Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tiger Trailing

 How many of you have heard about Ranthambore? . It is a very famous tourist spot located in Rajathan. It is known for the tigers found in the jungles of Ranthambore. Our weekends were boring and so me and my friend decided to bump into the Ranthambore National Forest.We both are a great fan of Tigers and wanted to see the last few breeds of tigers alive.This place is quite popular amongst foreigners. I have come across few Germans,Italians,Spanish,English and American people during this journey. It was not a good experience to be honest. Our sole intentions were to spot  tigers.Tiger trailing is sometimes fun but not everytime.

We board the not so famous Nizamudin express  and  this time we had to go for a sleeper class. Unfortunately we missed out the gorgeous beautiful girls who were seated next to our bogie.My friend would often make  an excuse of going to the bathroom and look at those pretty girls. Finally we reached SawaiMadhopur early morning at 5 am. I admit I'd never woke up this morning  since last 2 years  after Engineering College days. We booked a hotel room next to the room where two German teen girls were staying. Friend would never miss a chance of viewing them everytime he heard them speak. He never had the opportunity of eavesdropping too since this Arsee  never knew German. We  booked around 4 Safari's. two by Canter and 2 by Gypsy. It was actually exciting to know that we both were going  to an adventure trip to view tigers. When we entered the Forest Office to collect our passes then we realized that a melodrama awaited us. We both were given route number 1 and as per my friend Route num 1 has not witnessed any tigers till now.We had already  paid 500/person for the Canter and friend insisted  the officer to change the route.  Offcourse we all know that goverment employees are such a pain in the #$@.  He said for once that if you two won't go  then you won't get your money refunded.This Arsehole friend of mine had ruined my entire mood  by then by pestering the officer. It was late till he realized that bloody wasn't going to admit us to the canter and we had to look for other canter. We had to pay separate amount for the new one and it was for route num 3. It wasn't an awesome  one for sure since we two were the only Indians in the entire team.

The Canter was filled with an ensemble of Firangi's from Germany,America,Spain etc  .It was quite unfortunate that we had to miss out the Indians. For a moment we felt  as if we were still ruled by the Whites.We entered the jungle with intention of viewing the tiger.We had a bloody Bihari  guide who in his Bihari accent would talk in English. We tramped around the jungle and we were taken aback when the guide told us that there is no Tiger on this route. We were left speechless and someother guide informed us that they actually spotted a tiger on route 1. I glared at my friend and within a swift he moved away.The day went on.
Next day we went at morning.The same thing and we had route number 4 this time except the fact that we were supposed to board a gypsy this time for the tiger hunt. We saw every damn bloody animal including the likes of  reindeers,sambar deers,monkeys,peacock,aligators and even a leapord. But we failed to catch the attention of any tiger :D .After coming back to the hotel room ,we left for the pool.My friend's desire was to swim with some hot firangi chicks in the swimming pool.Our luck was getting worsier by time. We were the only two on the swimming pool and were semi naked with swim wears.  Finally we left for our last Safari with some mild hopes after 3 failed  trips. This time we saw nothing.Our hopes fizzled  and gradually we became  hopeless as our luck was too bad.For a moment our guide was flummoxed by the scoldings they used to get from the visitors.There were two damsels with genteel nature.They were too good to us and as you know we are always good to those who are good to us .Jeez!!

Finally we left Ranthambore and friend cursed the jungle and the tigers. After leaving the  jungle ,I just said one line to my friend  "Go and Fuck the Tigers out there,.....where are the Tigers ?Tune meri weekend ki Bahenc***d dii" .
He was   a shameless as usual and he grinned  back like a shameless. Posting few pictures from our trip.

Should admit that we wanted to see a tiger but we saw everything else except the tiger !! :D :P see you next time . Here is the picture of the Tiger which  I captured on my Sony during my last trip

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  1. Hope u njoyed and next time try taking me wid u...:P