Tuesday, September 28, 2010

222.Took my breath away

It was a matter of time  when  I'd fallen  in love with  a girl who  scored good in Mathematics.I never knew her name until the day when I flunked in the maths paper.She was 17 and I was 18.I was crying hard since I'd failed. People laughed at me and friends taunted me.Crying in public was not embarassing for me. Every one looked at me and walked away.She came close to me.
"Hey Roger! don't worry you will pass next time," a soft voice from behind soothed me.
"Who the hell is she!" I pondered.With a swift, I turned behind to observe the most average looking girl of the century. She said "Hey Roger! don't you worry I'm there for you".
"Omg! what are you saying!" I said to her.
"No  Roger ,no ,don't get me wrong ... I will help you in Maths...I got 100/100 in Maths," she grinned.
"Oh bragger," I said in my mind.
"Thanks sweety," I said.
"No I'm not sweety ..I'm Amy," She said.
"HuH Amy!," I smiled.
"No its not huh Amy ..Its Marie Amy," she grinned.
"Amy ..alright," I said.
"shall we leave...," I ran.
She wore thick glasses which had dark black frames.She wore braces that covered her teeth and her hair  braided down till her back.Days and night she sat with me and we both solved surds,graphs and trigonometry.

Sin x upon cos x was tan x was what  she used to say. Tan theta and Cot theta were her two best friends. She knew all the formulas ,thanks to her mnemonics. She spoke in terms of Sin,Cos and Cosec and I used to reply in terms of Sweety,Baby and gorgeous. Our chemistry was like two opposite poles of a magnet. Me the positive of one and she the negative of other. But who cares until I learnt that opposite poles of a magnet attracts each other.

Best friends soon turned into  a pain  in my ass as Amy came into my class. She was  like my mentor and my guru. We used to stare at each other when I didn't knew the answer.She would grin displaying her braces  which hid her 32 teeth.

Finally exam got over and marks were announced.
I passed with flying colors and Amy's happiness grew no bounds.
"Olaa!!! lets do balle balle," I danced with her to which she blushed.
"Sweety ,are you coming for a date with me tonight," I smiled at her.
"Sweety ,... I am not sweety ..I'm Amy," She said.
"Ok. Amy baby ,are you coming for a date with me tonight," I said.
"Do you think I'm a baby Roger!," she grimaced.
"Amy are you coming for a date with me tonight," I said.
"Oh Roger, you're so  nice,sure sure  I 'll come," she blushed.
"Evening sharp at 6  I would be waiting for you at Spencer's ," I said and left.
I was at Spencer since 5.30 pm staring at pretty good looking girls. It was 6 and Amy was not in sight for over miles. I could see tall uncle's  with their trench suit and trousers and fat aunties carrying their fat kids. I was tired of waiting. A tall beautiful girl with long hairs was walking towards me. She wore a pink gown and a diamond earing.

"Roger it ,Roger," my mind said.
She sat with me for a coffee.
"Hey Gorgeous lady you're so cute beauty," I winked .
"Thanks..," she said.
For a moment I'd forget Amy.

"How do I look Roger?," the girl said.
"You're so pretty," I smiled.
"Thanks Roger you're so nice ," she said.
"Wait wait, I smell Amy," I said.
"Idiot ,I suppose you'd asked me out," she said.
"I don't even know you," I said.
"Go to hell,I'm going home," she got vexed.
"Amy, is that you?," I was perplexed.

"Oh No! how could she be so beautiful? where are her glasses and her braces," I said to myself.
"I'm Amy ... Roggerrrrrr!," she glared at me.
"Liar Liar pants on fire," I said.
"Oh shut up,thats it," she said.
"Prove me that your Amy," I said.
"Ask me anything," she said.
"Sin x upon cos x is..." I asked.
"Tan x.. next please," she smiled with pride.
" Square root of 3 is... " I asked.
"1.7321.. next please," she said.
"Any number divided by  0 is ..." I asked.
"infinity ..  next please," she smiled.
"What is Newton's 2nd law of motion?," I winked.
"Hey thats cheating! .That is not Maths I reckon. Any way  I know it ," she said.
"Everybody continues in its state of rest or of uniform motion unless it is acted upon by an external unbalanced force," she laughed.
"Oh dearie I admit you are Amy," I surrendered.
"Oh sweety, you're so pretty," I said.
"Its Amy ,not sweety," she said.
"Amy,you're so beautiful," I said once again.
"You are saying this for the nth time ,Rogerr!," she said.
"I like you," I said.
"Really," she replied.
"You cast a spell upon me," I smiled.
"Really," she smiled back.
"You took my breath away," I grinned at her her.
"Oh wow! I'm loving all this," she smiled.
"Even me..." I said.
"Will you marry me,Sweety?," I said to her.
"I am not Sweety,I'm Amy," she said.
"How many times do I tell you that I'm Amy," she got angry for once.
"Will you marry me Amy?," I smiled and  went close to her.

