Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Midnight Ramblings 4 - Turning a Cat into a Lion

In this article I am going to tell you the tricks to turn a little cat into a mighty lion.Keep reading.  I have one question in my mind that is bothering me since long.How come my boss is so talented in optimizing the output and increasing the productivity.He offcourse is a master in 6 Sigma but sometimes I ponder how?? .So one day in my PRD during the  Appraisals  he asked me about Process improvement.It went for around 2 hours.Process.Process Oh no Process!!.Common its actually weird and an absurd question to ask a newly joined fresher to ask his contribution towards the process improvement.It is like asking a Class 1 kid to solve Langrage's theorem.Well forget class 1 kid...I myself failed to solve this during my campus interview at Accenture.The outcome of that interview was quite disappointing.So without any wait ,I went on blabbering.Common you need to highlight your positives during an appraisal interview and no matter what its  your boss who  knows you well.After all he is the one who would be rating you and would be  giving  you an appropriate hike.

So I am a Cat.By Cat ,I mean that I am a cat in this IT field  and a fresher who is struggling for a good opportunity.Asking a Cat to roar like a Lion is complete foolishness.Because everyone knows that it won't happen.Infact the Lion would die of heartache when it comes  to know that some one is actually persuading a cat to  roar like a lion.But a boss has this ability to turn a cat into a lion and ultimately the cat works and the already transformed Lions would be lazy enough.Everyone says harsh and rude things about their respective bosses.Bosses are one kind of Sinisters.My boss is no different.He belongs to this breed who believes in constantly torturing their valuable resources.So Obviously I won't tell you how to turn a cat into a Lion because only my boss knows that.Hahaha...I'm already flummoxed and I don't have enough strength to work more..I am already having fun at office as these days I'm not up till 5 am at office .Sometimes I feel I am at the end of my tether. Weird..Well What do you think ?All that you get by doing hard work is zilch.Have fun..


  1. although i havent had a boss yet but i did came across a teacher who was real bossy. she made me feel like i am a fresher in an organization who dont know shit about working ethics..such horror. glad she is gone now but still i am left with her replicas..bad luck. great post : )

  2. Don't you know the cat taught the lion to roar. Only that it didn't teach him to climb a tree, what are you offering to your boss. Have at least one escape route he cannot master, :P
    And get a good sleep too.

    Blasphemous Aesthete