Friday, November 25, 2011

Andy -Mandy : Mandy & Fastrack bag


Finally after several years of experience, Mandy had become the Vice President of his company and he was asked to present a session on Creativity & Innovation to senior managers of leading MNC's.Andy was Mandy's PA.This was exclusively for IT companies.

Mandy - So guys welcome to the club. So how does it feels being big guns.I mean senior managers.

All- It feels awesome (in unison).

Mandy- You all are here from different organizations and today I  have been asked  to talk on Creativity & Innovations.
All - Wow! you are the  man!

Mandy - I know. I am going to find your organization with the help of your bagpacks.

Everyone looks at each others face.Andy laughs like anything and he is sure that Mandy would  goof up.

Mandy cleverly  notices the company logos and names written on each of their bags.

Mandy - Mr A (with Amdocs bag) ,you work for Amdocs right?

A - yes Sir.

Mandy - Mr. B (with Persistent bag ), you work from Persistent right?

B - oh Wow you are awesome.

Mandy - Mr. C (with AT&T bag ) , you work for AT&T right?

C - Mandy ,you are a genius man, are absolutely right

Mandy - Mr. D (with Fastrack bag ), you work for Fastrack right?

Andy is watching all the fun.

D - Are you nuts man,... If  I have Fastrack bag..does it means i work for Fastrack. I work for Google man.

Every one starts laughing and Mandy watches at everyone with a straight face :D

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  1. How silly to judge the person from bag they use :P
    Did i miss the punch? oh well, chalo granted, you just turned 24 na :P
    they say ppl get wiser as they grow, hehehehe.

  2. oye...its mandy and mandy is the weaker one...remember