Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tagged Again

This is the 2nd tag which I'm doing.I bet this shall give you some light on who real Solitary writer is .Here we go baby!!

1. Without sharing your name, who are you?
I am a kind of person who has this unique ability to tickle your funny bone even in your deepest sorrows.I can assure you that at first you may hesitate talking to me but if you get going then you might tie me with a rope and pack me and take me to your home.Such is the magic and the spell I cast upon everyone. Such is the addiction of TSW. Come talk to me, I'm intriguing.I am a small fish in a big ocean containing talents in form of Whales and Sharks. I am that little lustrous pearl enclosed within an oyster which is a priceless gift to people who are closed to you. I am 500 kg humour,100kg Romance, 10 kg Adventure and 50 kg fun. In short I am the Robinhood of blogworld who can make people smile at any cost. *sigh*

2. Describe yourself in less than Five words.
Funny Fish in an Ocean

3. Do you have any special talents? What?
Oh, I definitely do have special talents, if you ask me :P
  • I am a fully certified flirt< offcourse blame my Sagitarian instinct >
  • I can sleep anywhere and everywhere for hours and can sleep until dusk
  • I break hearts and make girls me I am good at it :P :P :P
  • I am an advicemaven
  • I am a fashion photographer ,short film maker ,writer,poet etc
  • And I am a lover. All girls are beautiful to me :P :P trust me.
  • I make sisters too

4. Are there any talents you wish you had? What?
I want to be a super hero. I don't know if this counts as a talent. I don't know why but lately after entering corporate world I feel the desire to be a superhero. O! StepMan ! you listening :P :P . Also I want to play guitar and sing :P :P

5. What are your most important interests? What do you like about them?
  • Writing gives me solace at times when I need someone badly.This makes me happy.Enough Said.
  • To nourish my thoughts and creativity. I think I need to wash my thinking caps. I haven't used them lately.
  • Creativity. I love to be a creative person or rather to reframe it ,I can say that I am a creative person. I can do anything and everything :P :P

6. What is your opinion of Lady Gaga?
A highly creative combination of Talent and Fashion. Love her loads for her fashion sense and most importantly her products... I mean her songs.

7. If you could go anywhere this second, where would you go?
To my nest to meet my mom ,dad and our cute little adorable princes of our home ...i mean my Sister

8. What are your favorite foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner?
I am not lucky enough to have breakfasts. I am another Home made food deprived soul. I love everything my mother makes .

9. Do you have siblings? Talk about them; if not, talk about being an only child.
As I have said earlier. I have this cute little devil angel who is 7 years younger to me.She is a stupid at times but yet she is adorable.Offcourse sisters are supposed to be annoying and my sister is not less. She will annoy and irritate you to the core. She will fight with you but She will miss you. Such is the magic of my little sis. She is weak in studies but she is too creative like me. Offcourse , a sister who is like her brother :P *PAT on my Back*

10. Do you like sports? Which teams do you support?
Soccer - Glory Glory Man United .Said enough
Cricket - India and thats coz of GOD Sachin Tendulkar ...the legend and Offcourse Mumbai Indians cz God lives there and I was born and brought up there.

11. Do you have any tattoos? If not, would you ever get one?
Yes I do have one small one on my thumb . I would like to have one of a Centaur with a bow and arrow.Yes Sagi

12. Have you ever donated blood? Why or why not?
No.I can't cz I had Pneumonia and my Health was badly impacted coz of it

13. How do you like your coffee and/or tea?
Coffee - made by Momma and Tea made by Daddy

14. Are you left-handed or right-handed?
Right – handed.

15. If you are in college, what are you studying? If not, what did/what are you planning to study?
I am a Software Test Engineer in some Big Giant Telecom Company of USA .I have done my B.Tech in Computer Science and planning to pursue MBA . Enough said question please

16. What are some of your short term goals?

17. What kind of music do you like?
Do you even know my Middle name is Rock Musix.I love Rock,Pop and Bollywood songs.I love Avril,Taylor,Gaga,Paramore and Sean Paul. For your kind info Taylor Swift is my girlfriend..... :P :P go find for yourself :P She had sung a song for me too .... :P :P

18. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
With my family anywhere

19. Have you ever been overseas? Where and when?
No.But there is scope.

20. Have you ever been to the circus? What did you think at the time?
Yes, I was quite young when I went there. Well saw those beautiful Russian girls performing different stunts. Was quite amazed but nevertheless its their life.

21. Are you wearing shoes right now? If so, describe them. If not, describe your socks/feet.
No. My feet.Would you believe I am wearing a 1/4th at this time.Duh. Yes it is 3 am. My feet all cleaned and bitten by some cockroaches last night.You can actually see the scars out there.Do I show you a picture? ;) :P

22. List some of the things you’d like to do before you die.
  • Perform a live music concert with Taylor
  • Confess my love for someone whom I always wanted to tell.
  • Meet my long lost cousins in Switzerland and spend good time with them.
  • Let my parents know what I mean to them.
  • Do something nice for my little sister.
  • Take my family abroad
23. What do you prefer to write with - pencil, pen, crayon, Sharpie, lipstick, chalk etc.?
Pen,Crayon,Pencil....woaa... and how much I love Chalk!

24. Do you like movies? What are your favorites?
Yes.I do. Forrest Grump,Philadelphia,Cast Away,Spash,Big... I love Tom Hanks and his Indian version Aamir Khan and his movies. I like Sarforosh,3Idiots, Golmaal,Hangover Series, 500 days of Summer and the list goes on and on .... :D

25. Do you like chocolate? What’s your favorite kind? If not, why?
Yeah, I do absolutely love them. But my favorite ones are the dark ones – I love them. I love milk chocolates.Yes baby I love them :P :P

This tag passes to Chirag,Vinti,Shruti and all who wants to do this :D :)

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  1. superhero ! flirt! taylor swift is your gf !! cocroakaces botten feet !!
    cool :p :p :p
    btw, I need a brother :( :(

  2. TSW, At some places I actually thought you are copying my stuff :D :P ;) You are a flirt? Really :P And hmmm....nice, informative post.

    A shout out to all the girls who want to be Steph's sis. :P

  3. Hello I would like to invite you to my blog. I am new blogger I hope you like.

    Take care very.

  4. You like lady gaga, omg!!! *Faints* hehehe.

  5. gosh finally somebody agreed that amir is an indian version of tom...i have too many aamir fans around me so i cant say that out loud. yup milk chocolates...loveeeeee thm
    great to know that Talor is yr gf :) she couldnt have found a better guy then u..the best in the world :)

  6. i liked this tag and here is mine:

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