Monday, November 07, 2011

Belly Dreams , to go Flat

My last few weeks have been disastrous. October release deployment had taken a toll on my body and I could see drastic changes in my body structure. I repeat that this drastic change has been because of my affinity towards Mumbai and Pune  food. Yeah! I'm back home.Yikes! this is not good for me. I'm afraid I might look like a teddy bear someday. So I'm shocked infact was shocked  and still shocked when I utter my weight to someone. Jeez! I used to be so thin years ago.People,I'm 87 kg. For the past few weeks I've been gorging on all things which could Fly,Swim,Walk and Crawl. I'm not Satan for that matter. I'm  really shocked to know that my weight is 174 lbs. My waistline has increased to 38 from 34.All this happened in just 2 months. So I bet I must have put over 10 kg's since last 5 weeks. I am not surprised that if  I  go by this rate then some day I might look like this bear.

A round of Applause for my mother for cooking  delicious food items that attract my taste bud.Offcourse its her magic that casts a spell upon us. So the main culprit who is behind deforming my body structure is none other than my beloved mother.Delhi is an awesome city with some extreme harsh weather conditions. Winters are too cold and Summers are ruthless. Naturally it would be difficult for any person to get adapted to those harsh weather conditions. I did live there for over 2 years but trust me my fitness was not hampered. I was fit like anything. I never had 6 packs or 8 packs but this tummy irks me. So whom do I blame for this. I was thinking over this while I was taking bath. I was immersed in some weird thoughts and finally realized that I should take this workout plan seriously. I am afraid and scared that one day I could become a balloon.So to avert this threat I need to do something. As some say Prevention is better than Cure. So I am ready.  So talking about Delhi and Pune food. Believe me that my stay in Delhi didn't amuse me much because of my unhealthy food habits. I lately starting eating lots of junk food.As a result of this I started gaining lots of kilos. Also my happiness grew no bounds when I came to know that I was finally going home. Alas! it was indeed sad leaving Delhi. Now that my Belly has grown bigger I would sincerely like to thank all those Pigeon,Chicken,Lamb,Fish,Crab and Rabbits without whom my belly would be looking more flatter.Its these creatures who actually attracted me and transformed me into a Bhakasura (Epic Guy from Mahabharata who ate like anything). I can also be called as Kumbhakarna for my sleeping habits. I should talk about my sleep cycle too. My sleeping habits attributes to my big belly.Initially when I was in Delhi my sleep cycle would be around 6 hours. An average human being should have a sound sleep of around 8 hours. Anything below 8 hours is not acceptable. So 6 was not good.Few Scientists performed some reasearch and found out that those sleeping less than 8 hours will become fat. Strange! I didn't become fat when I was sleeping less than 6 hours. But these days I seem to be enjoying a bonus sleep hours. I am like sleeping like Kumbhakarana and I sleep for over 10 hours. Now this is indeed very bad. A lazy person sleeps and eats and never does anything constructive. I do eat and do constructive things and I am highly  productive too but I sleep a lot.One should remember that
girls like men with packed abs and not bags.There can be some exceptions too .Check this picture .Don't look at her .
There should be a balance between everything you do. My office is  even less than 3 km from my home.It hardly takes 4 min by walk to reach office. I'm so lazy that I get up 15 min before my work hour,brush my teeth,wear my clothes and rush to work. I take an auto for my office. Now this is height of laziness. I can't get up at 7 am. That might  sound weird for some people but sadly thats the truth. Sometimes I come to a conclusion that I should rather wear all my clothes and hit the bed so that I can go to office without any haste. But that would be shameful to do.So I'm wondering and finding out ways to get back my flat tummy.As an IT professional I would just want to say one thing that we people never care about our health.We sit in front of the terminal for over 9 hours and our body gets adjusted to the AC temperature. As we go outside our body temperature has to change to the outside temperature.So this transistion doesn't sounds good to me. There could be obvious health issues. Sitting at the same place working on codes will make you obese.These days I am seriously planning to work out but nothing is going right. I'm having a worse time at work and I have to concentrate on that too. There might be a time where my nephews might play with my belly. Bren already loves it.Now 87 is the number which I hate much these days.So could dieting could work?. Or may be some dedicated workout sessions with some trainer. May be I should go swimming. Sounds crazy. Like this I can say that 24 hours a day isn't enough for me.I demand an extra 2 hours for doing all these workouts. Its natural and  I guess 2 hours a day can do wonders to me and my body structure .I hurt myself while trying to do push ups. I'm taking this seriously and trust me one day I will be like this guy.( see picture below).
 Software Engineering is a field where your work is demanding.Appraisals,Performance review etc have been few factors which actually defines a person in IT industry. Your colleague works good ,so you naturally need to bring up your performance else your manager would be considering good ratings for him/her. Flexibility is a term which I purposely used in such cases. HR managers usually ask you to be flexible when it comes to work. Well does being flexible means working overtime and being devoid of worldly things.By doing this we are obviously missing our loved ones.We are missing those valuable times with them that would mean a lot to them. Offcourse just an hour or 2 with them would make them smile and imbue a feeling of joy within them. My intention here is not to preach a lesson or something. I am no saint for that matter. My whole focus area right now is my belly. Everynight I sleep i look at my belly with a hope that one day I will get rid of these extra fats. But its disappointing at times because I know everything depends on me. I work almost 12 hours a day and sometimes I work even on weekends.I am already sleep deprived. Junk foods,over sleep and other factors have contributed to my obesity. This doesn't sounds good.

