Thursday, August 26, 2010

218.Oh No! I forgot it once again!!

Oh No!I forgot it once again.I mean I forgot to bring my notepad back home.Actually its the  notebook which we use in our office.This book is used for all the HLD activities.This post is dedicated to all those people who have the tendency of forgetting things. This is a special post which goes to a newly made friend.She claims that she is one of those souls who forget things. Right now she is talking to me on Yahoo messenger.She had the headphones on her ears but it was only after 30 minutes that she realized that there was no music.She also narrates another interesting incident that took place in her life.

One day Miss V was very ill.She had fever and she had to be fed with tablets and medicines.I can realize how lazy my friend would be.She went to the kitchen to get water.She actually drank the whole tumbler of water.After few hours she realized that she hadn't taken the medicines.Well what do you call such people? .I am in awe of such friends of mine who don't cease to surprise me with some acts.And this time I am going to write about my best buddy Abhishek Tyagi.He is from my office and we have had lots of fun together.Thanks to the spare time of TM during which we used to eat chilli patatoes and aloo parathaa's :P. I am new to Delhi and I hardly know any stores.One day I had called him to get a shoe lace.He assured me by saying sweet words like "Bhai,pakka laata hu" .Its been 2 whole weeks that passed by and I am yet to geth that thing. We are good at sight seeing and passing comments.Trust me he is one such buddy of mine. "Bhullakad" is the very famous word which is used to refer to people who forget things easily. Many such things have happened with me.I am going to write about it for sure.Infact let me share few such incidents.It was 2003 and my board exams were going on.I had completely forgotten about my Civics book until I realized that I had my civics paper as well.In Mumbai we used to have civics as a part of our History book.I has searched my books at many places but I could not find it.Finally I got vexed and it was complete outburst of anger on my dad.My dad used to keep all my books on my shelf.Finally when I came back home from exam ,I realized that my book was on my bag.So easy to blame others and then I had to apologize to my daddy.Once I forgot to submit my assignment during my Engineering days and I had to cut short the work at the last minute. Its easy to forget things and trust me,there are many funny incidents that happen sometimes in life too.
These are memories which would pull out a smile from your face.I am smiling at this point of time when Vini reminded me about this .And sometimes the environment itself paves way to make things difficult.We have 32 applications and trust me we are asked by our manager to memorise those 32 passwords.These days things are getting difficult as the Israeli auditors are going to audit our IDU.That would be fun for sure but memorising the password thing doesn't sounds good.Hmm. most of my applications have similar passwords.Yey!that makes me easy to remember thing.Just now I realize that I forgot to call my Mom today ;)

See you...have a great weekend...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

217.Knowing yourself

Umm,its been really long since I actually wrote something serious on this space.Apart from the Neha  posts  and too much of cribbings,I have decided that its time to get serious.Now  its time to wake my blog from its deep sleep.So today we are going to talk about our innerself.What we are going to talk and what all we need to know about us will soon follow in this post. First of all let me ask you one simple question.How many of you believe that you are amongst the happiest person on earth. Are you satisfied with the life you're living?.If it is yes then  not bad.But on the other hand if it is a no then I can suggest you certain ways to make your life blissful.

Who are you?What are you and what are your roles in your life? .Have you ever  done something useful to some one that deserved appreciation.Well knowing ourself is an important factor that judges us.Trust me guys to answer all those questions is a difficult task.This is because its our duty to know ourself.Life is so short that we tend to forget people in our life very soon.Some may be mere strangers and some may be knowing us too long.What is the purpose of our life? This is tricky. Every one in this world has their own set of tasks,goals and vision.Its these goals and vision that shows them the path to success.You may be determined to do something and you may land up doing something different. Life turns out to be a disastor when you fail to recognize yourself.Trust me I am the best person to speak this. Well,I may not be happy with the way things are going around me but I know me and thats the point.Everyone is unique in this world and everyone possesses a special talent which identifies them. What would happen if you don't recognize the potential in you?.Its important because you own your life and you live your life the way you wish to.We sometimes fail to execute our plan although we are good at planning. What have you done to your loved ones or closed ones?Have our existence benifited us in any means?
Do you know your worth?. So many questions,but do we have any answers.Our importance matters a lot and we should definitely be knowing our worth in our life.It is the biggest asset which governs us.Ok I am going to show you a picture which I stoled from my friend Sana's orkut profile. I pondered over it for a while.I realized that the picture itself had a lots to say.It actually inspired me and I bet it would inspire you too.

What do you see from this picture? Its a cat which see's a lion as its mirror image.This is ambitious ,but how inspiring.You may be capable of doing something in life,but that is something which you didnt had to do or may be  there were few hindraces on your way to achieve the task.I'm quite sure the tiger below is going to sue me after seeing the Lion's picture :P .Enough of jokes.Lets talk about the values that govern you.There could be many principles or values which highlights you.Try to be the same whatever be the cicrumstances and case.You are known by these values in life.Its easy to  be a  bad person. But trust me ,it is difficult to be a good person. Before ending this,I would like to ask you another question.Which are the values that represents you?

