Monday, April 04, 2011

Bleeding Blue(s)...

So the World Cup has finally come to an end .How many of you really supported  India to win this cup? .I was actually having India as one of my favourite and Srilanka as my other favourite.Luckily both the teams made into the finals and we won the Cup that counts. So during this period of time there were few interesting ads which came into picture. Lots of creative and innovate sides of ad makers were observed in this 2 months.Well Zozoos were same old but it kinda resembled me of Rajnikant stunts and a kind of gimmick. But the pepsi ads were awesome to be honest. Apart from Dhoni's helicopter shot,Sehwags upar cut,Bhajji's doosra ,Malinga's slinga,KP's palti shot and Dilshan's scoop shot ,they also used ICC elite  umpire for their ad.Billy Bowden was simply amazing.Out of the go ,I love Dilshan's dil scop.It actually used to bring smiles on my face whenever they played that ad on the TV.For obvious reasons ,I would be liking it for the girl and not Dilshan because she was pretty gorgeous and beautiful with the "hay mera pallu hay " lines :D

 So lots of ideas explored as things progressed into the knockout stages.Nike came up with this bleed blue campaign and it was supported by large number of people and I would see people placing a bleed blue button on their facebook display photos. Why not? Obviously everyone was rooting for India to win. Finally on April 2 ,India beat the lankans  by 6 wickets. At one time ,after the departure of Sachin and Sehwag,the match got uncertain since Srilanka was not a bad team at all and Malinga was simple amazing through out the tournament(reminding you of his 6 wickets against Kenya ). Finally the GOD  Sachin got his dreams fulfilled as he lifted the world cup which was his 21 yrs dream to win a world cup for India. Lots of inspiring comments were made by cricketers and they dedicated this WC to the senior pro.Indian media which is just like a sleeping lion would wait for the right time and broadcast all their creative news.Check this out ...

Well we can't fail to talk about the might of our captain MSD,he is such a sweetheart who dared to win the WC with a sixer without thinking that after Raina our bowlers would be padded up to bat. At some point, the match looked evenly balanced. The momentum was towards the lankans and that was the time when they  showed Rajni and Amir Khan together. SMS'es started flowing in forms of Rajni jokes. So ,the crowds went Crazy and counted that Rajni's presence is itself enough to kick Lankan asses.Weird ,no ..  I know but helpless lols.Ultimately ,by bleeding blue we went berserk but by winning the world cup some group of people really became rich.They are being given One crores each,some are given doctorate honours and high prestigious awards,luxury cars,individual houses,free train travels for lifetime and so on. WOW! some times I would rather think of changing my profession to a cricketer from an Engineer. #crazy

Comingback to the bleed blue thingy, do you think the other teams should have promoted this idea of Bleeding blue as per their jersey color. Like Aussies would say Bleed yellow ,Kiwi's bleed black,Pakis  bleed green and so on.. At the finals ,it was a state of tragedy as everyone started bleeding blue. SriLankans are blue too ...confused :S lol nevermind finally we won..the world cup is ours..
So leaving Malings's picture before and after world me this is a pretty famous one these days :D :D  Actually ,I got many things in mind but ...... lol let it be...and keep bleeding blue ...:D :D one day you will run out of blood and no one would donate you blue blood :P

Did'nt re read it my apologies for any typos or grammatical errors :D :D :D


  1. i support India not in this world cup bt from the moment i understand cricket iam supporting this team,even when after 2007 WC everyone was criticized them i support them...
    and as far as adds are concerned they add a new masala to match....

  2. congrats on a well deserved win!!

    how are you ste? :)

  3. i am doing great Mehak.. :) missing you and other blogger friends...m posting something after long time ... :)

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    good post. :-)
    the blue blood and related puns were simply great..
    thanks for your visit...

  5. Awesome dedication. All the best on your writing, too.