Saturday, October 29, 2011

Morning Blues

In the Morning to Work today,
I saw the traffic go morose.
I wish I could move ,
in a swift,away.

The Cars,they honk a musical honk,
a headache it triggers,
in this mindboggling traffic,
slowly I drift away.

Looking at the watch go tik tok tik
i smile at  my own plight
Never again shall I be late,
the traffic that I hate.

I look at the traffic light,
waiting  for the red to go green,
never did it happened,
nor my car moved.

I honked the horns,
they all saw me go berserk,
crazy and weird,
they all  called me.

Looking at the watch go tik tok  tik,
the light showed green from red,
Lord finally heard my prayers,
The traffic moved once again.

***This has been written for Magpie Tales 88***
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  1. Yes, very smart and beautiful words!

    Esp. I love the opening to verses ;) :P

  2. Traffic and the headaches it gives!

    Nice post :)

  3. i see..had no idea u wrote poems too and that too so well. liked it but c'mon cheer up..kick away those blues :D


  4. a beautiful poetry and wise choice of words..

    Someone is Special

  5. Never felt the cars could go musically honking .. maybe cos I was too frustrated with th traffic ! :D
    But a good choice of words. Me likeyy!

  6. Morning blue- especially Traffic ! it makes you mad n sick while you are in hurry ...nicely expressed in the form of poem ! :)

  7. Hello.
    Visiting from the group Blogger by Passion.

    Traffic can do that to you when you're in a hurry.

    Nicely done!
    Thanks for sharing.

    The Beautiful Winds Of India

  8. soooo manyy posssttt...!
    are you some SUPER WRITER :O
    omg my dashboard was filled
    and nice and lovely lines..! :)

  9. Very nice :) and I like the one in your comment box, too!
    Hi! New follower from the Mingle Monday hop! I hope you'll come by my blog and follow back. Thanks! :) Through the Eyes of a Tiger

  10. Don't we all have traffic nightmares

    Good one:)

  11. The only thing that made me go for you blog is. You can make a person smile in deep sorrows too :) A very nice one.:)