See you soon with some interesting topic. :)

Sunday, August 08, 2010

216.An End to an Eternal wait!

Disclaimer:All characters are fictitious!

"Shiva ,are your eyes open?are you watching me ,when will you freed me from all the distress and all my problems?,"Jaganath Singh cried.

His daughter Chanda was getting married in 2 days time.Today his daughter presented him the biggest shock of his life.
"How could you do it?,"the entire family was in a state of dismay.
Chandi was pregnant.She was getting married 2 days hence.
"Tell me who is responsible for this,"Jaganath asked patiently.
"Papa,I know he won't betray me,"she sobbed.

She remembered the promise that Sandeep Bhaskaracharya made to her before leaving for Raunbaugh.
"My love Chanda,You are mine forever ,wait for me,I will be back and talk to your dad about our relationship," her eyes shed tears as these lines buzzed her ears.
"How will I face Samindhi Teghbahadur Thakur and his son Vikramjeet Thakur," Jaganath said.
"Papa,mere Sandeep mujhe milne Zarur aayege,"she said.
At the same time Prasar Bharti ,comes up with a flash news.

"27 Naxalites shot dead in the Raunbaugh encounter . 5 Armymen were shot dead.Major Sandeep Bhaskaracharya (26),Major Raghuvir Yadav(43),Teghpal Mishra(39),Lakeer Sheikh(29) and Major Maninder Purneet Singh(37) were shot dead.,"the news reporter paused.

With this Jaganath witness tears flowing from his daughters eyes.Her love was no more alive.He sacrificed his life for the nation.
"Papa,I won't marry anyone,I have the biggest asset with me,"she said.
"I have Sandeeps child with me,I will make him an army officer and make my Sandeep proud,"she sobbed.
"I'm proud of you ,Chanda,"Jaganath said as he wiped the tears from his daughters eyes.
Chanda could not accept the shock.She lost her.Sandeep died fighting the extremists.
"Sandeep died,my Sandeep died,"she wept.

Friday, August 06, 2010


This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 13; the thirteenth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

"Good bye my dear love"
Its a big shocker of the world for someone who has been in relationship and one day the person bids adieu.Why on earth do people fall in love with each other if they are not destined to live together.Love is pure and I don't think people fall in love quite often.Love is one of those purest entity or a feeling which is un expressable.I have a very close friend of mine who is low and depressed these days.During these 4 years of my friendship with her ,I haven't seen her break and cry to this extent.She is dejected and when I came to know the reason I got the biggest shock of my life.How much he used to love her and they used to be happy together?People would get jealous when they saw both of them as couples. Its true that both of them belong to different religions and cultures,but it doesn't means  that you can't live.For the first time when you  utter the magical word you promise the person that you would be with them forever and you won't leave them  even in the worst phase of the life."Good bye" is one such  harsh word in relationship.No one in relationship would ever like to hear this words from their loved ones.
For a person who is leaving for a war,it is unpredictable because a good bye from him  may be the last good bye if things go wrong.For a  person who is employed  and relocated far away from famly then a  good bye for him is a source of income.It is this good bye which gives him the courage to live alone and earn bread and butter for his family.This word has a strong impact and trust me this is  a powerful word.Coming back to the discussion about the love and relationship.Why would our loved one betray us by saying words which would hurt us?.I want to ask you the same to everyone who reads this post.Heart is very vulnerable ,my dear friends.It is a combination of feelings and emotions.Not every one is brave enough to accept defeat and failure  in love.

"Nothing I could say to you,Nothing I could ever do to make you feel what you mean to me.All the tear and pain I cried ,till you never said good bye.But now I know how far you'd go"
These are few lines from Avrils song.I don't remember the name of this song.These lines are so meaningful and for those in love would surely know the importance of these few lines.How much does it means to someone who are in relationship?.Hurting some one by saying these words are easy but to learn and realize the impact it creates on the person is very diffcult.It is a turbulance.Not every one would like to know the scenario or may no one would wish.If goodbye was the last option then what was the use of saying  flowery words to impress and red roses to pull a smile from the persons face.If only it was known that the smile was not long lasting and it  would soon be replaced by tears.
I don't intend to write a love and relationship post.I was just talking to my friend and I realized about this topic.Its difficult to digest the fact  when someone whom you know since long leaves you without letting you know anything.Lets deviate from this topic .So friends ,I urge you to understand the meaning  of love.It is something which is special.Its a special feeling between two individuals.Never ever leave your loved ones and hurt them.Lets live and celebrate life.Let make every journey of our life colorful. Never use this  word in relationship because  leaving your loved ones is like leaving your precious assets. Have a great time ahead guys. And its my turn to say
"Good bye my dear friends" :p