Saturday, August 27, 2011

Andy-Mandy : Woh TERI hai!

 Andy - Abey tu Idhar kya kar raha hai ?

Mandy - Nahi yar, i am just waiting for a friend

Andy - Jyada smart mat ban...I know tu kiski wait kar raha hai...

Mandy - Bhai...she is  mine...woh  MERI hai..

Andy - Meine kabh bola be  woh MERI hai..... Haan Woh TERI hai.

Mandy - Bhai,are you serious? ..

Andy - Haan bhai voh sahi mei TERI hai..

Mandy - Love you are my best friend... thanks woh MERI hai..

Andy -  haan bhai .. woh TERI hai..kitne baar bolu... abh blog likhu kya uspe.
Mandy - Thanks bhai.. i cant  believe you are telling that woh MERI hai..

Andy - Haan bhai woh TERI hai .... TERI BHABI :P

Mandy faints....
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