Monday, October 10, 2011

Dilemma - 3

Check Dilemma - 1 & Dilemma -2

Boy ,Girl

"Sweety,how many times do I tell you that I am not the same,"

"Do I still have to believe you for the hurt you have caused. It hurts everytime I think of the same thing again and again,"
"Why don't you trust me?,"

"Its easy to trust anyone and moreover its easy to hurt anyone.I've been badly hurt by you. Do you still want me to believe you?"

"Forgive me ..How do I tell you that how much I love you?. My love for you is beyond boundaries. I can tell you that the more you stayed away from me,the more I missed you. Birds of the same feathers should always flock together. We both are meant to be together,"

"Why do you have to impress me with such words and statements?. My heart is vulnerable.For me love is a powerful word and for you love is just like a 'hi-hello'. I'm already nursing my broken heart"

"My love for you is true . I love you....Please come back to me no,"

"No..I don't love you...I love my freedom ,"

"I will give you all the freedom Sweety,"

"But .."

"No but...Common lets talk over a coffee..,"

They both leave for the coffee shop

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  1. And there something gonna happen more funny I guess .. :p

  2. mr storyteller,

    'm curious to know, what is going to happen in next part.

  3. i feel disconnected here with the previous part. Am i missing something?