Sunday, August 14, 2011

From the Diary of a 16 yr old!

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 Dear God,

I can't comprehend the grief and troubles that I'm undergoing.I'm turning bland at my own sufferings.They say God loves children and he never punishes them.I'm just 16 and life has taken a toll on me.I'm feeling horrendous and helpless.Everyday I look at the mirror ,I see my alter ego who mocks me. She says me that I'm a loser who was born to suffer .I look at myself,paralyzed hands and immobile limbs make me prone to wheelchair.I hear a babel of voices behind me everyday I go to school. It hurts when people mock me and make fun of me.
Everytime I see other teens of my age excelling in life ,a tear rolls down my cheek. I'm not complaining nor I'm whimping around.I tell you life was not harsh but I'm taken aback at times when it hurts me.

The doctors are perplexed for they do not know what haunts me.They have no inkling of what I'm suffering from.Pomple Disease is what they  say which ruined my life. I see myself as a  once whimsical young kid put  to test.I hate it when I see a large ensemble of people bewailing at my sorrowful condition.I'm no alien but I'm not special too.My hope for my existence has started to fizzle.I'm feeling flummoxed,feeble and fatigued at this moment.My Cervix hurts.What perturbs me is that what will happen to me in mere future. My future is an enigma. Could there be any cure for me?.The pain is excrutiating day by day.My doctors have raised their hands. I've lost hopes.I'm jinxed.I'm turning waif.Almighty,will you free me from all these pains?. Will you efface all my sorrows and show signs of hopes for me. I remember writing a poem which I'm sharing it with you.

"I jostled against the tide of time,
nothing is left in the journey of life.

things were thought differently,
never meant to go in such hurry.

I bleed to death with the appalling pain,
fighting to the last for what i have not gain.

Is this what is stored in my destiny,
half way through my life's journey.

expected so many avenues on the way,
but ended up like a seamless castaway"

I'm still waiting for the day when you will educe a smile on my face.I'm hopeful that day would be soon.Almighty,never betray me for you are my only hope.I'm no Judas who betrayed you but still you bestowed your love upon him.I don't know how my Kith and Kin will react upon my horrific state.I wish you pay heed to all my ramblings.I imagine myself as the small shards of glasses.The diseases has swallowed my thirst for excellence in life.Melancholy haunts me everynight I close my eyes to sleep. I sleep everyday with mild hope of waking up the next day.You are the Fuhrer of all Living being. You are the mighty Messiah in this Universe.I promise I'd be a good child and If I'd haver then you can banish me.I have no Qualms as of  now for I laid my burden and sorrows upon you.Dear God, I love you so much much...
I hope you will free me  from all these pains and give me my share of happiness.. Love you God..Muaaaahhhhhhh..Yes I will be a good person and I promise I will never hurt Mom and Pop and little sister Bree... Lots of Love and Kisses.Hugs.Bye God

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  1. I really liked the thoughts behind this post of yours.
    However, I do think that if a 10 year old would have written something like this, the verbosity would have been absent and the spirituality would have been much less profound. The wants and aspirations of a 10 year old can never be the same as a dying man's.
    But other than that, I liked it.
    All the best with BAT. :)

    PS. You misspelled kith for Keith.
    Do change that. It must be a typo.

  2. Beautifully written. Happy Independence day!

    ps. I'm fine. :)

  3. Did you just change the title from 10 years to 16 years ? Regardless.....I like the poetry !! Well written. All the best for BAT !!

  4. nice one likhetu
    a little different post

  5. Touching. wish there is God to listen and to Grant!

  6. Beautiful, touching and what can I say? No words.. All the Best.. Good luck for Blog-a-Ton. Free... are we?

    Someone is Special

  7. Very touching. Nicely written. As D2 has commented earlier, it is too eloquent for a 10 year old. So I think you changed to 16 year old. But some of the things are too innocent and naive for a 16 year old. Nevertheless a great attempt. Kudos to you.

    You can find my entry here. In search of freedom

  8. I am so touched by this post...

  9. d only thing anyone cares abt rite nw is d age factor :D
    assumin u meant 16, its grossin me out dat a guy shud write so xtensively abt d way a grl feels! :o

    kiddin..its nice. n i really hope she gets wel soon.
    faith can heal :)

  10. First time I have been to your blog and I am impressed by the quality of writing... Ironic how for such a bright topic as Free, I am yet to come across even a single goody goody post. All dark, negative ones. And good at that. Just like yours.

    Couple of pointers, though your blog seems to be a lot popular with lots many followers, I am surprised that these things were not pointed out earlier:
    Many spelling and grammatical errors. Suggest that typed out the post in word first, conduct a spell check and then post here
    Secondly, links, when hovered up on turn white and hence un readble. Please rectify.

    ATB for BAT

    Do check out my entry at Free? To do what exactly?

    Wandering Thoughts

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  12. Awww, touching. A bit sad towards the end. You have written it beautifully enough for anyone to empathize with Emily. Good luck for BAT.
    Here is my entry for the same
    What Being Free meant for her

  13. the poem is really touched by the post :\..its nice :)
    my entry.. FREE

  14. beautiful....lovely.....i can relate to emily there...enjoyed it

    here is mine
    The search for eternal freedom – A Dragonfly’s curse

  15. Hi TSW, hope u had a good I'day. I know u must be surprised to see me alive and kicking.Again :)

    Believe me, I'm too. I'm so drowned in work I forget what time of the day it is.

    I was soooo...jealous to see this new look of your blog. It's so not fair. I know you know the technicalities and that helps, doesn't it?? And as a good friend I'm supposed to be happy in ur happiness :) Please share what you did to achieve this amazing blog layout..Either in a post or if it's too great a secret, you can always mail me. Keep up with the great work. I'm seriously jealous but happy:D

  16. A touching post....though was a bit depressing as well...

  17. The earnest craving to be free etches itself across the fluid composition of your prose.
    And regardless of the controversy in the comments about the protagonist's age or gender, you have done a remarkable job in getting inside a child's head and deciphering their unsaid feelings, wants and hopes.

  18. a lil too intense for a 16 yr old but sufferings can make u wise beyond age :)
    very beautifully penned...the words simply flow not just to show simple ramblings but a soul high on optimism..well done :)


  19. A very touching post!
    Oh dear,it's too hard to bear the pain at little age but your will is strong that made you strong boldly! I liked your positive thoughts and admiration! your way of expressing is so beautiful :)

    Following you dear,''Solitary Writer'' :)
    And thanks for the comment and visit ..wish to see you again ..
    Take care