Sunday, April 17, 2011

Midnight Ramblings

Its already 1 am here and I am  not feeling sleepy.Unfortunately I couldn't execute my "Mission BedBug" plan today because of the unexpected showers. Bugs, you-would-be-killed-one-day .Thankfully Delhi won its first IPL game after 4 matches and Yuvi's hits couldn't surpass Delhi. Ok ,the reason for this post is weird.It might make you wonder and ponder but nevertheless I am not feeling sleepy and that is the reason for this post. I wish I could get drunk but apparently I won't unless and until there is a party at my office.

As you all might be knowing that the weaker side of Ste is his charm. He has got this special ability to make friends and that too female. Not bragging for obvious reasons but it happens right. I have this badluck associated with everything I do. I get my first allocation and I have to relocate myself to Noida.I get to travel in a firstclass AC train to Mumbai and you give a bewildered reaction when you see a  66 year old Aunty sitting next to you.Such things do keep happening in my life.Why is that everything I touch turns into Stone. Once upon a time there used to be days when I used to have a  Midas touch.I am admitting that I am  a bad flirt and infact I have this instinct ...blame my starshine.Yes ,I am a Sagitarian which makes me an official flirt. But too much of flirting is bad but may be I should realize that. I prefer being a good friend rather than being a bad flirt. I  know that I'm flirting only when a girl points that to me. Its that Sagi's don't realize that they are actually flirting until someone says "Dude ,stop flirting! " LOL...Shhh My Lips are sealed now.Apparently, I take no chance in hitting on any girl .Infact I do try my best to impress the person. But it never happens . Here are the possible scenarious that happen to the girls with  whom I flirt with.

Its disheartening when your girlfriend turns up to you one day and says that "Dude,its over I'm getting married" . It obviously gives a big shock to you  .You might feel like the end of the world .You think for a moment.Eventually you plan to analyze the things about what went right and what went wrong and why it didn't happen for you. Then you make a wise decision and go to the bar.One full Kingfisher large is enough to clear off her thoughts and wow thats it. You move on.

2) Engaged.
"Dude,I'm engaged to Mr.X and most probably we would be getting married later this year" .This would hurt you a lot.Well no guy would wish that his girl would be engaged to someone other than him.You spend a lot for a girl only to listen these not-so-cool words from her. Common its part and parcel of life..So life is all about moving on. So next please!!

3)Best friend.
This is actually that phase of your friendship where your friend fails to recognise you. You might think of her as your girlfriend ,but its not necessary that she would be having the same feeling. She might call you up at late nights.She will gossip about your mutual friends and college professors and talk something cool.She would always behave like your girlfriend,but one day she would call you as her best friend and the worst thing is yet to come.You would propose her and  she would say that "best friends don't fall in love" .Holy shit.Who said that best friends can't fall in love? Thats the time you realize that you should have thought several times before befriending her.Go to hell my dear best friend !!

She would call you for tea,lunch and dinner.You will obviously brag and boast in front of your associates saying that you are this hot chick's soon-to-be-boyfriend.She might drop an atom bomb soon on you saying that she was just treating you as her elder brother.You might feel shattered and disheartened.But the worst thing is "Why Elder brother?? why not younger one ? " :P 
There is one girl who often calls me as Chottu which refers to little brother in India .But that doesn't means that I would call her DEE(sister) and it also doesn't means that I'm a BC for that matter :P

Such small things happens in life.So , I do firmly believe that there is that Mr Right or Princess somewhere waiting for you.They would  make your life blissful and fill it with joy and support you throughout. Its they who would be an essential entity of our life. But be patient. Lol


  1. awwww so sweet... i now actually feel sympathetic towards guys whom i have (forcibly) called "bhai (elder bro)" when i knew exactly that they just hated this word coming outta my mouth cuz i feel that girls should be open about their feelings so they shouldnt just hang out with a guy like a gf and then declare them bro or best frnd some fine day. great post straight from the heart ; ) Best of luck for the bug extermination program : )

  2. haha nice poem, found it funny and smiled :)

  3. i think u should think more positive
    now a days u are in a dark and jitna
    negative sochega utna dark side main jayega