Monday, May 30, 2011

The Great Indian Twitter Robbery

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 Disclaimer - this is complete fiction :D Names used are fictional. They never exist.This Businessman mentioned here is an asshole who loves tweeting like few of you  twitter addicts do .:P

 This is the story of an Indian billionaire  whose story shall be a lesson to all the twitter users. As we know twitter is turning into a social media boon. There are different pros and cons of using the same. This story shall be a lesson to twitteratti's who  tweet a lot about their personal stuff.

Rahul Kumar is one of the board members of a famous  Insurance company. He was previously holding the post of  the vice president in an  IT company too. He was a genteel person who was respected and honoured by most of the high class  people. He belonged to a wealthy family and was a well mannered person. He had  a beautiful loving wife  Dipti and  a really pretty adorable daughter Aishwarya . He came from a high social class.  He led a simple and a normal life. Tweeting was his hobby and he loved doing this .To him twitter was not only a mean to express himself but a communication medium through which he can stay in contact with his friends and colleagues. After doing anything he would just tweet and  let the world know.He was  one of the richest and most ubiquitous personalities around.

Every morning he would wake up and tweet  about the same.

Monday ,  5.00 am 
"Good Morning World , it seems to be an early to jog 20 km today and then back to yoga " 

Monday, 7.00 am
"Back from Yoga and Regular exercises ..Now going to attend natures call.."

Monday, 9.00 am
"on my way to office folks, feels good today....gifted a diamond necklace to wife and ring to Aishwarya yesterday"

Monday, 2.00 pm
"Having lunch at the  Green Meridians with Abhijosh good pal and  colleague at Simons India ltd"

Monday, 8.00 pm
"Back home..a very tiring day..needs to ask Dipti to massage my back..can't move...Aish scored 90% in boards.m happy folks'

Monday, 10.00pm
"good night Tweeple...have a great night...sleep well..sleep tight"

This used to be his regular tweets and for him twitter was  a way through which he would  express whats happening in his life. Several times he had tweeted about the amount of wealth and jewellaries he had with him at home.Luckily no one took a note of  such tweets. But there were a group of guys who were noticing all this.They were modern thiefs who usually  follow celebrities and  loot them. Its poverty which would spur them to do such activities.They silently followed Rahul Kumar in twitter and were keenly observing all his tweets and monitoring all his activities. They knew how much money  Rahul had in his home. 

It was a fine sunny Friday when Rahul tweeted 
"folks, heading for Boston with Dipti and a meeting with  Ashok Badu, GM of  Hiemens Inc.will brb on monday'

The very next day the group of notorious youngsters known for their  innovatiove robbery techniques  started with the execution of their plan. A flock of  pigeons flew near Rahul Kumars bungalow as these masked men entered the bungalow. They broke the lock and the entered the bungalow without leaving a clue to the neighbourhood about whats happening inside. They soon  filled their bags with the cash and Dipti and Aishwarya's jewellaries.They accumulated all the cash  and escaped.

The very next day  the first  news on  the India  Times was .
"Money worth 17 Crores looted from Business Tycoon Rahul Kumars  Bandra bungalow" 

Moral: Never tweet personal stuffs in twitter.You might not know when something might go wrong and it would be a great loss for you. So better keep the virtual space as virtual. Lets not mix the real and the virtual world. 

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  1. Nice Write Up .. :) :P

    I am not into tweeting .. But I was able to follow the post ..

    And the moral of this fiction was good and Very much true !!

    Good one .. :)

  2. haha! a nice lesson to learn i guess. thnx fr this :D

  3. Hello. How are you?

    I thought this was quite a funny, but all too real tale.
    The message was delivered clearly.

    Thankfully, I haven't reached he realms of Facebook or Twitter.

    Nicely done though!

  4. this clearly shows excess use of anything results in ........... U know it.

    we should always keep in mind the extreme ends of everything.

  5. hey there
    it was a thought provoking article and u summed up well by saying that dont mix virtual n real world. but u r right there ppl are using fb n twitter very indiscreetly :)

  6. hey there
    it was a thought provoking article and u summed up well by saying that dont mix virtual n real world. but u r right there ppl are using fb n twitter very indiscreetly :)

  7. thts sooo true. the same is with fb. ppl update there status every freaking second. this story is really a lesson for all social media addicts. greaaaaaaaaatttttt post : )

  8. wonderful post...true in every sense :)

  9. I mean.. this guys twitters abt going to the loo... wth... serves him right... :)

  10. very good advice :) Social media can be wonderful but one must use a little common sense!


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