Thursday, February 17, 2011

230.Bla,Bla & Blah

I was watching SuperMan returns and for some reasons I was feeling weird and strange.I am talking about the scene where Superman saves a jet which was about to crash.Certain things are possible only when Superman and Rajnikant interferes.Great things happen when such superheroes come to rescue people from dangers and evade them from all certainty of any possible attack.Like this a country would be free from any kind of threats or likely threats.See,I am gone crazy and stupid behind such fantasy stories.I want to write something but  I am too lazy to write. Asked one of my new colleagues to read my When we Met story in company emp blog and felt great to get a honest review of the same.Its been really long since I actually wrote something meaningful.Its  non sense and bhakwas all these days.Instead of cribbing and whining ,I am actually planning to do something constructive. LoL,I didn't get hired by a construction company :P .I brought a Sony Cybershot to enhance my photography skills but unfortunately I haven't really had enough time for all that.All these days I have been really busy in work and I'm afraid that one day I would turn into a workoholic.My thirst for working late nights and completing my works has turned me into an insomniac. But lately  I could see a lots of change. I don't feel sleepy at nights and I watch POGO and CN like a little kid and record TV shows like MAD and Saas-Bahu soaps.My technical skills have completely swallowed my creativity and art.Now when I look back and open my blog and read the stories,it enlightens me completely.Went for 'Dil toh bachha hai ji' last week with a female friend of mine and thoroughly enjoyed it. Enjoyed the movie  offcourse.I'm no longer the same flirtu Ste and I seem to lost all my charms and sparks  of making friends easily within a blink of a second.

 Life changes..true,it does. My Social life circle seems to be depleted and I talk to my best-ie Harneet Kaur all these days for advises and suggestions.Weirdo that I'm. Thoughts of my ITP Crush Neha W haunts me these days and I'm getting weird dreams these days.I get dreams about things like  a jet plane crashing upside down like a blue whale and a train flying and me getting tested under a lie detector. GOD some one please save me :P :P .

For your kind info,we won the DCL cricket tournament,Tug of War and  we lost the Valentines day Bay decoration.I am sharing few pictures of the BAY decoration event held at TechM.
haasta la vista Readers for time being..Hope to return back ,but by when that i can't assure.Tata.

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  1. Interesting blog. I really like how you write. Found you on 20sb. Follower now!