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The night was young.It was dark and there was no one in sight for miles as Shania walked down over the moist grasses.It rained heavily few hours ago. She was with her 3 girl friends. All of them belonged to the same class. They had to submit a project as a part of their research assignment. They say night is the time of Ghosts. But these girls never believed in Ghosts. They were adventure loving girls and embraced life to the core.

Shania,Ana,Tatiana and Natasha were the best of friends.

'Girls ,come here see I found a handsome guy lying here,' Shania alerted her friends as she walked near the river.

Some native residents of Kensington termed it as the river of death. She saw a tall guy lying.

'Water...waaaatttttt ....eeeerrr,' he was thirsty.

The girls gave him to eat and took care of him.

'Hey , What is your name? Why don't you talk?,' Tatiana said to the man.

'Are you dumb or something dude...why don't you open your mouth?,' Shania asked.

'Oh Jeez...can you please speak up,' The girls said in Unison.

' does it feels when someone loves you and you love care for them,' He spoke.

'Thats pretty much normal happens when you like or admire someone..,' Tatiana said.

'Well...what if one day when you wake up and see the entire world change...people close to you left you...,' He continued.

'Oh common..whats wrong..don't be sad,' Natasha said.

'Did someone hurt you Mr....sorry We don't know your name?' Shania said.

'Tim...yes..' He said.

'Hey got hots for someone Ahh!,' Tatiana winked.

'No..she was the last person in this world who loved know her loss is intense...i can't imagine a life without her,' Tim said.

' know what...such things does happens in life.You're an American ...dang..don't be're handsome and got girls around just have to pick,' Shania said with a seductive voice.

'You need to embrace life won't know what will happen to you. Life is unpredictable.You need to forget her...she is gone..she won't come back..,' Natasha spoke.

Ana was silently listening to all that what was being said. She would smile but she did not speak.

'I just feel it was easy to say..but practically it is impossible," He replied.

It was already 3 am and the night sky was showing some hints of rain.

'Common, go new people and befriend them,' Ana finally spoke .

'I can't,' He said.

How often do you come across a stranger in life who shares their personal life story with you?. Life has always been an enigma. Many people play different roles in our life. Some are spectators and some play cameo in our short life. We being the protagonist knows what life means to us.

'Jerk! why cant you?,' Shania said.

'I'm dead,' He said.

And of a sudden everyones face turned pale. The place turned silent. A horror triggered on their faces. The girls could not talk nor could they do anything.

'I could not accept my Wife's loss and I shot myself near the river,'Tim said.

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  1. That was an interesting one..!! :)

    All the best..Hope you win!!


  2. Hi,

    Welcome to the RFW Hallowe'en blogfest!

    This piece begins with a fascinating scenario of girls out on a so-called research project, and one can imagine their thoughts of mischief and merriment to come. And then a man, a rather strange man catches their eye, his strangeness equally fascinating. And then wham, he's of the walking dead!

    Nice twist, and well paced of beginning, middle and end! ;)


  3. Hello Solitary Writer and welcome to Romantic Friday Writers.

    The river of death is a nice introduction to strange happenings afoot. Nice tension. Unexpected (or not so unexpected seeing as it's Halloween) at the end.

    Nice to meet you. I hope you can find time to read other entries as we value comments!


  4. Hello.
    My first visit here.
    Welcome to Romantic Friday Writers.

    Certainly an interesting read.
    I liked the conversation throughout. The ending has a nice twist too.

    Thanks for sharing.

    This Unknown Spirit

  5. The four of them all died together then huh,what a shock for them when they found out,because I know ghosts don't exist,unless you are saying Tim is a zombie,and anyway he would be in hell if he killed himself.

  6. Nice post. Beautifully written :)

  7. I like how you took 4 self assured young women and introduced them to sorrow and death via your ghost. Welcome to Romantic Friday Writers.

  8. Hello and welcome to RFW. What a befitting piece for Halloween. Hope to see and read more of you.

  9. Now that's what I call a message from beyond the grave! Or a scare from beyond the grave! :D Wonderful simple narration, with a punch! Well written!

  10. Haha! Couldn't believe this one. Pure awesomeness.
    PS : Didn't know you still blogged. Elated to find an old face, feels comforting!
    Lots of love, Stephie boy :)

  11. I shall be here on a regular basis now. :D

  12. great post!
    I loved the story and the way there was a twist in the end
    keep it up =)

  13. Loved it, short and crisp. Hope you win...:)

  14. Now, that's haunting. Welcome to RFW.

  15. Oh how sad! Definitely a haunting piece.