Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Surrender

Whats my offense this time?
If making fun of you was a crime,
then I'm already feeling guilty.

 You changed for once,
making me feel sad.
This change is bad.

I sit alone,
thinking of you,
will you ever  talk again?

Once friend,but now
you ignore me,
do you really want to?

I surrender to you.Kill me,Hang me,Shoot me.But please talk to me.You make me feeling guilty  and I feel like I am convicted of some big crime.I'm sorry I 'd made fun of you and hurt you then what are best friends for .I know you felt bad but forgive me  for I won't repeat it once again.Please do not avoid me,ignore me for I do not have any other friend  whom I could call my bestie. Love you best friend <3 <3 .I surrender

for Sunday Scribblings. 
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  1. I liked this and picture is cute :)

  2. It can feel like you're a little kitty at gunpoint sometimes..jae

  3. silent treatment sure does make one feel small.

  4. I wish they'd say what's on their mind straight away... than just drop you silently 30 years later.

  5. Loved the post and the picture is very cute!

  6. ismein mere liye kya hai.... dhokebaaz????????

  7. arey baawli yeh blog hi tere se inspired hoke hi toh banayi thi :D