Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Andy-Mandy : Your place or My place

Andy and Mandy as usual roam in a shopping mall.Andy comes across a girl and opens a conversation with her.

Andy - (Hugs her) Hey baby! . Long time are you sweety?
Girl - (hugs back) .I'm good..
Andy - So Your place or my place at Night.
Girl - (Shy) Offcourse your place .Last time it was my place ,so this time your place.

Mandy observes all this. He soon spots a girl and opens a conversation with her.
Mandy - Hey baby... how are you sweety?
Girl2- I'm good...thanks for asking.
Mandy - So my place or your place at Night.
Girl2-(gets vexed) How dare you ask such a question to a married woman ?. ( She slaps him back and a crowd gather) .

Every one starts beating Mandy and Andy comes to his rescue.
Andy- Why do everytime you have to do something weird and strange?
Mandy - I was just following you...
Andy - Following me...damn ..she is a married woman .
Mandy - How come you ask a girl 'your place or my place'
Andy - How Dumb! we were talking about Dinner man...
Mandy - (shocked)

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