Thursday, April 07, 2011

Found myself!

She loves me..She loves me not.Definitely she loves me not.Nevertheless the number of days ,the amount of time I missed her is invaluable.The moments I shared with her were just pricesless although I've spoken to her just  for a while. She plays a cameo role in my life for some obvious reasons. You  get to meet someone during your training days in your  company ,you try to impress her but fail drastically in the process. And that is time when you try to derive something out of your past experience. Never  imagined that I would ever  talk to her again after moving to New Delhi but I do talk to her these days.

You may call her my spine for her support in those wonderful days . For someone who treated me as a best comrade,a priceless chivalrous knight  who is always there for her as a wonderful friend.Different people  have different roles in your life but the amount of impact the person creates is something that has to be watched. My early days in the capital city was  miserable.  During those  days  I realized that tears are something which are beyond emotions . Tears and emotions are uncontrollable and the amount of pain and those struggles would not suffice. You may look back at those  moments in your life and might wonder if life was different. Not everyones life is blissful,but it doesn't makes sense that you have achieved everything in life without any drawbacks.During those cribbing days of my life, I realized the worth of family and best friends. That was the time when transistion took place, maturity level grew up and responsiblity seem to be showing signs and the final product was a software Engineer. For one first priority has always been his family and love and for me it was the same. My parents asked me to give up if I didn't want to stay. But that was the time when judging the right and the wrong became difficult. I imagined myself in a state of dilemma,an illusion,struggle etc. I'd even pack my bags for my home journey, but didn't had the strength to compromise with my life. I would drench my bed with tears like  feeble and would refuse to talk to my loved ones for I didn't had the courage to see tears from their eyes . She may not have been with me for a long period of time,but she made me realize the worth of life.

There are somethings in life which play an important role. Family,Friends,Money,Career,Happiness and so are the other key pillars of life which are significant in our life. I would talk to her all night and crib about  my state of mind. I was caught in  a fix with life. She would  advise me  about the good and the bad and the right and the wrong. This made me stronger and I would definitely thank her for the same. Without her I would be feeble spineless person and thanks a lot for this best friend.
I would thank almighty for bestowing this priceless gift upon me. She was a messenger for me,an angel of God who gives strong messages and conveys it through her. Now I am happily living in NDelhi with lots of friends. Pune and Mumbai friends seems to be replaced by Noida and Delhi friends. But all that I want to say is that I would count my Delhi days as one of my best days of my life. Trust me these words are coming straight from my heart.I will tell you that I've found myself
Love you for this :)

Prompted at Sunday Scribblings: Messenger


  1. So much of growing up that the lovely friend was lost? Talk to her, just a little more, talk about her, just a little more.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. m glad to know that you did not give up..
    very true lines :)
    "There are somethings in life which play an important role. Family,Friends,Money,Career,Happiness and so are the other key pillars of life which are significant in our life."

    Good to see you back after a long time :)

  3. Seems like you have real keeper in your hands :)...true friends/soulmates are difficult to find so cherish it with your heart and soul.

  4. Hey bro!! The training has really added some valuable things to our life.. I can see the glimpse of my life in your story.. You are lucky to have such good friends in your pack..
    But sometimes its really hard to preserve such a gem of a person... :(

  5. Yes we must not give up...good to see u back. Glad to knw tht u r lucky to have ppl like these in ur life.

  6. life always teaches you and specially when hard time come ..
    lesson's are more important
    nice that you learnt some useful lessons....

  7. awwww that such a sweet post straight from the heart. I can really relate to yr post cuz whenever i m going through tough times, a bunch of ppl who love me brings me back to light. And thts the beauty of a relationship that u can feel connected to a person even if u dont have any blood ties with him/her. great blog love it n following it: )

  8. this happens with me most of the times.. some person ends up being my support in bad times and then completely vanishes from my life!! and its just not abt keeping contact!!

  9. This was fantastic! I actually experienced something like this last week, so I can definitely relate