Tuesday, September 28, 2010

222.Took my breath away

It was a matter of time  when  I'd fallen  in love with  a girl who  scored good in Mathematics.I never knew her name until the day when I flunked in the maths paper.She was 17 and I was 18.I was crying hard since I'd failed. People laughed at me and friends taunted me.Crying in public was not embarassing for me. Every one looked at me and walked away.She came close to me.
"Hey Roger! don't worry you will pass next time," a soft voice from behind soothed me.
"Who the hell is she!" I pondered.With a swift, I turned behind to observe the most average looking girl of the century. She said "Hey Roger! don't you worry I'm there for you".
"Omg! what are you saying!" I said to her.
"No  Roger ,no ,don't get me wrong ... I will help you in Maths...I got 100/100 in Maths," she grinned.
"Oh bragger," I said in my mind.
"Thanks sweety," I said.
"No I'm not sweety ..I'm Amy," She said.
"HuH Amy!," I smiled.
"No its not huh Amy ..Its Marie Amy," she grinned.
"Amy ..alright," I said.
"shall we leave...," I ran.
She wore thick glasses which had dark black frames.She wore braces that covered her teeth and her hair  braided down till her back.Days and night she sat with me and we both solved surds,graphs and trigonometry.

Sin x upon cos x was tan x was what  she used to say. Tan theta and Cot theta were her two best friends. She knew all the formulas ,thanks to her mnemonics. She spoke in terms of Sin,Cos and Cosec and I used to reply in terms of Sweety,Baby and gorgeous. Our chemistry was like two opposite poles of a magnet. Me the positive of one and she the negative of other. But who cares until I learnt that opposite poles of a magnet attracts each other.

Best friends soon turned into  a pain  in my ass as Amy came into my class. She was  like my mentor and my guru. We used to stare at each other when I didn't knew the answer.She would grin displaying her braces  which hid her 32 teeth.

Finally exam got over and marks were announced.
I passed with flying colors and Amy's happiness grew no bounds.
"Olaa!!! lets do balle balle," I danced with her to which she blushed.
"Sweety ,are you coming for a date with me tonight," I smiled at her.
"Sweety ,... I am not sweety ..I'm Amy," She said.
"Ok. Amy baby ,are you coming for a date with me tonight," I said.
"Do you think I'm a baby Roger!," she grimaced.
"Amy are you coming for a date with me tonight," I said.
"Oh Roger, you're so  nice,sure sure  I 'll come," she blushed.
"Evening sharp at 6  I would be waiting for you at Spencer's ," I said and left.
I was at Spencer since 5.30 pm staring at pretty good looking girls. It was 6 and Amy was not in sight for over miles. I could see tall uncle's  with their trench suit and trousers and fat aunties carrying their fat kids. I was tired of waiting. A tall beautiful girl with long hairs was walking towards me. She wore a pink gown and a diamond earing.

"Roger it ,Roger," my mind said.
She sat with me for a coffee.
"Hey Gorgeous lady you're so cute beauty," I winked .
"Thanks..," she said.
For a moment I'd forget Amy.

"How do I look Roger?," the girl said.
"You're so pretty," I smiled.
"Thanks Roger you're so nice ," she said.
"Wait wait, I smell Amy," I said.
"Idiot ,I suppose you'd asked me out," she said.
"I don't even know you," I said.
"Go to hell,I'm going home," she got vexed.
"Amy, is that you?," I was perplexed.

"Oh No! how could she be so beautiful? where are her glasses and her braces," I said to myself.
"I'm Amy ... Roggerrrrrr!," she glared at me.
"Liar Liar pants on fire," I said.
"Oh shut up,thats it," she said.
"Prove me that your Amy," I said.
"Ask me anything," she said.
"Sin x upon cos x is..." I asked.
"Tan x.. next please," she smiled with pride.
" Square root of 3 is... " I asked.
"1.7321.. next please," she said.
"Any number divided by  0 is ..." I asked.
"infinity ..  next please," she smiled.
"What is Newton's 2nd law of motion?," I winked.
"Hey thats cheating! .That is not Maths I reckon. Any way  I know it ," she said.
"Everybody continues in its state of rest or of uniform motion unless it is acted upon by an external unbalanced force," she laughed.
"Oh dearie I admit you are Amy," I surrendered.
"Oh sweety, you're so pretty," I said.
"Its Amy ,not sweety," she said.
"Amy,you're so beautiful," I said once again.
"You are saying this for the nth time ,Rogerr!," she said.
"I like you," I said.
"Really," she replied.
"You cast a spell upon me," I smiled.
"Really," she smiled back.
"You took my breath away," I grinned at her her.
"Oh wow! I'm loving all this," she smiled.
"Even me..." I said.
"Will you marry me,Sweety?," I said to her.
"I am not Sweety,I'm Amy," she said.
"How many times do I tell you that I'm Amy," she got angry for once.
"Will you marry me Amy?," I smiled and  went close to her.

"Yeah, thats better," she said.
"Any way what did you just say,Please come in front of me so that I can read your lips," she said.
"Oh so you do lip reading ehh," she said.
"No I can't hear.I'm deaf,"  she said.
"What!! you indeed took my breath away," I fainted.
"Did you say something?,"  she said.
"Excuse me...hello...excuse me Rogerr get up please ," She said.
How strange Life is? An ugly duckling turns into a beautiful swan. I'm not talking about Farmville game of Facebook.A nerdy girl with braces on her teeth and glasses on her eyes ,one day turns into a fairy just to flatter me.She took my breath away  until  she dropped an atom bomb on my ears by saying that she was deaf.How cruel is life!!
"Oh Roger it Roger,....I mean don't Roger it,"

PS: This post was written for Blogeshwar and Anubhooti


  1. That was one helluva twist in the story!!! Great post 'Ste'!!
    How can Roger not know this till now!!

    Best wishes for BLOGESHWAR 4.0

    Cheers :)

  2. wow! nice post... kept me with the story throughout... :)

  3. nice story man !!! now tell me is it your real life story??

  4. ehahahhahahaa....it was ROFL... sine cosine and guy, who was stumped twice.

  5. It is what it is.
    The deaf listening the blind.

  6. Ahh! That was actually fresh and gave me so breath! ;)

  7. it reminded me of jassi jaisi koi nahi n ugly betty.. nice one.. though the ending was quite predictable..
    overall, a nice story, cool narration.. feel good one.. best wishes.. and yeah. amy isnt sweety :P