Thursday, October 20, 2011

Andy-Mandy: Mandy & the Doctor

Andy - Doctor, is my friend fine?
Doctor - Whats the problem with him Mr Andy?
Andy - Well doc ,he behaves strangely and weirdly in public places and eventually gets beaten up by people.
Doctor - Oh sad ! Let me check him.
Mandy - Hello Docyy

Doctor - Hi Mandy. Tell me what is this ? (shows certain things to him )

Mandy - Stupid .. its a doll.
Doctor - yes..perfect.. Now tell me what is this?
Mandy - Idiot..don't you know how a pen looks like.
Doctor - Amazing..Now I'm sure you might not be knowing this
Mandy - Oh God!! this is what generally people use when they have sex.
Doctor - are simple incredible.. and now tell me who am I ?
Mandy - Ummm...hey are the Ramu the monkey which escaped from the zoo right.Let me call the zoo authorities right now...
Doctor - Whaat...are you crazy (runs away )
Mandy - hey don't run man...come back...runs behind the doctor

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  1. That was completely unexpected. Hilarious.

  2. Your're the master in writing funny posts :)
    And so, you have a talent to make one laugh :D

    Keep Sharing and laughing!
    hahaha :p