Its just that I'm having terrible time at work. So lets say by next year I can get rid of this big belly (don't say beer belly for a matter of fact I don't drink :P ). So its time to walk, swim,jog, pushup,pull up and  do every damn thing on earth to get them flat. I need to bring the number down to 75 from 87.This will do good to me.So never mind girls... I shall be back with a bang very soon. So for time being enjoy this morhped picture of Twilight superstar Edward Cullen and his beer belly. So still you girls love Edward Cullen?. If yes then you should meet me ;-)


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  1. yes..u definitely need to spend time on exercising and sweating that flab out! not just to make u look fit but also 'feel' healthy. life style disorders r d most common thing we hear in today's era and believe me they r real pathetic. they simply eat up ur body and vitality like nothing else. so go hit d gym sooooon..u definitely can take time out for it. If not, catch hold of a nice fitness trainer(female)..that mite motivated u to head to the gym everyday :P
    good luck!


  2. can you suggest one female fitness trainer whom you know?? :-D

  3. Hi,I liked ur post,also tried to subscribe it through RSS,but their is some sort of problem in your RSS Feeds.

  4. Get on the floor :) Begin somewhere(diet,gym), you will get those flat abs.
    Don't hate 87, its my birth year :(

  5. khana kam karooo!! :D

  6. 10 kgs in 5 weeks is like the extent of unhealthiness!! Do start working out and bid adieu to all the pigeons, hens and whatnot for a little while:)

  7. looks u need some quik weight 2 hrs extra or not, pls try and reduce the xtra fat...good luck

  8. The only way is to eat less and exercise more...Interesting post.

  9. janak,

    i am busy lately and i am seriously tied up at office..will work on it asap i get some time

  10. dishita..
    i am sure one day i will get back those flat flabs...but i am really feeling weird that i am nt able to execute that plan of mine... and fyi even mine birth yr is 87 :D

  11. Priyanka..i bet i have to start working out else it is going to be too tough for me

  12. zradar

    thanks for the concerns...but i am sure will do it

  13. Alka mam,

    yes well said ...its the only thing which one could do

  14. Nice post, well flat belly is every individual's dream. Skipping, walking, balanced diet, low calorie food will help you maintain shape. Or consult fitness trainer, they will provide you diet chart.

  15. You don't drink ? Awe !! you should drink- not beer but 6-7 glasses of water per day. It will help you to reduce wait.
    Few free tips from my side :
    1) Take a walk for 15 min after you have your meal.
    2) you don't need to give extra time for swimming,push ups etc, coz even if you reduce your weight once then later you'll grow again to the same size if you leave these exercises at any time.
    3) Have proper eating habits.'refer a dietitian'

    Take care :)

  16. Buddy, hit hard at gym, and stay at 75, because IT prof have to stay fit otherwise.. it is otherwise and not for people who bother.. So all the best for the contest as well as for your aim of 75..

    Someone is Special

  17. :-)'s food and flab...they are as inseparable as politicians and scams...:-) best of luck for your belly loss....i gotta shed some weight too..

  18. I need some belly shaping too actually. very well written. Best of Luck. Do check out my post too and vote if you like it Aye Zindagi!

  19. It was indeed superb rather a hilarious post..... the idea of exercising two hours...may not take you many days to get a flat belly. good luck for the contest!!

  20. I live in Mumbai, and I weigh 88KGs, and even my waist line is 38 :P

    And yes, mumbai street food is baap :D

    I can totally empathise with your goal, and also with the fight against tempting food :)
    Great post :)
    And as mentioned in your description, you've made me smile :)

    Could you read my entry into the same competition? And if you like it, give it a vote? I'd be most grateful :))

  21. Haha, Good post.

    I wont be able to survive living a life like this. lol. It would kill me each and every moment.

    Hope you can accommodate two hours of workout in your 24 hours and be fit as fiddle and eat in moderation.

    All the best.

  22. There is no such thing as a spot fat removal especially if you want to go the healthy diet and exercise route. But if you really want to have a flat stomach, I recommend you go through a coolsculpting treatment.

  23. That poster of Edward Cullen is hilarious! I would definitely recommend him for a
    pasadena breast augmentation. But then again, who am I to laugh, it's as if I am looking through a mirror in there.