Sunday, June 05, 2011


I found myself when I saw you,
to know that  you  were the one.
For days I followed you
everywhere you went,
to let you know that I was there for you.
Your smile enlightened me,
made me high and fly ,
Everynight  I come to visit you ,
to let you know that I was there  for you.
But today you said things that hurt me,
Did you really mean it?
or was that another prank?

I admire you everyday just to ,
let you know that I was there for you.

Baby!  you  were always mine 
but today you proved me wrong,
You asked me to fade away from your  life,
I'm already broken and gone,
You taught me a lesson by saying ,
that your  love for me was fake,
kill me,hurt me,shoot me
but do not leave me alone .
for I will be always there for you

Written for Sunday Scribblings
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  1. Sometimes love isn't sweet..but maybe it always teaches us something..Jae

  2. Nah! Jack it in mate, and find yourself another one.

  3. Now this wasn't sweet :(
    Why does everybody gets hurt in love :(

  4. Sad :( The other side of the coin of love!

  5. i liked it though it was a sad piece!

  6. No matter what "Love" hurts.. sometimes the hurt is hard and ugly while other times its painful and bittersweet..

  7. ok i want to feel bad fr d guy in dis post bt im jus too glad all d depressin black has gone frm ur blog n given way to a whiteyyy new theme.
    grttt! :)