang bang all around.Yipppie! I’m so happy.And yes I got a virtual sister although I don’t wanted her to my sister.Will write about my virtual sister on my next post.Till then give me some time.I hope to be regular atleast I can promise you.Love you all Getting late for home.Don’t know what to do this weekend.Suggest me .Love you mom,dad and anu....Miss you and love you three a lot ...muaaaaaaaah!


  1. Congratulations ste...happy to see you happy @ ur virtual sister Esther :D

    waiting for ur next post !!

  2. Many congratulations!

    Happiness is certainly infectious, as has happened to me now - reading this has made me happy!

    Let the bliss be!


  3. Hie!!!
    This is Crocodiel from Tiger Trails BPL team :-) Looking fwd to the contests et al :-)