"Yeah, thats better," she said.
"Any way what did you just say,Please come in front of me so that I can read your lips," she said.
"Oh so you do lip reading ehh," she said.
"No I can't hear.I'm deaf,"  she said.
"What!! you indeed took my breath away," I fainted.
"Did you say something?,"  she said.
"Excuse me...hello...excuse me Rogerr get up please ," She said.
How strange Life is? An ugly duckling turns into a beautiful swan. I'm not talking about Farmville game of Facebook.A nerdy girl with braces on her teeth and glasses on her eyes ,one day turns into a fairy just to flatter me.She took my breath away  until  she dropped an atom bomb on my ears by saying that she was deaf.How cruel is life!!
"Oh Roger it Roger,....I mean don't Roger it,"

PS: This post was written for Blogeshwar and Anubhooti

Sunday, September 26, 2010

221.Dilemma - 2

221.Dilemma - 2
continued from Dilemma - 1
*Girl, *Boy

"You can't fall in love," a friend of mine said to me.
"You bet! I'm a charmer," I said.
"Wherever I go girls follow me like mad," I added.
"I wish you could identify some special people in your life," she said to me.
"I know you're a charmer, but you don't cast a spell upon any random person , do you ?," she added.
"Why don't you understand some important people in your life who follow you like crazy?," she said.

I failed to understand  her intention.
"I wish you could..,"  She  smiled.

"I'm the kind of person who has this unique tendency to make people smile any where and everywhere, even in their deepest sorrow.I'm not a clown who can go on and on by tickling everyone's funny bone.It takes immense efforts to grab that one smile from my beloved ones face.In this process I've attracted many people and how do I identify the special one from them,"I said.

"I wish you'd learnt me better.Remember the day I proposed you and you gave me long explanation and rated me as just a best friend," I added.

"Do you want me to remind you of  many such incidents?,"I perplexed.

"There are many such things in life apart from this.You know how much  hurt you caused me that  day by refusing me," I said.

"Why don't you understand ?..that was different.. thats it.." she said.
"I love you..," She stared at me.

"But you wanted me to be your best friend forever," I smiled.
"Yes, can't best friends fall in love," she said.
"Hmm, so what do you want me to say?," I asked.
"Love me or else I won't leave you alone," she winked.
"You are a insane," I smiled.

"I've been loving you since the last 4 years from college.Just that my love for you was overshadowed by friendship and I'm glad you love me," I said.
"Huh! don't eat my  head and I need a kiss outright," she demanded.
I kissed her on her pink cheeks..
"I wish you kissed me somewhere else too ," she smiled.
"As you wish...," I grabbed her.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

220.Clean screen & clear desk policy ;-)

220.Clean  screen & clear desk policy ;-)
I have been quite irregular in blogworld for last 8 months or so .Thanks to my job....Oh god I hope
 A-A-TM  guys aren't reading this post.Every year we have a security audit and each year we have auditiors  from Israel who interview us.The amount of hype this audit had created was  immensible. All the managers were busy  involved in clearing the mess and the employees were the poor victims.We used to have periodic  meetings scheduled to discuss this issue.Umm, while going through some random blogs ,I came to know about this Sunday Scribbling.I remember taking part  in previous prompts of the same site.I don't remember the topic though.So I have decided to write about this episode which took place at my office.
Security audits are generally  strict and stringent actions were supposed to be taken against people who were caught.Every day we would be getting mails and pointers to be noted like keep your desks locked before  you leave for home,lock your screen and so on. And it was during one of those sessions that we came to know about the clean screen and clear desk policy. Many people had different interpretations about the same.Some used to mess up with the clean screen and data encryption pointer.This all took place two weeks prior to our audit.This all had made things miserable.Our teams audit was supposed to take place on  friday.But sometimes it would be funny and the environment would be different at the floor.Every one would go outside the office and drink chai and smoke. They would wait for hours outside until the audit is over .Once its done ,then they would enter the floor like champions with constant smile on their face. To be honest even I was  not present during the audit  ,thanks to my CIA test which I had to give. So coming back to clean screen and clear desk policy, clean screen means locking your screen before leaving your cubicle and clear desk policy means locking your desk before leaving the cubicle.Isn't that cool? .I am glad they didn't had something like clean cubicle policy otherwise we would end up cleaning out cubicle.. Hahaha I can't stop laughing after experiencing all that .... hahaa
PS: Google chrome isn't allowing users to open my website.. So try opening in internet explorer or mozilla... ;) ...how are you guys? .Long time ...hope to be regular. Love yaaaa

Sunday, September 19, 2010

219. Remembering my good old ITP Days @Manikchand,Pune

Life had completely changed for once after we got our joining dates some 8 months ago.Now,its too difficult to relive the same moments today.Each and every days of ITP was special .Starting from the behavioural training till the Generic pack.Life was simply awesome.The location and the place where we took our training was so grand and super.I just wish to go back to those old days .Life is so short and I am so sure that such auspicious occasions are just once.A room named after Chanakya the great.32 souls from different colleges of Mumbai were taught various skills and trainings were given to them.Their only intention was to clear ITP training.

