Monday, April 25, 2011


"I’m sorry boy. Leave me alone. I’m getting married to someone."
“What about that night where the twinkle on your eyes and the shine on your face mesmerized me and we made love.” He said.
“That’s just another  night, forget it.”
“You will be only mine," He pressed the button and it was blood all around.


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  1. oh oh .. this was cynical and sad !

  2. Oh! Horrifying.
    Mine's about a wedding, too:

  3. awww i feel sad for the boy. tht girl was heart-less so no sadness on her death.

  4. For some reason I didn't think it was a girl. I thought it was an older man.

  5. Great last line..reminded me of the last scene in 'Heathers'..except Veronica took charge of that button..Jae

  6. Jealousy I can understand but ownership that is something entirely different. I don't think we can ever own somebody else and this horrifying post is an example of this. Taut and graphic this post gave much food for thought.

  7. whoa...I did not expect that ending!
    on paper wings


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