Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Smiley Love

 This is a  Gtalk chat.

Boy:  :) 
Girl:  :-) 
Boy: \m/
Girl: :-|
Boy:  :D :-P
Girl:  :( 
Boy:  \_/3
Girl: |_|3
Boy: :-*
Girl: :-o
Boy: :| :( 
Girl: X-( 
Boy: :'( 
Girl: X-(   X-(
Boy: @};- 
Girl:  :) :) :)
Boy: <3
Girl: :-) 
Boy: :)
Girl:  <3
Boy:  :-*
Girl: :-*

And they  both lived happily there after

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  1. so, finally they shared these: :) :)

  2. p.s. nice love story narrated using emoticons...

  3. LOL! Wah... If only real life love stories were as simple as that :D

  4. Hahahah! And they both lived happily there after. :P

    I wonder how much 'love language' has advanced with time. :D

  5. Thats cute :) hahahahahaha

    thanks for your kind words at my post :)

  6. A cute post without using too many words.


  7. If only things were that easy ;)

  8. I like it...boys are from mars and girls are from venus...:)

  9. best description of a love story :)

  10. hahaha how cute na!
    you have a v nice page and LOT OF stalkers already! bt khair will still stalk you;-)

  11. Lovely, amazing post <3 :D :) ;) :p
    I am gonna share it onfb, then gmail, then yahoo !!! ;)

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  13. i must say that you write really a few of your posts and found them interesting. so i am following you back...;)

  14. Wow this is cute :) Wish life could be simple like this :-/