Behavioral training was indeed awesome.Neha Maa'm had came to take our trainings and so were the other mentors.The first day of training was so fun.We 5 out of the total 7 roomies were in same classroom.Chanakya was the only name that we knew.We were asked to introduce ourselves.Shy Sandeep's,Proudy Prashant's,Animal Ajay's,Rowdy Rajkumar's and Smart Shraddha's had introduced themselves.Everyone was asked to continue the chain by adding an adjective before their name.We were taught basic behavioural skills .We had an awesome trainer who had taught us English grammer and the ex tempos where we were given random topics and asked to talk about the same.As days passed ,the bonding between each one of us grew stronger and stronger.We were made to work in groups and for each activity the groups used to change and it would be shuffled.First week of behavioural training was so fun.We wished and longed to see another session of behavioural training.But it was dominated by the Foundation pack,which was supposed to be followed by Generic training.It all happened in the early months of the year 2010.Sivakumar sir who was our trainer for SQL had made our session more easier for us.Trainings used to be conducted till 5.30 pm followed by assignments and practice sessions.Manikchand ,Pune is really special for me.I also got to meet many new friends from Hinjewadi and Gigaspace who were in touch with me through Orkut and FB.Finally the day had arrived which was utmost important to us.Tests used to be conducted by TechMahindra after completion of every session.There would be a gap of a week before we had any tests.SQL paper was not expected to be tough but it was indeed difficult.Siva sir had tried his best to help us,but wwe were helpless.TechM's rigorous trainings showed its true color from day1 itself.We friends had planned for a movie "My name is Khan"  after our exam.But the environment was not cheerful.Prashant was very upset since his paper went very bad.Even our paper was very difficult.We only had 3 retests which was like 3 lifeline's to us.Then we had our SE,VVT and Unix sessions.Unix was interesting but vast.I flunked in my Unix paper and it was not a delightful sight for me.Days passed by and we concentrated more on our studies.Who cares but we also had our fun quotient high.All thanks to Rajkumar Tiwari,the Raavan of our TechM's Ramayan.
We had our friends who used to sit in front of us.They were engaged and we indirectly used to address them as Ram and Sita.Ramayan @Spark was so fun.Spark messenger was the only means through which we used to chat with our other friends.I am sad that we don't have access to Spark messenger here as we work for AT&T and Q messenger is everything for us.I was given the role of Hanuman,Ajay as sugreev and Rohit as Laxman.The last bench was called as Lanka since the entire Ramayan crew sat on the last bench.We used to roleplay Ramayan characters everytime.Such instances comes only once in life time.Those days were shortlived. The difficulty level of our papers were high as days went by.After every paper we used to get a hint about our presence in Techmahindra.It was during those time when I met Neha W , a charming beautiful girl who used to come to our location for training.I had written  about her in my old blog post.She had an improvement in Unix.I befriended her during those cruel days when our fate was to be decided by the complexity of the exams conducted by Techm.I wanted to meet Neha again.I never knew that I would meet her and I felt sad as I got allocated to Delhi.Deepika who was my best friend had left techmahindra as she failed to clear the eligibility criteria.I know how much I helped her and we both worked hard for Unix.I didn't wanted her to leave techm and I helped her as much I could.I had no other options apart from accepting the project from Noida.I was put in a fix when I got this news and to continue or not was the question which would come in my mind.For once I'd decided to leave for Noida.I soon started missing my friends from ITP.We seemed to be scattered across Pune,Mumbai and Delhi although only 2 of us were put up in Delhi.I lost touch with my friends.I desperately wanted to go back to them and wanted to rejoin my ITP batch.Not everything happens the way you think.I started missing Momma,Appa and Anu a lot.During one fine morning,I wrote a mail to Neha and she gave me a news which almost got tears on my eyes.She had left TechM.I wanted to talk to her.She was someone who was so special.Her smiles,her cute dimples and everything was so perfect.She was a girl with no attitude and I wanted to meet her but sadly I coudln't.There are many episodes of ITP life which I would like to share.It was a display of wide gamut of emotions,friendship,bonding etc.Dhaval's nose punch,Deepika's exit,Ajay's frown,Rajkumar and mine constant disputes,Neha's entry were some of the highlights of my ITP life.I forgot to mention about Ajay whom I knew from my college.We were so upset after we gave out Unix paper that we had decided to go for a drink.I remember the entire things that happened that day

Swapnali,Roshan,Komal,Vishal,Pooja,Zoha,Pakeezah,Dhaval,Jobin,Atul,Deepika,Neha,Navjit,Mrinal,Ryan and many others had completed our training together.Each one of you are special to me..

I would also like to mention my new friends Abhishek,Prothit,Emilie,Angira,Ayantika,Prasenjit,
Shagun,Amber,Manoj,Digvijay,Ratika,Kamlendre,Nikhil,Vinati,Neha Chandok,Himanshu,Richa and many more who came to be a part of my life.I don't miss my family since I have you guys.Love you a lot.I want to go back to my ITP days and most importantly to my home.It doesn't means that I am homesick :) .It just means that I love you guys.ITP Days were really fun filled.Each days meant a lot to me.Got a new experience from it.Loved it to the core..Love you guys a lot.

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